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Found 20 results

  1. Well, it's time to upgrade from the old Spong no2. It's done sterling service but I'm getting lazy. I've read plenty of surveys of grinders but none of the lists mention my specific requirements (although reading the sticky at the head of this forum helped me to identify what I was after). I'd like to buy an electric burr grinder which only needs to do a batch of around 50g of roast beans each day. I use the beans mostly in a clever l dripper, and occasionally a french press. I'd like a machine that doesn't retain ground coffee inside it and requires a minimum of cleaning. Can a
  2. anyone got any experience with this grinder? I have neither the finances nor the will to spend a small fortune on my grinder. I do however want the best I can get for the money i will spend. so with a budget of £100-130 are there any better or equal grinders i might look at as well as this Grarf? this one is £100 inc p&p as a new item, incidentally. I currently use an electrically powered Hario mini. the grind quality is top notch but it is a very slow way to grind. hence the move.
  3. I'm new to grinders - don't have one. I have a DeLonghi EC155 right now. I've been reading how you could have both a pressurised portafilter (standard) and mod it to be unpressurised, and I see the Gaggio Classic can be used both ways. As I understand it, pressurised PFs can take a slightly courser grind than unpressurised, where you need a nice tamped down puck to get a good shot. So as a starter piece of kit before upgrading the grinder and considering going unpressurised, can I get OK results with a DeLonghi KG79? I realise that some of the grind may be uneven, but can it grind fine e
  4. So basically I'm huge fan of the V60 but I'm currently using a hand burr grinder which is taking me too long in the morning's before work. My budget is quite low at the moment, so I want something that'll be cheap but do a good job for what I need. Any suggestions? I'm thinking either a Krupps GVX 242 or a Vonshef 150W
  5. Hello, After having my Gaggia classic for almost a year now, I am looking to upgrade my awful blade grinder to an electric burr grinder. I'm looking to get my hands on something that will last me a while, but not be overkill for my modified Classic, as I have no intention to upgrade anytime soon. My price range is set around £200. Based on what I have read here, the Sage Smart Grinder Pro seems like a good option, however, I have seen the Ascaso i-1 Steel and wonder if anyone has any experience with this? The Ascaso has 54mm flat stainless steel burrs; the Sage has conical stainless
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/product/GB9H9Y8GY/bodum-bistro-burr-holder-0-8mm-finer-grind Has anyone here tried this replacement part to improve the Bodum Bistro? The Bodum has a espresso setting that gives quite a uniform grind that is about 0.750 mm under the microscope. Ideally it should be between 1/3 - 1/2 of that size from the conical burrs. Thanks, Alistair
  7. Hello, I just want to land on a choice for an espresso mainly, but also I would love to get some bold flavor of french press or pour over cups. I guess the best choices for the budget I got now for a grinder is $400-500, are: mahlkonig vario, sette 270, preciso, eureka mignon, rancillio rocky. One told me the flat burrs enhance the nutty, chocolate flavors and conical burrs enhance the fruity and citrus flavors. I think I lean towards the fruity flavors, because I ground this morning a shot with my javapress manual grinder fairly fine shot on my OSCAR II and the taste
  8. Hi Guys, After a year or so of using an Feldgrind at home and while travelling, I have decided to leave the hand grinder at work. I want to buy an electric burr grinder for home. Budget up to £500 any recommends? Only requirement is a good quality product that won't die easily and if possible not a giant monstrosity. I'll save the giant beast for an espresso specific machine. Main method is french press but I might be tempted to try a few other drip methods. I do have an Aeropress but I'm using the hand grinder for that. Many Thanks Wayne
  9. Hi I have a Delunghi beans to cup machine but I have been seeing items about conical burr grinders. I have looked at mine and it looks like it has blades. Is there a lot of difference to have a burr grinder inside? I ask this because the ones I have seen are incredibly expensive.
  10. Are these any good? I'm only using aeropress and hario V60 so don't need espresso fine grind. I have a mini hario grinder but don't like it much and the de'longhi appears to be on offer. De'Longhi KG79 Professional Burr Grinder https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B002OHDBQC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awd_ZJpSwb9A50D9S
  11. I have got Hario Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder. One thing i am struggling with it is the level at which i grind is too fine and the next level is too coarse, there is no setting between these two levels. It can grind very fine for turkish coffee and pretty coarse for filter coffee both i dont need. So the question is, it there any other good hand grinder IN SAME RANGE as Hario which is specifically for espresso grind (not turkish or Filter) which will give me more level adjustments withing that espresso band? P.S. Machine i use is Rancilio Silvia Thanks!
  12. Hello, I am a new poster on this site although I have been a long time lurker. If anyone can help me answer this question I would be very grateful: My Set-Up - Delonghi EC680 Dedica - Krups KM 75 coffee mill (Blade) - Coffee - Fresh beans from Redber, mainly Dark Roast Monsoon Malabar. - I only drink espresso I would like to know if it is worth upgrading my grinder to a burr grinder? *** I only have a £75 budget however and wish to buy new. Most of the grinders i can find at this price point say they do not grind fine enough for espresso. Considerin
  13. Now Sold: my Baratza Virtuoso stepped, conical burr Grinder. Now Sold I've owed it from new and it's in very good condition. It's had light home use only, is without any problems and the burrs are sharp. There's a review HERE that can describe it better than I can. It's a second generation Virtuoso, with the same burrs as the Precisio. These burrs are apparently an improvement over the 1st generation Virtuoso's. Price is £95 posted to U.K or £85 picked up (I'm close to Manchester). I can also arrange to meet anywhere (25 mile radius) if you prefer? Payment is by PayPal or bank t
  14. I'm looking to get a grinder to use with my Gaggia Classic and I'm on a tight budget. I spotted the Graef CM 702 on a well known retailers site and there were a couple of positive reviews. Has anyone here tried it, will it grind sufficient for espresso?
  15. Hey guys, I'm in the market for a burr grinder, preferably electronic. I don't have too much money to spend, and at this point it seems that my two best options might be the Bodum Bistro or Copresso Burr Grinder. I primarily prepare coffee in a siphon or brew it Turkish, but also occasionally use a French Press and cook espressos on the hob. Does anyone have any advice regarding the grinders I've mentioned, or any other good options? Thanks
  16. I recently bought a Kyocera ceramic burr grinder which has yet to be used. I searched for a Hario grinder as recommended here but couldn't find one anywhere in the local shops. I also use a ceramic knife sharpener which over the last couple of years has become less efficient at sharpening. This a steel to ceramic action probably causing the ceramic to become smooth and less effective. Do the burr grinders also become less effective over time and need to be replaced because I am fairly certain I won't be able to locate the parts when needed? Fortunately I'm not a big coffee drin
  17. Hi Ive just upgraded to a Mazzer and so my faithfull MC2 is up for sale. £55 plus postage at cost or you can collect from Stroud. The machine grinds perfectly, but there are two things to mention that aren't an issue for me but may be for you. 1. I took the little prong on which you rest the portafilter off a while back as I prefer to put the grinds into a little pot then dose as it is much less wasteful., and you can whisk the grinds in if you are a fan of the WDT method. I can't for the life of me find the prong to reattach for sale. Scott at Happy Donkey may have spares.
  18. I've got an Iberital MC2 grinder which I'm happy with but my wife thinks it looks a bit crap. She likes the look of the Kitchenaid Artisan Burr Grinder to match her mixer, does anyone know if they are any good ? It appears to deposit the ground coffee into a glass container Are there any modern classy looking grinders out there that don't cost a fortune ?
  19. I have a dilemma. I want to buy one of the above but I can't decide which to get. If I get the baby classic I would buy this new and then have to get a seperate grinder, if I get the Syncrony i would buy this reconditioned and its bean to cup technology. Would i be sacrificing any quality by getting the Syncrony Compact? Thanks for any advice Tony
  20. Hi, i need help with making decision on purchase of my first espresso maker. I love coffee but have no experience using espresso maker. With my budget of +/- £300 I was thinking about getting a brand new Delonghi ESAM3200S for £269.88 or a reconditioned Gaggia Classic with 1yr warranty (£199) plus either KitchenAid Artisan Burr Grinder (£131) or Iberital MC2 grinder (£150). Is it worth stretching my budget for the Gaggia Classic + grinder taking into consideration that I have no experience in making espresso? Any advise will be greatly appreciated.
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