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Found 8 results

  1. Part 1 Before starting to read, this post isn't about what brew ratio one should use, or what is the best dose to start with, but more a general reference as to why you 'might' want to entertain the idea of using scales and weight to help you make an espresso. It is an often asked question as to why someone should buy scales, and start measuring your dose of coffee and the espresso it makes by weight. But nearly all people when making espresso will measure to one degree or another - just in different ways, and with more or less accuracy. For example you could; -Measure your dose (the amount of coffee you are using) by filling up some portions of your grinder's doser, using a scoop or spoon, or levelling / scraping off ground coffee from a basket or setting your on-demand grinder to run for X seconds -Measure your espresso (the amount of coffee that's made) via lines on a shot glass, or eyeballing the level in your favourite cup or stop it when it goes a different colour, or stop it after the same amount of time each shot These are all forms of measuring, with a view to having some way of adjusting the variables in espresso to achieve a desired taste. I would think that most forum members are using a combination of some of the above to help achieve a drink they like the taste of. So measurement isn't a bad thing, everyone uses it. Weighing and using scales is a different and I would say more accurate method of measuring. Why Weigh and Use scales ? Again its measuring, just in a different way, to a more accurate level. It also allows us to create and use a comparative/similar language and compare recipes and variables used (recipe being the amount of coffee used in weight vs amount of espresso it makes, over a period of time) Frequently asked questions... What do I weigh? Measure the weight of coffee you are using, preferably after it is ground, preferably to the nearest 0.1g Measure the weight of the espresso it makes, again to 0.1g if you can. Do not concern yourself with how much volume this is. Focus on the weight only. Why is weighing my espresso better or more accurate than judging it by volume ? 1g of water equates roughly to 1ml of water 1ml of espresso doesn't equate to 1g of espresso though - weight is more accurate. Where do you measure your volume to, at the peak of the crema?, or when it subsidies? Also different coffees produce different amounts of crema. This isn't really giving you a common language or measurement to talk to other people about. Weighing then allows you to have accurate measurements of two of the variables in espresso making and therefore either keep them constant or be able to make accurate changes and see the effects of them. Weighing also allows you to talk in terms of a recipe or brew ratio, that you can use with other people. example; I used an 18g dose of coffee to make 36g of espresso in 30 seconds This along with a commentary on the taste (balanced, bitter, sweet, sour) allows other people to suggest how to improve the taste by changing some of the variables involved. Next - How to Weigh - Brew Ratios Simplified....... Article written by MrBoots2u Credit & thanks to Andy Schecter whose work on brew ratio based on mass makes all our coffee lives a better place Thanks To Glenn and MWJB for suggestions and error checking
  2. The original Niche user experience is now getting in for 50 pages long, alot of the original discussion points have subsided, which just leaves people using it and enjoying it I guess. Perhaps a newer thread where people can post some recipes for coffees they are using (brew and espresso) and pass on some advice may be useful. Perhaps it won't as people are happy using it and will just quietly continue to do so, in which case all good. For me I use what would be referred to as predominantly lighter roasted coffee, I buy into the greater capabilities of the flat burrs grinder for espresso (I've owned a fair few), but sometimes choices are not as simple as what grinder will give me the ultimate best cup. If it was I'd probably still have an EK at home, but I don't. Making coffee doesn't always have to be a comparative game, is X grinder better then Y. There will always be a Y over the horizon. Sometimes it can be to just enjoy what you've got, and how to get to get the best from it. Got a bag of Sweetshop on the way from Square Mile, which will be a pretty good test of what a Niche will do with lighter roasted coffee. Previously these have been fruit bomb rides, so fingers crossed I can get a good espresso with this set up. Machine I used is a Sage Oracle, so effectively a sage db.
  3. I am curious what brew ratio is commonly used here? I have generally used to stick to 60g/L, but few days ago I went to a cafe which uses 17-18/210g on a V60 - which is 80-85g per L. This is obviously a huge difference, and the coffee tasted actually very nice - with a full body. I would guess it would be hard to hit high extraction with that much coffee, but it seems possible? They also had a fairly short brew time, less than 2 minutes on a V60 including bloom.
  4. Something occurred to me today. Humour me..... Conventional espresso 1.6 ratio say 20g->32g yield Conventional filter 60g per litre 1000g say 30g->500g used EK espresso 2.0-2.5 ratio say 20g->40-50g EK filter .................erm. Shouldn't we look to revisit grams per litre now. Think its time to look to 50g per litre chemex and see how much sweetness and clarity we can push for edit moved from ek boffin thread
  5. I'm curious what's your typical beverage to dose coffee ratios for drip end up in? You must weigh the output, of course to get a more accurate reading. As in espresso, this has some impact on extraction and strength but most people don't seem to play with them unlike when making espresso. The common ranges seem to be around 1:14 (typically from a 60g/L brew) to 1:16 (from a 55g/L brew), and I seem to be prefer brews closer to 1:15.5-1:16 as these can be quite sweet without feeling too heavy. What's your preferences? Have you tried playing with different ratios?
  6. Hi, can anyone help here? I have been following the excellent three articles by this gentleman on the subject of brew rations and at the end of the article dated 22-03-15 there is another article to follow called, "Changing the Brew Ratio - what will it do?" Can anyone locate it for me please? Thanks
  7. Interesting little clip. Good points. You need to know what you want to get form a coffee. No ratio is magic Roast Level makes a difference potentially to the ratio used . Although id argue that Italian Espresso seems to be pulled longer and that is darker ( perhaps sugar helps here ) I still maintain you need a starting point and if you are draining light to medium specialty roasted coffee than 1:2 is still as good as any but only you know your preference and you have to be able to adjust your ratio to get to that.
  8. I'm feeling particularly geeky today... Started experimenting with measuring and controlling my espresso extraction using weight rather than ounces. This has immediately got me interested in getting a refractometer, but the ones I've seen for sale online are several hundred quid, which is beyond my current budget. Anyone know if there are any for sale in the UK for under £100? Also, has anyone by chance written up a good tutorial/guide to adjusting the various parameters to find the best extraction, using brew ratio? I've seen these two pages, which are very interesting... http://marco.ie/uberproject/?p=602 http://deadmanespresso.blogspot.com/ ...but they leave some questions unanswered. For example, Marco's explanation makes no mention of time, or of blonding (as an indication of extraction yield, I believe). i.e. given a fixed value for brewed weight, he suggests modifying the dose to change the brew ratio. But does this imply keeping the extraction time the same? And if so, what if the shot blonds before the end? Is that ok? This is all very new to me, and I'm planning to run a load of my own shots with different parameters (dose, brewed weight, time, and my own opinion on resulting espresso taste), and record the results. But it would be great if there was already a written down approach to doing so. Wishful thinking? Did anyone even make it to the end of this post?
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