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  1. Why are the Boilers in Londinium machines NOT insulated when a lot of others (including the Profitec 800) are? Cheers GP
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some help and guidance. I have a Rocket Evoluzione which is about 6 or 7 years old. Recently it stopped working, didn't turn on at all, no light or anything at all. After some basic checks I bought a new electric box circuit board and installed it which seemed to fix the problem....now it does turn on again and seems to work fine, but actually there is no water getting to the boiler. It's empty. Yet the motor is working and the pump seems to be fine... but no water goes from the water reservoir to fill the boiler. Would anyone have any idea what co
  3. Does anyone have any experience installing Nest? And perhaps specifically with an Ideal boiler. I'm in the process of having the boiler installed and the Nest arrived yesterday. I've been trying to get my head around what to connect where. I'm pretty comfortable on the power side of it I think but it's the other connections such as call for heat. The boiler has no timer or anything in the little gap on the front but not sure if it needs one or if that's something the plumber will fit at some point. Any help greatly appreciated.
  4. Had my dual boiler since December and still struggling to get the pressure any lower than 10.5 bar. I have had loads of different beans since Christmas, and with all of them the pressure rises to 10.5 bar. I have tried grinding coarser, but then I end up with shots which gush out in 18-20 seconds. Am I missing something really obvious? Could pre-infusion settings have anything to do with this? Thanks in advance!
  5. My normal routine for steaming (after pulling a shot) is to flick the steam switch and wait around 10s before opeing the steam valve. This lets me steam around 200-250 ml milk without the boiler light coming on (i.e. boiler stays on). Last couple of times, the light has come on half way through steaming, so the boiler is going off and the steam flow drops right off. Any suggestions why this would have just started happening? Faulty thermostat somewhere? thanks stuart
  6. I have fracino cherub bought new from cater kwik in february of this year, and i keep it on a timer switch. This morning i woke up to make my coffee as usual and found the machine on, but stone cold. Since then i've tried taking off the case and trying to find the red thermostatic safety switch but could only find a white one which would jiggle in place, or pull, instead of pressing. I also tried replacing the water in the tank with tap water in case the tds is suddenly an issue, but nothing has worked. I only use volvic water and backflush semi-regularly, but have not descaled yet. I'm also h
  7. Good evening all, I have a 1995 Gaggia TE which I recently cleaned up and put into use after it was dormant for about 2 years with it's previous owner. In the past 2 weeks it has developed a bit of a fault. Basically, the P-Stat is releasing once the pressure inside the boiler reaches 1.1 to 1.2 bar, which is what is expected. However, the water in the boiler is not up to temperature, or at least it doesn't seem to be as no steam is produced at first. I have to force the P-Stat to re-engage the heating element several times (by opening the steam valve) before it starts producing any
  8. Hi pleased to meet you all and happy new year! i have just taken delivery of a Gaggia Carezza Deluxe, have had a Gaggia Evolution for around 9 years. I'm a bit 50:50 about the machine, it looks great and is ready to go much more quickly than my old machine, however the perfect crema widget produces a frothy head on the espresso (which seems to be getting worse) and the milk frother doesn't seem to offer any control. These are things I can probably live with. the main problem however is a loud rhythmic thumping whenever I turn the steam knob. It sounds as if meg white is living inside the
  9. Recently I've noticed that any coffees that I make that I top up with hot water from the hot water arm taste a bit like bad socks... This seems to be a result of the taste of the water coming out of the boiler. Which got me thinking - the water in the boiler - does it not just get heated over and over again? When I use a standard kettle I empty any old water out the then refill and boil. I wouldn't keep it full and then boil it all each time. do people empty their boilers regularly or have I misunderstood how the Cellini works? (Or do I have some other problem)
  10. Hi all, This forum has been recommended to me by a fellow gaggia classic owner. I've sadly neglected to change the gaskets and rubber washers on my machine for about 8 years. TBH i didn't know (until recently) that this was supposed to be a regular maintenance task. but i'm on the case now. I've stripped everything back and got the boiler out, undone two of the bolts keeping the head on, but two are stuck. I'm guessing due to some rust on the other bolts they maybe corroded. I'm hoping someone can recommend a solution to free these nuts. I've thought about chilling it
  11. An X vending machine boiler with a few extras, opened it all up and really surprised how clean it is internally, it's a one litre capacity boiler after heater element displacement. Boiler. Element 240v. 2500w Electric valve 240v. Variable Control Temperature Control (Power off on the rise). Overheat safety cut out switch attached to the boiler. Have stripped and powered the element OK, electric valve OK, variable heat control OK, the safety overheat has a circuit and appears not to have been operated, so all good to go an
  12. Hi all, I noticed the flow of water from my machine was slow (290ml per min) Mark @gaggiamanualservice.com recommended checking the solenoid. I managed to take the boiler out, originally just going to check the solenoid valve but got into the boiler to check too, I havent seen one this bad online. I am wondering if cleaning it is OK (If I can) or does it need replacing? If it needs replacing can I put a stainless steel one in if I can find one? Heres when I first got into the boiler. After soaking for 2 hours in puly cleaner. and Lots of wire brush scrubbing, grouphead part
  13. Hi all, I'm hoping to sell a gaggia classic soon. If I need to ship it, should I drain the boiler? And how would I do this? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I am the longtime owner of a Gaggia classic (7 years), and due to a fear of taking things apart have never given the boiler and solenoid a good clean before. The water flow through the group head has stopped (water and steam through the wand is still fine), so I took out the solenoid and gave it a good clean. Putting it back together was fine, but the water continued not to flow. I then replaced the pump, as it had been sounded a little weak of late. Still no water flow, so I took out the boiler to give it a good clean. Unfortunately, I can't open the boiler up. The bolts just won't g
  15. I'm cleaning up a used Expobar Office Control and am thinking I'd like to insulate the boiler. I like what I see here: #3 For those of you who've insulated a boiler on an HX machine of this size, have you noticed any downsides? I'm concerned about unforeseen consequences. Thank you.
  16. Let's assume we have e.g. a Sage/Breville Dual Boiler vs. a Rocket Dual Boiler with identical tamp, beans etc. Would they have a different taste at the same output/time?
  17. I picked up my first classic last week and only got around to having a play with it yesterday, only to find that when running some water through it, there was a few little black particles and a small amount of lime scale in the water. 1. Should I be looking to flush this out wit some descaler? If so should I opt for the Gaggia liquid or tartaric acid? (I have some tartaric acid but I'm not sure what ratio I should use, or I can order some gaggia solution online) 2. Strip out e boiler and clear it out with a dremel style tool? 3. Replace the boiler. Any help would be grea
  18. Hi there. I've bought a 2nd hand gaggia classic, the sticker on the bottom says 11/2001. I have noticed that water coming out the brew head has a sweet taste. I know this is subjective, but that's what it tastes to me. After searching online I now think this may be a metallic taste after all - not sure though... So I pumped some water into a glass container and I can see some kind of suspension on the water that clears after a while but not completely. I then proceeded to backflush with pully (with correct product). Washed with plenty water just letting the machine pump cle
  19. Hi Everyone I'm selling my coffee machine due to my wife starting to drink coffee and thus us needing to have a more simple machine for her to use. I'm sure i'll be back at some time in the future but for now, I can move this machine on. It's a dual boiler, PID control of the brew boiler, pressurestat control of the steam boiler. Mains water and tank - I've tried both and have used this routinely with filtered water. Bella Barista serviced the machine and also fitted a new PID back in Apr 18, the old PID was occasionally shutting off, but now all in perfect working order.
  20. Morning all, Picked up a second hand Bambino recently for my workshop. Unit was serviced in November of this year and had lots of new parts (inc element), however on setting the unit up my water appears to be rather cloudy (even after leaving it settled for a long time, so clearly not just bubbles) previous owner had the unit running with a dual filter setup and i am running the Fracino DSU 10L filter (flushed before use with 5 buckets of water, although was running clear by bucket 3) I am planning on dropping the water out today and inspecting the boiler for scale, there was a
  21. I was having a look inside my Classico investigating a potential flow issue, another story, and noticed that on warm-up and cool-down there was a small amount of steam venting & water bubbling from the valve in the picture. This is located on top of the boiler. It probably isn't loud enough to be heard with the case on and the quantity can't be massive as there are no obvious water marks. Anyway I would appreciate any thoughts from those more experienced than me on whether this is an issue and if so what needs to be fixed. Thanks NB it's the valve just above the brass pipe.
  22. I was informed the morning after playing with the new machine that there was a puddle in the kitchen. My heart sank as I knew the only new thing in there was the Heavenly. To cut a short story shorter I took the covers off but couldn't see where the leak was coming from although the inside was wet. Decided to get it up to temp and pressure and sure enough, there were in fact 2 leaks. Both on the pipes going between the group and the boiler. Let the machine cool down while I looked for a 24mm flare nut spanner, didn't have on so I made one out of an old ring spanner.
  23. Hi coffee Friends. I have my hands on an old ECM Giotto that won't refill the boiler. I've emptied the boiler and now I need the machine to fill it back up, but when I turn on the machine nothing happens. The LED lights up and indicates that the machine has been turned on but the pump doesn't do anything. I've tried many things: 1: unplugging the cable from the water level probe - didn't have any effect 2: changing the gicar (black control box) to a new one - didn't have any effect 3: changing the vibration pump to a new one - didn't have any effect Does anybody have any ide
  24. Hi all, Can anyone advise on the differences between the different versions/ages of Gaggia Classic please? Also I've heard it might be worth an old model/used one instead of the latest version with a SS boiler? Is there a reason for this? Is there a particular age of Classic I should be looking at if getting an older one? Many thanks!
  25. Hi, my first post so hopefully it's in the right place. I inherited a Francis Francis X1, first generation with Aluminium boiler. I'd really like to use this machine but am concerned about the aluminium boiler and possible health risks so would like to find out about converting it to a brass boiler. I had seen mention of it on a thread in the forums by Hizerkite http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?15058&p=147085#post147085 I have already sourced what I believe is a 2nd generation X1 machine (which was sold as spares) so now have the brass boiler, chrome plated shroud
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