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Found 14 results

  1. I was reading the Brita testing thread and was interested to see other people experimenting with Zero Water. I started playing around with water a few weeks ago for pour over coffee and was really surprised by the impact on taste . I ended up having to grind much finer when using Zero Water to achieve an acceptably full taste. Adding powders (Third Wave) helped send the grind someway back the other way. I much preferred the Zero Water (plus Third Wave) to Brita water. Unfortunately, I found the Zero Water cartridges much too expensive. Family of four with weekend and morning/ evening weekday use, I have just finished my third filter at a cost of £45 (approx. £1000, annualised). I’ve just set up an Osmio Zero in the kitchen and hoping for better filter life compared with the ZeroWater. Curious to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences with ZeroWater filter life. (FYI I’m in North London (Finchley) and TDS meter shows 250 (so not off the scale). Ps thanks to DaveC for the helpful review.
  2. Last week my pump started rattling and smelled burnt after several shots from it in a row. Then it stopped pumping water altogether! I left it for the day and switched it back on, the electrical burning smell still there but now pumping water. For the last few days i've switched it on, pumped some water through and pulled a shot and now the smell is going and espresso tasting ok but i just don't think the pressure is like before-put any tamp weight on it and the coffee just drips out Rang Gaggia at Halifax on friday who were too busy to talk to me so took my number but never called me back. This is crap service- i told them my machine is 2 months old! Anybody had experience of their warranty services?
  3. I notice there are a couple of firms selling the above. Has anyone bought one of these machines ? They are described a good as new or with water damage. Should I stick to buying a new one instead ? They are advertised as £100 cheaper then a new one but with a one year warranty instead of two. cslogg
  4. I have a Brita Purity Quell ST 1200 to install and couple to a QM Verona. The Verona included a S/S braided hose with 3/8 fittings, but at 1.5m, it's much too short for my location. I need an an extension of 2.5 to 3m, male-to-female. Locally, neither Pipe Centre nor Plumb Centre have anything suitable; their best being 1/2" fitting in 300mm F-to-F lengths. I have no qualms of using plain plastic pipe, as it won't be seen, providing it's OK with mains water pressure. Any ideas anyone, where a suitable item might be sourced? Tony.
  5. At Betterware Online - http://www.betterware.co.uk/brita-classic-water-filter-cartridge-3.html Thought some of you would find this useful!
  6. Thinking of getting a filter system as I've seen a few on fleabay (Brita Quell 600), not for the Pavoni, pretty pointless there. We'll be moving home in the not too distant future as we've sold ours and bought another, the kitchen will need replacing on the new one so thinking ahead by fitting a plumber in filter for possible future upgrades. Any recommendations, that's if the Brita one isn't any good?
  7. I live in a hard water area, water report is below: https://secure.thameswater.co.uk/dynamic/cps/rde/xchg/corp/hs.xsl/899_5787.htm What should I be doing with my water? Tap Bottled Filter - what type of filter?
  8. I've installed a Brita C300 filter with a 0-70% variable head and managed to plumb up to my machine and not flood the kitchen. I've not switched the machine over to plumbed yet because I'm unsure at what level to set the head for filtration. All I have to test the water is a Brita test kit. Water running though the kitchen tap unfiltered needs 18 drops to go from clear to an orangey yellow. With the filter in place the sample never goes purple, it goes straight to a pale yellow. This is at 15% 3 drops has it as a decent yellow. What I don't want to be doing is over filtering the water, it tastes great but is there a recommended number of drops that I should be looking for?
  9. Hi all, Wonder if you could help, I'm looking for a decent plumbed in water filter. 1) must remove scale and chlorine and 2) added bonus - adds magnesium. I see that BWT BestMax seem to do both 1 & 2 (inc chlorine) - are there any other brands I should be considering? Coffee machine side is a basic 3/8 washing plumb in connector. Any advice/quotes appreciated!
  10. Hey people, I've got the Brita Maxtra + (1st link below) and I want to know whether I can use BWT filters (2nd link below) in it? Anyone have any ideas?? Thank you! https://www.amazon.co.uk/BRITA-Optimax-Water-Filter-Cartridge/dp/B01MSTCQOB/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=brita+tank&qid=1570618271&sr=8-3 httptps://www.amazon.co.uk/BWT-Litre-Longlife-Cartridge-Pack/dp/B00CD229Q6?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1
  11. In case anyone is running low, Sainsbury's has 6 Maxtra Cartridges for £16 (usually £32)
  12. I am looking to plumb in a QM Verona but am on a hard water supply. I had considered Reverse Osmosis then adding back essential minerals, but have now discounted that as too much of a faff. So I'm considering in-line filtration with a largish Brita filter... 600 size in fact. I am confused between 'standard' Purity systems and Quell models, and I can find no on-line explanation of the differences. Can anyone enlighten please, and possibly advise which would be preferable for espresso. There are one or two available new on eBay in the region of £180 to £220 'ish. Would these be sensible prices for 600 size installations? Thanks in anticipation. Tony.
  13. Hi Guys, I've recently been getting some strange behaviour from my Heavenly. I've been doing my usual 30 min warm-up, then pulling a shot (no cooling flush). When I do a second shot to flush the group clean, the machine/pump makes a loud noise (with reduced water pressure from the head). This normally happens on a second flush, but sometimes not until third. It sounds like a loud vibration through the machine.. Seems really weird, and i'm hesitant to strip the machine down because it still works perfectly on first flush. (more annoying than anything, cleaning, flushing etc becomes painful). Any thoughts, ideas? Cheers
  14. Right folks I have two of these for sale, and can lay my hands on more. £80 each for the unit alone plus delivery (not sure how much that will be but I suspect about £10) or collection from N.London
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