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  1. I'm new here - that applies to posting not viewing. I've gleaned lots of information from the site over time - thanks to everyone. I use a Moka pot. I also use a Hario syphon (excellent, except the washing up), an old Russell Hobbs electric percolator (very good), a Melitta filter machine (good-ish), and a Cafetiere/French Press (never made a good cup of coffee with it yet). And occasionally instant (is that a swear word?) because I do find the Carte Noir Whole Bean Instant which Morrisons stock is surprisingly acceptable when in a hurry - sorry! Those are my credentials for what they
  2. In trying out a few methods I have been logging brews & for each method/brewer I have been doing 10 brews changing nothing but the coffee (generally sticking to my typical preferences of light & medium roasts, from a selection of roasters) - brew recipe, grind setting & brew ratio are kept constant for each of these 10 brews. Each brew is the first & only brew for that method, with that coffee, so there's no subconscious steering of the brew to make it fit expectations. What I'm finding is that overall the standard deviation is ~1%EY, averaged over 7 sets of 10 brews so fa
  3. It would be awesome to get some feedback regarding your most popular brewing methods, and your attitudes towards zero waste. I made a quick questionnaire, and would love to hear your opinions! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd-Ch_E07p0SqUluQ3zAU4BA2L495QUzV8Tpa_swuVSbSUyng/viewform?usp=sf_link
  4. Espresso & boiler friendly water: Not all water that meets non-scaling parameters makes coffee that tastes nice. The shorthand answer is to find water with a bicarbonate level between 50-80mg/L as ion/bottled water label (as CaCO3 alkalinity this would be 40-60mg/L) for your espresso machine, that tastes nice. If your water is in this range and all your coffee tastes bad, change the water for different one but still in this range. Using a particular water that doesn't scale, but is of a make up/so soft that makes your coffee taste bad/low body isn't a great idea. Plus you generally
  5. I was looking at some of the videos from the brewers cup and some of the recipes seem to go against everything we're discussing here? First place recipe: 17g coffee coarse-ground coffee 220g water (~77g/L) 0:00 pour 50g water at 80C 0:45 pour 100g water at 95C 1:45 pour 70g at 80C stop brew 2:55 I really suspect she's even hitting 18% EY given these parameters. Is there any logic behind this or it's coffee voodoo as Rao would describe?
  6. For some “coffee lovers” the coffee extracted with the V60 is a model of good habit,for others it represents the will to go deeper into the knowledge of this technique; let us see how to run tests and play with this tool... Even in Italy, a espressofanatic country, the techinques of brewing are getting more and more popula; is this the reason why we thought to these experiment, even in Italy we need to get familiar with V60 and the other kind of tools! To run tests a starting hypothesis was needed: we had to taste the same coffee twice, changing,from the first to the second extract
  7. I guess this doesn't apply to making capuchino's and associated coffees but...... ....have you ever used coffee mate or similar with straight brews from a filter machine,or a French press and so on? I ask because I normally like to drink my coffee through fresh cream floating on the top! yum, yum. Where I live now, it is really too hot for fresh cream as it would go off too quickly and be wasted. Hence I have had to improvise by using (little cough) a small amount of coffee mate and then squirting some New Zealand cream over the top of the coffee cup after filling of course.. Th
  8. Hi! I started this topic to share short, fun broll videos about coffee. Let me start by sharing my first Aeropress broll video. Enjoy!
  9. Hi Guys, We are writing a large study on each coffee brewing method. We got into trouble in some questions and we want to figure it out with your help. We have studied many resources on this topic and people often write in different ways. I'd like to hear your opinion. Here are my questions: 1. There is a concept such as a "drip coffee", which is also referred as pour-over. It is not clear here, in fact, we all understand that the method of brewing called pour-over is considered as a separate one. I think to write about "Drip Coffee" only when it is brewed in t
  10. I've currently got an E8 - that I'm very happy with and I'm sure is doing a good enough job for my espresso at the moment. In addition, I have a Hausgrind, Baratza precisio and Sage Pro grinder. I'm essentially considering these as brewed grinders and am also likely to move one of them on (not likely to be the Hausgrind but you never know). I've also got a ROK handgrinder on the way from the crowdfunding (on the way being eventually it'll arrive once they're ready), a feldfarb should be "soon" winging it's way to me and I think it's time to admit I have a problem. I've also recently p
  11. Which one can best handle sitting for a few minutes while I make the other one with my slow little machine?
  12. Anyone experimented with this? Matt Perger is advocating brewing with water immediately after boiling in his Barista Hustle blog. I find it works OK with immersion when pouring the water into the brewer then adding the coffee - but obviously the water has cooled a good deal by this point. I've tried a couple of pourovers as suggested with water straight off the boil but they were rank rotten. In the Brazen the highest temp i've brewed anything drinkable was 206F. North of this it tastes really bad. I get the feeling i must be missing something (or why else would he recommend it?
  13. We just purchased a feldgrind travel grinder to enhance our coffee making while traveling. We use an MSR Mugmate inserted directly into a coffeecup to reduce the amount of equipment we need. We have a small Bodum electric teakettle for boiling water where there is household current and an MSR Reactor backpacking stove where there isn't. Our feldgrind will always travel with us also except for while backpacking. When backpacking we pre-grind our coffee and use a Food Saver to vacuum seal. Our equipment, other than the Food Saver and MSR Reactor stove, fits in our carry-on luggage.
  14. Hi all, What's the difference in tasting notes between flat and conical grinds for brewing? I'm in the market for an electric grinder that will be dedicated to V60, Chemex and Aeropress, as well as the occasional French press. I see that one of the key decisions to make is whether to go with flat or conical burrs. Thoughts...? Recommendations on a grinder...?
  15. Have you ever thought to yourself "I wish I could brew coffee in a pipe"? Well it looks like now you will be able to! https://www.briping.com/ This is the first time I have seen this instruction in a brewing recipe: "Brew with quad jet torch and stir."
  16. Hi All, I have tried different beans from several roasters in London and whilst I've managed to make a decent coffee with other brands of beans I always had trouble making a good cup of coffee with the Red brick blend from Square Mile. I've read the instruction on the website but I still end up with quite a weak taste, I always drink my coffee with milk and the milk always seems to overpower the coffee. When I do taste this blend in a coffee shop the coffee is always stronger and have a distinct flavour I really like, I just don't seem to be able to recreate it at home. Here'
  17. Curious if anyone here tried this: https://www.chefsteps.com/classes/coffee/landing?utm_source=Blog&utm_medium=Hoffmann-partner&utm_campaign=Coffee-landing-page-P#/ ? T.
  18. Hi, the video shows the repair of a Saeco Odea Go. When making a coffee, the machine is losing water in the drip tray and the ground is too ground. The video demonstrates how to clean the brewing unit thoroughly and how to replace the gasket at the piston and the nozzle: The video has a German soundteack but English subttitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the setup button below the frame. Enjoy it, Jürgen
  19. With 98%+ of brewed coffee being water, the importance of water in the brewing process seems to be very significant. Currently use my aeropress with tap water. Was looking at something like a brita water filter, but many people are warning to avoid, as it can cause an increased bitterness. Any recommendations?
  20. Who likes to use a stove top moka pot for brewing, what ground beans do you like to use with it, medium, more dark and rich? Do you drink your brew as espresso or as one long drink?
  21. Hello and welcome to my first video! I finally made it! This is the unboxing of the subscription package from La Cabra Coffee Roasters. I will share my first impressions of these unique coffees and of course brewing them with you. I was really surprised by what I found inside the box! This type of video will drop every month discovering fantastic new coffees. Enjoy and stay tuned for more! I am just getting started!
  22. I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me... I'm finding that I taste my espresso (18gms - 27-30 sec ish) from my Classic, I thi9nk, yup, that tastes good. I then wait for my milk steam to get to temperature (with PID), and by the time that's done, I taste the shot again and it generally tastes sour. It generally tastes fine by the time the milk's added but it would be good to know what's going on and if there's any way around it? I get the same results if I drink it out of the glass it was made in, or transferred to a bigger cup before I add the milk.
  23. I just bought a Bodum Chambord 8 cup (1 litre). I will probably be brewing 1-2 mugs of coffee most of the time, but I bought this size to be able to brew more occasionally. I completely new to french press, and I was wondering if there are any downsides to brewing a much smaller amount of coffee than the whole can allows, for example a single mug in my 1 litre french press? I noticed the filter/plunger doesn't go all the way down (stops about 2,5 cm/1 inch) above the bottom. Will this be a problem? Should I get a smaller 4 cup (0,5 litre) french press instead?
  24. Hi all, New to the forums and came across it whilst researching for a b2c machine. I've since decided I don't want/need one of those and rediscovered my aeropress. I will confess that I've been using ground coffee from the supermarket for the last few weeks (please keep reading!!) but since researching more I want to move things along and start grinding my own beans. Ive ordered a feldgrind (direct so not sure when I'll get it) and some beans from Foundry both based on recommendations I saw on here. I went for Foundry as they have aeropress recipes on their site for their beans so I
  25. Hi All, I've been trying desperately for a while to not dip my toe into trying to mix bottled waters for the "ideal" brew, and instead settled on using Waitrose Essential with my Aeropress. However, I've just received a Kalita Wave, and after working out how many bottles I'll go through a week it's time to consider alternatives to bottled. While chatting to Chris from Has Bean, he mentioned that tap water put through a BWT Mg2 filter is pretty good, so I wondered if anyone here uses these and can shed some light on how good they are for pour over brewing? I've seen it mentioned in a coupl
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