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  1. Hi we have two ECM PF handles, a double and single spout... only the double spout really ever gets used, with the single just with the blind filter permanently attached. I was wondering how easy it would be to grind out the bottom of the PF, and if there is anyone on here who is particularly good at doing this, who might consider doing it for me, for due consideration? Robert
  2. I've done this all back to front, but ordered a bottomless portafilter from Happy Donkey (prior to upgrading my grinder) along with some Italian Blend coffee they roast in house. This was down to curiosity getting the better of me and what I could afford to spend at the time, I needed to order beans anyway. I swapped out the 21g basket that came with it for my 14g basket and loaded it up with 17g of the HD Italian ground in my Krups GVX231 on the second finest grind setting. I've been following this method with other beans including Monsoon Malabar from coffee direct which was freshly ro
  3. Hi there! First post, and I had a question about options for little mods I've googled and searched this forum for many bottomless portafilter options for the Gaggia Classic. However, there seems to be some discrepancy with the post-2015 models. I have the newer post-2015 model, and many places that sell the "universal" bottomless portafilters say it is meant for pre-2015 classic models. Are there any bottomless portafilter options that will indeed work with the post-2015 model? Are there any with wooden handles? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bottomless-Naked-Portafilter-Italian-Walnut-Han
  4. Hi All, I was after some advice if I may. I’m running a Gaggia Classic (Rancilio wand and OPV mod) and Mazzer Super Jolly (had it for about a year). I make 2-4 drinks on a weekend day, usually cappuccino / cortado and the odd mid week drink. Would upgrading to an IMS or VST basket make a difference over the stock (non pressurised) double baskets? Or since I’m mostly going milk based is it not a material difference? Also I can’t seem to find a sensible answer on whether IMS or VST is better, only the one direct comparison (from perfect daily grind) which says any difference is ma
  5. Hi, I'm new to the forum and have already found lots of useful information. I just putting together my home setup, pretty sure I'm going for an ECM. During my research I have noticed that many use a bottomless portafilter, is this something that is recommended to finesse my technique or should the money be spent elsewhere. Thanks
  6. Hi I'm a newbie at the home barista stuff and just looking at a new setup, I'm pretty sure I'm going to purchase an ECM machine. Having researched reviews about machines and the general coffee matters, I noticed that people use a bottomless portafilter to finesse their technique, is this something that experts on this forum would recommend as an extra purchase or should the money go elsewhere . Thanks
  7. If you're looking for a bean supplier I never fail to be excited when making coffee using Limini beans. Fresh roasted per order and most importantly consistent. No sugar required in the espresso. [video=youtube_share;Dmr_K5hiFO8]
  8. The pros and cons of using a naked Portafilter crops up from time and there is a suspense-ridden thread just started by GrahamS: http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30914-Place-your-bets while we wait to see how far up his kitchen wall and along his floor he can get his first naked PF shot. I assume entirely by coincidence, today's Perfect Daily Grind provide a non-scientific review of four reasons to go naked - but it's still an entertaining read: http://www.perfectdailygrind.com/2016/03/espresso-machine-mods-4-reasons-use-naked-portafilter/?utm_source=Website+Subscribers&am
  9. My new bottomless portafilter has just arrived for my Lelit PL60. The only thing is there is a notch cut in to the rim. As the basket sits on top and mates with the grouphead seal I don't see much point to it. Or is there a point?
  10. I'm still trying to get to the bottom of my untwisting PF saga. Sage sent me a new silicone seal but it has alleviated the problem. Machine has been fully cleaned and it still happens. My elimination has concluded that this only happens with the bottomless. it's the only common factor. Doesn't happen with standard PF no matter the basket used, but happens on bottomless whichever basket. The lugs on the two PF are different and I'm trying to determine if this is normal of the bottomless. They are more slanted/tapered. Please show me yours! http://imageshack.com/a/img537/4892/Lpn
  11. .....with my bottomless portafilter. well, I didn't spray the walls or ceiling (impressed) all i I got in the way of problems was one or two very, very fine jets of espresso. What is the cause?
  12. Sean

    PF blowing off

    The last couple of days, whilst admiring an unusually rare perfect pour, my Sage bottomless keeps blowing off when under pressure. Nothing has changed in what I do or use. It just unwinds itself and pops off, haven't lost a cup yet thankfully! Is there a known cause of this? I might try a different PF later and see if it makes a difference. Everything is clean and nothing looks wrong around shower head etc.
  13. I need a millennium pavoni europiccola portafilter & basket, but will want to convert it to bottomless. I was going to order the individual parts, rather than a complete unit. That way I don't need to spout and it saves some money compared to the unit as a whole. I am trying to work out if I need to bother with the spring clip. I also think it may be possible to make my own handle. My question is: If I drill out the portafilter, will it make the clip superfluous? I have no idea where the spring clip fit into the portafilter, is it at the top or bottom and the fitting gets d
  14. Hello, Does anyone have any experience with bottomless portafilters for the Vetrano 2B (essentially a Verona)? I'd like to get one (and probably a fancy VST basket, just because...) but I don't know whether any E61 fitting portafilter will work or if I need to get one which says it's compatible with the specific machine. Thanks for your help.
  15. I'm after a good portafilter for my machine. i have one already, but it cups around the base of the basket far too much. When using an 18g basket the outer droplets that form always end up running around the rim and down the bloomin handle! What a mess!!! looking at pics online, others seem to be much more open, allowing the droplets to merge normally. Recommendations welcome.
  16. OK I've spent a long time working on this, and I haven't got it completely solved, so it's time to ask for help. I'm pretty sure I must be doing something wrong, so I've tried to describe my technique as well as I can. I'm using a Cremina 2003 (49mm baskets) and a Rosco Mini hand grinder. On the shelf and currently not in use are a Caravel and a Pharos hand grinder (I use the Rosco because the Pharos grind seems less even). My routine is as follows: 1) Grind 16.5g weighed beans 2) Tip from plastic cup into an Elektra double basket with an OE dosing funnel 3) WDT with a paper c
  17. I have been using my silvia for a fair few months now and i'm looking for a portafilter basket combo. Where is the best/cheap place to get a bottomless PF for my silvia? Also i am thinking of buying a 18g VST basket but cant decide whether ridgeless or ridged. What are the differences and peoples experiences? i will also need a larger diameter tamper for the basket. I think if i remember correctly VST recommend a flat bottom one. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  18. Can anyone help me?? Ive seen bottomless filter holders around and I'm curious as to what the beenfits of using them are as apose to the standard one with a pressurised basket in that i use with my gaggia classic. If anybody has one and thinks it creates a vastly better espresso i'd like to invest in one and if anyone knows the best one to get with a limited budget i would appreciate the help. They also look really cool when pulling a shot! Thanks.
  19. Hi all, Just got the naked portafilter from a forum member and tried it without wasting any time. I know I let it run for around 34 secs, but I am trying to achieve 2ounces instead of the technical dry weight/ beverage ratio. It tastes good, no sourness at all, I do welcome all comments so that I can improvise myself. This is puck of coffee after extraction. Cheers, Ivan
  20. Has anyone ever tried, or has it been discussed previously on this forum, making a regular PF bottomless? It will obviously require a metal worker and a chrome plater. Interested to hear if anyone has had experience with this.
  21. I have a bottomless portafilter that is giving me an intermittent problem. When I run water through the basket with no grounds the water goes through without any problems. However, when I fill the basket and tamp I get little jets of coffee spraying at funny angles and cannot identify where they are coming from (a 1ft area around my machine is sprayed in a fine mist) Could this be the basket not fitting properly and the water between the grouphead and the puck being forced through any gaps, going around the outside of the basket? This only happens when there is resistance and
  22. Hi I'm selling my gaggia bottomless portafilter with 21g triple basket. Used once, perfect condition. selling for £20 shipped. Alternatively I could swap it for a motta 12oZ milk jug. i am looking to buy this jug if anyone is selling? Thanks, Rich
  23. As it says I have a bottomless pf for a Gaggia which includes a good quality basket in the price. This has never been used as my partner put it away in its original packaging and then promptly forgot where she put it. Only a week after I sold my Gaggia Classic did she remember where it was. I would like to recover my purchase price but will cover the cost of postage. So its £30 and post and packaging is included in the price.
  24. I'm selling a bottomless PF with non-pressurised double basket and deep blank basket (both from Happy Donkey). It's not had much use (truth be told, I don't think I've ever used the double basket) so it's in great condition. £25 for the lot, which includes P&P. Picture of the blank basket to follow.
  25. Bottomless E61 portafilter. Two handles Bakelite & NBR Rubber. The bottom plate is held into the main body with a silicone O-ring. Inserted whilst cold the plate is firmly gripped & held as it heats up. Beautifully made in stainless steel. These PFs sell on Amazon at anything up to £250 but are available at Bella Barista for £95 including VAT & postage. I purchased this one from a well respected Forum Member a few weeks ago prior to confirming the sale of my Vesuvius. Unfortunately it does not fit my new machine. Am offering the PF as described £40 del
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