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Found 42 results

  1. Hi, You may have seen my Newbie thread about the Barista Touch. I think we have discovered that low brew temperature is causing much of the issues on this machine. Temperature from the Shower Screen or Hot water spout seem to be around 66C as they flow into a pre-warmed shot glass. (Even allowing for losses this seems much too low) I would like some comparable evidence from other Sage models to 100% confirm this is too low and hasn't just lost heat by the time it gets to the shower screen. Any help welcome. Luke
  2. Hi everyone, just found this while browsing kickstarter. Any ideas if this would be a good purchase?
  3. Hi All, For sale is my Wilfa Svart Grinder (Purchased from Square Mile - May-17). Boxed/Instructions and maintained in fantastic condition. A great brewed grinder, surplus to requirements. £75 delivered - perfect condition Many Thanks Andy
  4. Hi all, selling my Lido 3 grinder, purchased new (CoffeeHit - Jan 16). Comes boxed with instructions, neoprene travel bag, hopper stopper, cleaning brush and hex tool. Fantastic grinder, condition is excellent, only used for Aeropress and V60 at home. Unfortunately, it just hasn't had much use. £120 delivered https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/lido-3-hand-coffee-grinder.html Note - The black paint around the very bottom "rim" (catch jar) is prone to come off on these (a design flaw i would say). So, no matter how well i polished, protected and cared for this grinder (which i have), this is pretty much unavoidable if you ever put it down on a table. However, this doesn't detract from overall excellent condition (not visible when the jar is screwed to the base). Please e-mail/PM me with any questions (pay pal or bank transfer) Many Thanks
  5. My rhinowares arrived (full size, not mini) and a day later broke. Not in a massive way,but my coffees have sludge too - it looks like the inner burr wiggles and although it's not so bad coarser, the grind isn't amazingly consistent. So what to try next? I've seen zassenhaus grinders for sub £100 including the Quito and the caffettiera, but reviews are thin on the ground. The next step up seems to be knock feldgrind but they're unavailable, or the lido 3. I'd like it to be fairly portable but primarily home use. Lido 2 is too big practically as I'm only a little guy! The zassenhaus caffettiera looks good, but not many comments on quality of the grind so much as aesthetics. It's priced attractively too. I'd like the grinder to be an all rounder - not fussed on carefully dialling espresso grinds as I'll not have a machine. I use the aeropress a lot, and have a clever dripper on the way. I use the aeropress as both an espresso style device (ie finer grind and less water) and as a longer brew drink with coarser grind. I've considered a baratza but noise is relevant - I'm up early morning!
  6. Hey there, Not sure if this post is in the right section or not. Does anybody have information as to brew ratios, weights, coffee amount, grind types, water amount? I'm looking at compiling a list/spreadsheet of different brew methods for easy reference so that it can be easily adjusted for multiple cups. If we can get this info together I can compile it all together and post it back up on to here for us all to share. Post your ideas for everything (within reason lol). So French Press, Chemex, Aeropress, Vac Pot, etc. Or is this info already out there and I'm missing it? What does the Hasbean app have on it? I can't find out as I don't have an iDevice at present. Hoping for Android version soon :-) Thanks, Gareth
  7. Most (including me) are under the impression that brew methods require quite a coarse grind to work or at least much coarser than espresso. I am talking about the common methods like french press, V60, chemex, aeropress, clever, sowden e.t.c And of course these require different grind type each, e.g fp supposedly is on the top of the coarse scale. From many posts by Mark (MWJB) who really knows his stuff he has hinted that you can do brew with find grinding. So I would like to look into this and see what exactly it means and how I compensate by adjusting the other parameters if I use a fine grind with the above methods. The whole thinking on this has started because I have an extra espresso grinder (Mignon) and if it can really be used for most of the Brew methods then this is very useful. It seems many people have extra espresso grinders but they invest in a manual grinder for brew or they get a Vario for brew. If Mark's findings make sense then could we really use an espresso grinder (Mignon, SJ, E65, Major, e.t.c., e.t.c) for brew since a coarse grind is not such an absolute requirement? P.S. I am not talking about a grinder that will change everyday from espresso to a brew method (which mean an EK43 ) . I am talking about an espresso grinder set at a coarse enough level which is suited for your specific brew method.
  8. Came across this method courtesy of Hasbean. Using paper filters - 65grms of beans per litre of water. So, for a 500grm brew, you will need 32.5grms of coarse grind. Water temp should be around 95C Wash paper and warm the Chemex 1: 125grms pour and bloom 2: At 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 3: At 1min 30secs on the clock, pour another 125grms of water 4: At 2min pour final 125grms of water Brew should complete around 3min 30secs mark. If it goes over 4mins, grind needs to be coarser. Been using this method for the last few days and really pleased with the results - more body/mouthfeel without sacrificing flavour notes. Refracting the brew shows extraction yield around 21%.
  9. I've gone from one extreme to the other, for years I have only made brewed coffee, either V60 or Aeropress. I bought a new (to me) grinder a couple of months ago, and then a few weeks ago bought a Fracino Piccino and now only drink espresso, after having dialled the grinder in for a decent espresso, I can't summon the enthusiasm to change it so dramatically to make a cup using the brew methods. So, I think I need a second grinder for brewed coffee. ~The Wilfa Svart seems like a good choice, what else is out there? (I don't want a Niche)
  10. Hi all, I am about to start out grinding beans at home for the first time, and was wondering if there were any rules of them regarding what type of beans to use with what methods, e.g. espresso, drip etc. For example, it seems that espresso tends to be made with darker roasts. Is there a reason for this on the basis of taste, e.g. espresso made with light roasts tastes bad, or else for technical reasons, e.g. light roasts don't grind well? And can filter be made successfully with any roast? I was also wondering if there were any rules of thumb for single origin beans as well - e.g. the monsooned malabar process. I apologise if this question seems stupid or naive! I am planning on trying espresso, drip and maybe french press as well. Thank you all!
  11. The nice delivery man brought me an aeropress and skerton grinder today. I've always used a blade grinder and french press. And it seems, I have never, ever in my life had a good coffee before. I have only had bad or less bad...... My eyes are starting to open and I have to say I'm extraordinarily excited at my coffee drinking future! This was a stop gap until I can figure out what I actually want for my kitchen in terms of grinder/machine. Now I can take longer making my mind up and look for the right thing second hand, rather than jumping on something out of desperation!
  12. I've recently acquired an 18g VST basket and I do like but coffee definitely runs faster through it, I received some Gaslight from BB yesterday and tried it this morning. I'm dosing 18g and I'm getting 35g out in just 18 second? The grind is very fine, could I be grinding to fine? I realise grinding finer should produce a slower extraction but it doesn't look much in the basket as it is? Could try 19g but just wondered if you can go to fine.
  13. Hi Everyone I recently (2-3 weeks ago) got one of these brand new via the mini group buy run by Kenny, but have now got a dual boiler and don't really need it any more as I'll be selling my HX machine. As new, with all special spanners, allen key, rubber o rings etc etc. Looking to get back what I paid if poss £62 + post (£4.40 1st class signed for with £50 insurance) Can post a pic if needed but I expect you know what it looks like!!
  14. Been seeing this around for a little while now - but doesn't seem to have come up on CFUK. Looks (from a newbie's eyes) to be a Kalitta w/ variable flow. Thoughts? What benefits would this have over, say, a V60 (which I have) or a Kalitta wave (which I'm curious to try)?
  15. I've been experimenting with a Moka pot and have posted for advice. I've also followed some red herrings such as the brew time, although I do think care in filling the basket is needed as that's what determines the pressure. But I have now cracked it - I can make a brew which is identical to those I quaffed in southern Italy a couple of months ago. And with repeatability. So this is for anyone else who doesn't feel they have yet managed a fine brew with their Moka pot. The credit however is entirely here: http://www.illy.com/wps/wcm/connect/en/coffee/how-prepare-moka-coffee At 2:18 the lovely barista Valentina says "We'll have about 30% less coffee by doing this, but it's worth it." Almost a throw away line, you'll miss it if you blink, but that's the secret!!!! The pot comes off the heat when only about 50% is brewed which will go up to 70% before it loses pressure. Interestingly on my Bialetti 6-cup 70% is precisely where the 'V' of the spout begins inside - maybe Alfonso Bialetti designed it that way as a marker - if so grazie. The only downside is that I'll now have to buy a 9-cup to make the equivalent of 6 cups. (Might have to buy some thin walled cups too.) But the result really is a totally different drink. Try it. Bellissimo e meraviglioso.
  16. Right, I saw a lot of chat about Aeropress recently all over the place so thought we could stick it all together in here! Welcome to the inaugural meeting of the Aeropress Ritual Super Enthusiasts Firstly I'd like to say, 30 minute steep? You marvellous bastards, it tastes fantastic! Come one, come all, share your recipes and methods, the wilder the better! El Salvador Finca Noruega Pulped Natural Bourbon 15g to 250g total brew weight. 30 minutes. Water was 94 when it first went in. All the tasting notes are there, especially the apple as it cools down. Super yummy.
  17. Having a bad day at work earlier in the week, I stopped off at Gordano services on the M5 and fancied a drink, but didnt really want something milky or with espresso. I noticed Starbucks had a filter coffee on the go so had a cup of that, and boy was it good! Brought back so many memories and reminded me of why I love coffee so much. I grew up on filter coffee, and that's what I always associated with good strong coffee, but haven't used or had a filter for a long time apart from my Aeropress. I can't seem to get a brew as tasty as the Starbucks from my Aeropress, nothing wrong with them, they just don't have "that" taste I love and remember. So is there anything else without costing a fortune that will get me close to that strong filter taste I really enjoy?
  18. I've had this coffee a couple of weeks now and it's nearly gone. Just wanted to big up the Aeropress brew I'm drinking at the moment though. 14g coffee, medium/course Porlex Mini grind. 150lm water, inverted brew for 2 minutes. Wowzers. Lovely and bright, floral and definitely some bergamot like tasting notes. Gorgeous!
  19. Has anyone found any reviews or further information about the Filtro – or any of the new Eureka brew focussed grinders? I notice BB now has some stock. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/eureka-mignon-filtro-grinder-matt-black.html
  20. I was just reading the barista hustle email and was reading about water recipes. I know lots of people have been asking about what's the best water etc and so I thought I'd share the link (if that's ok mods?) to actual water recipes over bottle water. https://baristahustle.com/blogs/barista-hustle/advanced-water-recipes
  21. i am regularly bullying people into getting into coffee. they start the journey with my recommendation of a handgrinder and aeropress. i am now regularly getting people who love it, are drinking more and more coffee (e.g. making it for more people) and want to buy an electric grinder instead of the handgrinder. I appologise if this has already been covered but what do people think is the next step up from a handgrinder in electric form. i.e. what is the entry level electronic grinder that would be great for brew (for people who will never go onto espresso). Do they just get a krupps or something or should they pay a bit more and get a better grinder? I imaginge they will progress on to more brew methods such as Kalita, Chemex, Sowden etc so something that could cope with all brew coffee would be ideal. thanks a lot
  22. I've noticed that the brew pressure gauge on my lamarzocco fb80 is rising to 12-14 after each shot is pulled before returning back to 6. The operating pressure when pulling a shot is 9, which is correct, but I hadn't noticed it rising after each shot is pulled, can anyone confirm if this is normal? Thanks Matt
  23. I don't have a very big kitchen, so space is at a premium for an actual machine at the moment. Most of my brewing is done with a V60, and as you can see, a bit of a Hario-addiction has followed...
  24. Hi, the video shows the repair of a Saeco Odea Go. When making a coffee, the machine is losing water in the drip tray and the ground is too ground. The video demonstrates how to clean the brewing unit thoroughly and how to replace the gasket at the piston and the nozzle: The video has a German soundteack but English subttitles are added to YouTube. If you don't see them by default, watch the video directly at YouTube and press the setup button below the frame. Enjoy it, Jürgen
  25. Hi, I just moved to a fantastic and modern new house, but the kitchen is tiny. The other half is urging me to reduce my coffee gear fingerprint heavily and sell my coffee machine and my Macap MXD 75mm. Lately, I have been mostly doing v60's anyway, so no big deal. For brewed I use a Feldgrind, which is great, but grinding manually and then brewing with v60 takes some precious time I cannot afford early in the morning. For this reason, I was drinking espresso/americano at 7am using an on-demand grinder. Now I need something as quick but smaller than grinder + coffee machine. As an alternative, I first thought I could save some time buying a Baratza encore or similar instead of using the Feldgrind, and make a v60 in the mornings instead of an espresso or americano. But then, I bumped into this beauty, recommended by Matt Perger: https://www.spinn.com. The only problem: it will be available in mid-2017. Do you guys know any alternative to the Spinn, that combines grinder + brewer, allowing quick but delicious coffee?
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