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  1. Pretty much as the title says. Excellent condition, hardback edition. £15 + £2.90 P&P
  2. I was wondering how many people take milk with their brewed coffee and if so, how? I'm thinking that it probably flattens out a lot of the more subtle flavours in good coffee and for me personally the point of drinking good coffee is to taste these flavours. Should I therefore be thinking of ditching the white stuff? (I realise it's ultimately personal preference but this is more about how to optimise the flavour that I'm working hard to achieve) I'm currently using an aeropress and feldgrind/sage sgp but looking in to a kalita and chemex potentially
  3. Sadly I've outgrown by trusty Gaggia Cubika after buying it 4 years ago for £99 refurbished from Gaggia when I was 17 and my older brothers got me hooked on making coffee. However, I can no longer handle the unpredictability of it especially as it hasn't aged well. All this has been further exacerbated since getting the Mignon...upgradeitus has truly hit! As I'm now 21 and about to graduate I am in no financial situation to upgrade so have switched to only brewed. I love brew methods but do find myself missing the process as much as the product of espresso! Anyway...here is my (tame) setup
  4. Squashy

    Bean juggling

    Maybe it's just because I've recently found love for brewed coffee that I'm enjoying it more, but does anyone else find themselves wanting to try new beans all the time? I literally get through half a bag of something and want to order more of something else, it's not that I'm not enjoying the beans (and I do end up finishing the bags), I just have an itch to try more and more tastes, roasts and origins. I feel like I'm some sort of addict trying to find that perfect coffee - last time I had this was with headphones...My wallet didn't fare well
  5. I've had a Vario for a good few years and whilst I've gotten a lot of good use out of it there have been a number of quality/build issues. Had to switch the motor out about 5 months ago and recently the new one burnt out too, so think it might be time to move on. I mostly make brewed coffee at home - Kalita wave, v60, chemex, aeropress, french press. I do have a Gaggia Evolution for espresso that still ticks along okay although also getting on a bit, but I do enjoy making espresso on the weekends. In looking for a replacement I'm hearing some concerning things re the Sette, which mig
  6. I'm in Mumbles for the week and although I hav1e an aeropress and a bag of good beans I'd like to be able to have a good coffee out. Particularly brewed if possible... Any shoutouts would be very helpful, I'd be particularly pleased with any medium and light roast options
  7. Hi All, For sale is my Wilfa Svart Grinder (Purchased from Square Mile - May-17). Boxed/Instructions and maintained in fantastic condition. A great brewed grinder, surplus to requirements. £75 delivered - perfect condition Many Thanks Andy
  8. Another Kickstarter that keeps popping up in my Facebook feed. Can't say I'll be investing myself...!
  9. I’ve loved my Royal for the last 3 years for espresso.. it really has been something else. But will it deliver flr brewed? ( we only drink black coffee ) or should I sell and get a Vario ?
  10. Bodum Chambord French Press - 8 Cup/1 litre in chrome. Sitting in the back of my coffee cupboard for a while, used only a handful of times. £18 posted RM 2nd Class
  11. Clever Coffee Dripper plus Size 4 Filtropa filters (approx. 50). This is the smaller model (300ml, I believe) Good condition, I've used it a few times, but it's just not for me. £18 posted RM 2nd Class
  12. I couldn't see this mentioned anywhere. Another crowdfunded, portable coffee brewing kit that could lighten the wallets of many a coffee fan... https://paktbags.com/pages/coffee It's a pourover kit with an insulated mug, dripper, and electric (!) kettle. The company seems to have a decent reputation having made a popular 'minimalist' travel bag a few years ago, another crowdfund I think that's become something of a cult. We all know how crowdfunding projects can go, but given their track record I'm holding out a bit more hope than some others I've seen; not sure if they will get a
  13. Has anyone got any user experience/comparisons of these two brewers? I'm looking at getting one for home use and at work, when I have more time and at weekends etc I'll be using the v60 and chemex but a brewer such as these would be really useful. I was at a local roastery last week and chatting to them, they have a Wilfa precision brewer and said it was excellent and their go to day to day but that they also use the Classic+ and it's really good. James Hoffmann has done a review of the precision and many of the features he picks out as good are the same on the Classic+. e.g. adjusta
  14. I've been toying with the idea of buying a drip brewer for my morning fix. I tend to start the day with a cup of tea followed by a coffee and then one more for the commute. This tends to mean making two 15-18g V60s. I was thinking of trying to source a Wilfa Precision (or failing that, a Moccamaster/alternative) to brew up a morning batch whilst I'm getting ready so that I can enjoy a cup at home and one more for the road. My question is, has anyone else done this and what are people's opinions on pourover versus machine drip in the cup. Is the simplicity of automatic worth the trade off
  15. I recently got hold of an Atago Pal Coffee TDS in order to look at extraction yields of my brewed coffee. I already had a cheap conductivity meter, a £40 ish HM EC/TDS/TEMP COM-100 bought from Amazon so out of curiosity I tested 4 of my brews plus for fun, 2 espressos. As the Com-100 contacts need to be submerged in the coffee I used a shot glass to test. The sample for the Atago was taken from this glass as well, which was allowed to cool down to 20-25c so that the coffee was close to the device temperature. One brewed sample, was watered down with a known qty of water to and tested as BR
  16. So I have just bought two batches of Ethiopian beans from Rave: Ethiopia Hunkute #3 and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe G1Natural Konga One is obviously washed and the other is natural. I have a classic and the espresso I get from these is fine but I just can't help but think that a lot of the more delicate fruity notes do not come through in espresso so I'm missing out. Therefore I went ahead and ordered a Hario Skerton hand grinder in order to attempt brewed. Now I am wondering what is the best way to do this? the only brewed-related instruments I have at home is a cafeti
  17. Hoping to move soon so having a bit of a clear out. As a result, I'm selling this 1-3 cup Chemex bought from the forum last year. I've only used it 3-4 times as I much prefer espresso based drinks. It comes with ~80 papers. I'd like £28 posted, please. Happy to post up any more photos.
  18. Hi All, I foolishly inquired about the cost of an EK43 LE from CoffeeOmega, and have been quoted a cash on collection price of . This seems tempting, but is also a lot of money, so I wanted to run it past you lot to check it's not a terrible idea... Does this seem like a fair price? The only draw of the LE over the standard edition is the reduced height, and while I could get a Santos base and mod a standard EK43, this seems like a risky strategy. Also, I hear rumours of a new EK line coming out at some point... Does anyone think it might be worth waiting? Or are the speculated
  19. Hey guys I hope you're all well. I browse the forum regularly but very rarely have much to offer as I just use my B2C machine mostly. However I fancy getting back into brewed coffee with a chemex. My question is, can I make one cup of coffee in the 3-6 cup style or do I need to get the 1-3? I'll be making enough for one mostly but then sometimes 4 or 5 so I'd like to have enough capacity to do that. But want to make sure that I can use the larger chemex for single brews without it effecting the outcome? James
  20. I'm selling this grinder as I haven't used it since buying the EK (as you might expect). I bought it from HasBean and think I've had it for around 14 months or so. It's got a nice simple way to adjust the grind by turning the hopper and can grind from espresso to coarse grind sizes (I've never used it for espresso). It's had relatively light use, as I've always had a dedicated espresso grinder and switched between having mainly espresso or brewed over time. Their isn't really much to show of the grinder itself, hence I'll put up one picture for now - if you're interested let
  21. Hi all. Been lurking for a while and learned some useful tips. I have been using Aeropress for a few months and have recently started experimenting with the 02 size plastic V60, which I think I prefer, partly due to the larger volume of coffee it can make. I have been alternating between a Dualit 75015 electric grinder and hand grinders, namely the Rhinowares mini grinder and a Hario Skerton I picked up cheaply on a whim. It could be psychological, but I think the flavour from coffee ground manually is a bit better than when using the Dualit. I wonder if the effort of han
  22. Hello, Just started on the brewed and spotted this as an alternative to papers. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B019QTBOK0/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3ALD1RL3M3WMZ Has anyone used it and have and comments on it before I pull the trigger on one? Thanks in advance!
  23. Hi, been away for a while enjoying LSOL - rhinoware hand grinder used to the point I've definately got my money worth! I've hardly used the classic and mignon. I'm seriously considering selling my mignon and trying to secure a Baratz Settle 270w so I have an electric grinder that I can use for brewed and espresso as the mignon is not easy to dial in / move back and forth.... Looking for opinions please? 270w a worthwhile purchase or are there other suggestions? Cheers
  24. Just got an email from union roasted that sounds interesting... LAS CAMELIAS ESTATE - TASTING SELECTION (4 X 60G, WHOLEBEAN), EL SALVADOR £20. Inc delivery UK All from the same estate the only difference is the variety. GEISHA - 60G, Wholebean Notes of: Raspberry, Tea Rose and Vanilla Geisha is an early descendant of an Ethiopian varietal. It has a genuinely different but delightful floral characteristic and is very difficult to grow, making it one of the rarer varieties. KENYA (SL28) - 60G, Wholebean Notes of: Citrus, White Grapes and Caramel Officially and un-poet
  25. As mentioned in an earlier post, I decided to purchase an analogue/optical refractometer to try and analyse my brew TDS%. This is therefore a follow up to let you know how I got on. You can follow this link to see the unit I purchased for £20 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Refractometer-synthetic-machining-low-concentrated-solutions/dp/B01NBYE6ER/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1488591393&sr=1-1&keywords=Brix+Refractometer+Range+0-10%25+Brix+Testing+synthetic+machining+Coolants%2C+maple+sap) It arrived within a week and was already calibrated to 0 with water. I calibr
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