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Found 48 results

  1. Hi All, Looking for a Dual Boiler machine, missed out on the Sage the other day and want something similar. Willing to pay more for something higher end if available, but for price perspective, lets say £400+ (I appreciate this is lower end, but as I said am willing to pay more if someone says they have something nice.) I'm willing to travel for a good machine, but geography is dependant. I live in Hereford for location. Or would **POSSIBLY** consider courier, if the package was wrapped like a mummy. I'm open to suggestions, but want something in good condition, well serviced/looked after. Added extras would always be a benefit. What have you got..................... Cheers Nick
  2. Hello, For a sale Expobar Brewtus IV (tank/vibra)verison. Bought in August 2015 in original packing and with everything that came with it: - portafilter - filter basket (single and double) - blind filter. It is 230V/240V version with schuko plug (germany, italy, austria, swiss etc). For UK it is just need a 3pin uk adapter. Machine was regularly maintained and always used with water softener. If you have any additional questions let me know and i am able to send any additional pictures. Joystick are sold. I did apply the original. I'm ready to sell it for £750 + postage (I pay half the price of postage). 30.7 update: New price £750 postage included (without joystick, but with original) 5.8.update: price reduced £725 (without joystick, but with original) SOLD!
  3. The missus was flicking through the jobs pages one day and suddenly we're off to the most remote (depends on definition of "remote") inhabited island in the world, Pitcairn. We bought a second-hand Silvia with PID to send ahead, thinking it might get damaged so we didn't want to spend too much and didn't want to send the Fracino Heavenly. It did indeed get damaged and now we've just ordered a Minore IV (Brewtus to you) in New Zealand, which will arrive on the next boat in three months' time:waiting: . There's no airstrip, no other boat service and only 50 people here, so things take time... What do you Expobar experts suggest we buy in the way of accessories/spares to see us through, bearing in mind that supplies only arrive once every three months? I've already bought an Expobar gasket, shower screen and blank basket. We don't need water softener, as all the houses here use rainwater off the roof. We brought over PulyCaff and head cleaning brush, scales, jugs, TempTags, so it's things specific to the Expobar that I'm really wondering about: things that tend to break down on the Brewtus, or "consumables" that are consumed quickly, or even just things to make it work better. I was looking at steam tips, for example. The only ones I've found on the forum is a set of three from Bella Barista meant for the Izzo Alex, and a four hole tip from Five Senses in Australia, but they haven't responded to my enquiry. I need to order this stuff in the next three weeks to make sure it gets put on the next boat in three month's time. The clock is ticking. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  4. I am selling my Expobar Brewtus IV (aka Office Leva). Double boiler, rotary pump, plumb only. In good condition, some scratches on drip tray. It's a 2013 model I bought it in March this year, it was used lightly in a commercial setting for 1 year (grinder that came with it had 800 shot count), they sold it as coffee wasn't selling. I have used it daily for 2-3 espresso. Only been used with bottled water (I cant plumb it in). It's been backflushed with calypuff. Comes with naked portafilter and regular pf. Double basket and whiteyj's 3d printed pf holder. I am selling as I have started using my classic with PID again and finding it's making shots just as good as the Brewtus (might be my skills) I only drink espresso so a double boiler is really overkill. I got this at a decent price so willing to sell for £750. No offers. Collection only from Glasgow as it is too heavy to courier.
  5. Hi all Just joined your ranks :-) A nice shiny Brewtus picked up this morning from @Tigermad soon to be plugged in and run through its paces. Wish me luck - I am going in!!!!!!
  6. Hi guys, I already had one problem with my mkii brewtus, in that brew pressure hasn't been consistent. Haven't had the time or money to replace the pump and OPV. Yesterday, the temperature controller stopped working. Its just not turning on when I turn the machine on. When turned on, the machine’s pump works and it begins to heat, though nothing shows on the little screen. After being on for hours, the brew water is not hot enough to be uncomfortable running over my fingers. Initially I'd presumed the reservoir was empty when the screen was off, until I realised the rest of the machine was working. Anybody have any ideas? I've searched other forums and the brewtus google group but can't find any tips. Just to note this is the earlier model, so its not a PID , its the analogue controller. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  7. I was wondering if anybody has some hints on using this pitcher. I bought one in my pursuit of a truly even and dense microfoam. I have a single hole tip on my brewtus. I can get the milk to expand initially but then can't get it to integrate properly. If I get the correct angle and start an almost violent Toroid swirl then the milk is so volatile that it results in suddenly going from deep to shallow tip coverage that I end up with big horrible slurps of air in my milk Really should be doing better than this having had machines a year and a half.
  8. I got a gift from my wife. It was a Brewtus 4-V about 2 weeks ago. It was a nice and long awaiting upgrade from my Gaggia. The machine is great until today. We made our morning coffee with no problem. This afternoon, I turned the machine on for an afternoon coffee. The steam boiler went to pressure but the PID is displaying the current temp in the boiler and not heating. The small dot is on in the PID (see picture) is turned on and does not turn off. When the steam boiler turns on, the small dot does not disappear. I made sure the PID is in C and the offset is 10. I did a factor reset by engaging the right button while turning on. I looked inside. All wires seem intact. The SSR light is off and not blinking. I tried an alternative spare SSR. No change, the SSR light is not blinking. I tried a voltpen on the 4 contacts of both SSRs. All the leads light the pen up except for the white output. I'm about to send an email to the seller but want to see if it is a simple problem that I can fix. I don't remember if the light on PID is on when it is trying to send power to the boiler or not. Can my boiler be blown? Could the SSR be the fault, even though I tried a spare SSR? Could it be the PID? I hope you guys can help -Mike[ATTACH=CONFIG]13342[/ATTACH]
  9. Since day 1, at first start up the hot water spout is dripping water Am losing about 90ml of water & causes the pump to periodically turn on Eventually after 30-40min (when machine fully up to temp) the dripping stops. Anyone else getting this issue on the brerwtus?
  10. So I finally got to decaling the brewtus and foolishly thought it would be easy. I had the idea of syphoning the descaler in and out after a few hours before flushing. In my mind this would have been a lot quicker and easier than running the pump. Turns out I couldn't get he wrench on anything and even if I could I wouldn't have been comfortable with removing anything on there. Can anybody give me a tip here? What's easiest and best to remove? I was thinking the manometer fitting on the brew boiler and temp probe on the steam boiler, but could go for the vacuum breaker too. Also, I was going to up steam pressure while I had it open but it doesn't seem to want to turn. Clockwise to up the pressure? Does it have something on it to prevent it from turning (that will cause it to break if forced?). UPDATE: It turned out to be easy. I got a pair of grip pliers onto the silver nut which sits against the boiler (first picture front left) and put a small adjustable wrench on the brass nut. It turned off easily enough and the little brew manometer tube moved over to the side to allow access straight down into the boiler. There was no sealant on the threads to worry about replacing. I used a basic syphon tube from wilko with a straw shoved into the tap that came with it (the tube is a little too big to fit into the boiler). You could simply suck all of the water out through a straw if you don't have a syphon tube. An alternative is to use the teflon tubes that connect to the pump as they fit in the little hole too. I drained the steam boiler through the tap. After reconnecting the manometer I ran some descaler through the whole thing (steam tap, wand and brew head, with a backflush just to be sure the manometer gets the treatment) and I'm now sitting here waiting for a couple of hours to drain it.
  11. Having just bought bubbajvegas's Leva I was wondering what PID settings people used? The PID settings had all the values set to 'default' values (not sure if it had reset itself in transit). Should I change them to the values recommended in the Bella Barista manual as below, or do any of you have better recommendations? [TABLE=class: grid, width: 500, align: center] [TR] [TD]Parameter [/TD] [TD]Default [/TD] [TD]BB recommendation [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]P[/TD] [TD]1.0[/TD] [TD]3.0[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]I[/TD] [TD]0.01[/TD] [TD]0.05[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]D[/TD] [TD]2.0[/TD] [TD]2.0[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Offset Temp (F04)[/TD] [TD]10[/TD] [TD]9[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Temp[/TD] [TD]95?[/TD] [TD]??[/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  12. Hi All, forgive me if this is posted in the wrong area! As soon as the machine is powered on, there is continuous leaking coming from the safety release valve. If I turn on the machine and pull the pour lever, small amounts of water start coming through the group head but still leaks on top of the main boiler. Machine only has 2 months of usage! (not descaled yet which I know is bad, not sure if this is the culprit?) Not sure where to go from here, I'm in Devon and am happy to recieve any recommendations from pro's who might be able to help. I unfortunately bought this from a company who don't provide service help if the things go awry (my mistake for not going with a reliable re-seller). See below video for context - I've unscrewed the part that's spitting, off the boiler, and applied some goo to stop leakage but this still happens immediately when switching it on! I have reseated every contact/cable imaginable inside, the only thing I can't seem to do is check the fuse in the plug because it's completely encased and doesn't have a bit to plop off to swap the fuse.
  13. Got a question for some experts here... Can you only get a plumb in version of the Office Leva /Brewtus? without the tank and filter etc? Are conversion kits to either available or is it simply a matter of flicking a switch somewhere (I've read something like this..) Cheers!
  14. Hi all, very sadly the time has come to sell my beloved Expobar dual boiler machine (reservoir version). Why? With a new job I simply don't have the time to get the use out of it I'd like. So this machine was purchased on the 20th Feb 2015 from Claudette at Bella Barista so is still well within the 2 year back to base parts and labour warranty. The condition is absolutely superb, in fact it is as good as new, better even you could argue now that its been 'seasoned' in so you no longer get a metallic sour taste from the new boilers. The only signs of light use is to the drip tray mesh which is understandable from coffee cup bases having been on it. It has been used very lightly, 3-4 times per week with only 1 espresso each time. It has been de-scaled since I purchased it and only used with filtered water. What is included? The machine, obviously. Plus the stock single, double and triple filter baskets. The gift pack Claudette gave me comprising 2 bella barista D'Ancap coffee cups and 1 shot glass. The original packaging and comprehensive User Manual supplied by BB. As for the machine itself, well if your considering a purchase I'm sure you'll of done your research which is why I don't need to add anything really, except to say it produces the most awesome coffee I've ever tasted. In terms of value for money you can't beat it (and that's new). And trust me, it looks amazing to, the photos really don't do it justice. Looking for £900. New this is £1185 at Bella Barista. Collection is from J7 of the M6 where I live, or for a price that can't be beaten I'll arrange delivery with East Midlands parcel service who are renowned for delivering Espresso machines and have done for Bella Barista- as a rough estimate the cost of delivery from Midlands to Scotland is £38. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/expobar-leva-dual-boiler-coffee-machine-reservoir.html Actually the Mazzer Major grinder pictured could also be included as well if you wish. It's been modded for single dosing, has the superior titanium coated burrs (83mm burrs no less!!!) and was bought from another forum member. It comes with a hopper (this is cracked but is so large you wouldnt use it domestically), grinds tray, portafilter support which screws in below the doser, and the little bits that were taken off it to modify it for single dosing. The grinder does have 1 small scratch on it, apart from that it produces superb results. To include this grinder as a package price would be £1250
  15. Having finally given into the temptation to upgrade to a Rocket R58 my Expobar Brewtus II is now up for sale. I've owned it since November 2009 and it's served me very well. I can't really justify the difference between this and what I've spent on the Rocket based on the coffee produced - I just fancied one. I would describe it as well used but also well maintained and cared for. There are only a few occasions that it's been used for more than one morning coffee a day as that's enough for me and my wife doesn't like such strong coffee. I live in a soft water area and have only used filtered water in it. I have descaled it a couple of times despite it not needing it. It is regularly back flushed with water and every now and again with Puly Caff. I've just back flushed it with Puly Caff ready for sale. I've also greased the relevant parts with Molycote as recommended from time to time. I've not redone this prior to sale but can include a bit for the new owner. I've replaced the pump, upgraded the over pressure valve to a much more substantial one (Izzo Alex equivalent I think), changed the security valve and the anti-vacuum valve. It's also had a new power switch. The group head has been serviced twice, once quite recently (see picture showing old parts). I have also just changed the nylon tube inside which are susceptible to failing over time on these. Its very easy to change and hadn't failed but I thought it best to change it so it's nice and new for the new owner. This is the twin boilder model but without the PID however it does have temperature control which can be varied by one degree increments. The offset is set as recommended and the brew pressure was set using a portafilter with a gauge fitted. There is a kit available from the US to upgrade this to PID but I was advised that it's not really worth the outlay and that was by someone who sells them. It can be plumbed in and what I think is the original pipe is supplied as can be seen. It also comes with the three portafilter holders shown; a single, a double and a bottomless plus single, double, oversize and blind portafilters. It did come with a black plastic tamper which is pretty useless. I'm not sure where I put it but if I find it I shall include it. It has a single hole steam tip fitted. I have a different one somewhere which I shall include if I find it but can't guarantee I'll be able to. I have the original box but would prefer collection from Sale (South Manchester) so that it may be viewed before buying and to save the postage risk but I might consider sending it via courier. I'd probably need to find another box so I could double box it and it is very heavy so wouldn't be cheap. I think that hopfully about covers it. Any questions please ask. Price £599 or sensible offer. Payment would be by cash, bank transfer or paypal gift. No returns unless posted and damaged on arrival.
  16. I notice that Brewtus IV allows pre-infusion of shots. In fact I noticed that a few of the other E61 machines at the forum day also had this feature. So who's had experience with pre-infusing and how long are you pre-infusing for?
  17. (Sorry, please ignore, I saw too late that my previous post on this has been moved elsewhere.)
  18. As above please; struggling to find a link or hard copy anywhere... thanks in advance
  19. I would appreciate some thoughts on a valuation of a 3 year old Expobar Brewtus IV which I am considering buying. It hasn’t been used for the last 2 years apart from being tested 6 months ago. It is set up to be plumbed in and would need to have an internal reservoir added. Asking price is just over £500. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi, I’m thinking about buying a 3 year old Brewtus IV and would appreciate some input on a couple of points. It was plumbed in and I am told doesn’t have an internal water reservoir - where can I buy one separately? It wasn’t used very much and has not been used for the last 2 years apart from a test 6 months ago when it worked fine. Is there anything I should look out for because of this and will need any special preparation before regular use? I will post a separate thread on a valuation. Thanks in advance.
  21. I find my PID sits 1 degree below the set temperature probably just under half of the time. Do we know how the Gicar PID actually rounds (i.e. to the nearest degree or does an actual temp of 91.99 still display 91 until it reaches 92)? Also if anyone has discovered any proportional integral and derivative variables that work particularly well (steam boiler on), that they'd like to share I'd be eternally grateful. I currently get about a 1 degree swing at worst, so not bad by any stretch but couldn't hurt to have it even better.
  22. Hi everyone. i am new to the forum and have a question as the seller of this machine only wants me to send it back. i want to check a few things before i do that. So the vacuum relief valve was leaking and they suggested to change the pressure stat at the same time as the machine is 3 years old. so we replaced both of these and since we did that the brew boiler will not heat all the way up. it goes up to around 60 deg C and just wont go any more. I checked the voltage coming in to the stat and it says 0. but the output to the steam boiler says it is on...weird. the PID shows that the brew boiler is on by the little dot but it just wont heat all the way up. any suggestions for checking this out? It is a direct plumbed machine and since changing out the Vacuum relief it now constantly leaks when the water is left on and the machine cools down. It never did this before. I know that there have been other posts around this but not any that i could find where the element does work but does not heat all the way up. TIA
  23. unoll

    0.5mm E61 Gicleur

    Looking back through old threads there's a few folk who've fitted these to their E61 machines. I fancy fiddling with the Brewtus a bit more and this seems liek a fairly simple mod to try out. Anyone out there have a spare one they'd fancy selling me? Cheers!
  24. Hi. I have just purchased a brewtus ii. On checking the pressure the gauge had a reading of about 11 bar whilst under pressure with the back flush disc in place. My research showed you can adjust this down using a screwdriver to adjust the OPV through the access hole in the drip tray. Found the a access hole but nothing to adjust behind it. At this point I thought I would take back the curtain to see the wizard!! On taking off the case I could see what looks like the original OPV facing the wrong way and a second OPV. The old one has the plastic adjustment. It looks like someone went to fit a new one (the one with the metal adjuster) and realised it wasn't going to fit as the old one has a female and male connector with the new one having two female connectors. It seems they left the old one on and simply connected the new one in line on the old one. The two overflow pipes (one from each OPV) are joined with a Y connector before going off to the outlet into the drip tray. The result is that even at 11 bar the flow coming out of the overflow when under pressure is 1 fld ounce in about 4 seconds as opposed to around 1 fld ounce in around 13 seconds as suggested by 'Whole lot of latte'. When I adjust the pressure down to 10 bar it flows out even faster as I would expect. My question is, will taking out both OVP's and just refitting the new one (using a suitable converting connector) solve the flow rate? My second question is, does this excess overflow rate effect what I get out of the head thus effecting the quality of the espresso over than just being an annoying amount of fluid going into the drip tray? Photo of double OPV to follow
  25. I want a machine with the following: rotary motor dual boiler non pressure profiling (can have the function but its not necessary as I don't think I want the faff - I would probably programme a setting to 9bar) plumbed in and tank option (as I use a reservoir now but would like the option of plumbed in later) PID easy descale (bottom draining boilers) leaver activated steam, and water (not twisty knobs) lever activated group preferably NOT fully commercial due to running costs.... I've been looking recently but I haven't found a machine with all of these features as standard - those that do do have them are nearer £3k and have profiling.... What am i missing? If nothing is available I'm highly tempted to modify my current machine (Brewtus DB) and either use an external tank (so i can actually see I'm going to run out of water for once) or plumb it in anyway. Thanks in advance folks
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