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Found 19 results

  1. Just seen this new addition... has anyone tried this yet? Only available wholesale previously. https://ravecoffee.co.uk/collections/coffee-bean-blends/products/espresso-blend?variant=8721089593398#parentVerticalTab1
  2. I visited here yesterday as I'd heard that it was owned by Stewart's of trent bridge and I wanted to pick a bag of their coffee up so I thought I would kill to birds with one stone. It was a lovely coffee shop serving a fantastic coffee (I had a flat white) plenty of seating too. It's located in sneiton market and the roasters is in the adjoining premesis, you can watch through the window if you like
  3. NickdeBug

    Mixing beans?

    The number of nearly finished bags seems to have been steadily growing on my desk. Largely thanks to the Brazen - 4 brews and I am left with about 25-30g from a 250g bag. I keep forgetting to take them home for weekend Aeropress so decided that I would try mixing a couple together. Currently waiting on the result of a Union Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza Microlot 550 and a Smokey barn Ethiopian Limu at a ratio of about 60:40 (what was in the bags!). Does anyone else blend beans? Will report back in a few minutes - expecting fruity with plenty of body.
  4. Hi, Does anyone know if it's possible to buy Matthew Algie coffee from anywhere? I've been fortunate enough to have been given a couple of bags of a blend/roast I quite enjoy (Craft Little Number x). As far as I know officially you can't buy it as a domestic user from them, only wholesale, but I'd quite like to get my hands on some more! Any ideas? Many thanks,
  5. Has anybody any suggestion for what type of roast to use to get an espresso similar to the one found in the italian bars? Is it better a dark or a medium roast? I know Arabica tents to be the one used, sometimes mixed with Robusta, but the choice is so wide that I'm feeling a bit lost. What beans would you recommend me to try?
  6. Have been working in Poppleton, York so emailed York Coffee Emporium which happens to be round the corner to see if they had any beans (you're supposed to order online then pick up from them or one of a few shops that sells them). Nice chap called Lurence said sure, we're busy but we'll have some for you. I dropped by this morning and had a very informative chat with Laurence who asked me what I was looking for in a coffee, he then went off into the back and brought me a couple of bags. Have to say it smelt lovely in there... Anyways, this is what I brought home.. Ive just given my grinder a good clean out and will be trying one of these tomorrow evening after work.
  7. I've been thinking lately: if I'm using a blend of 3 beans, and assuming the three types are equally represented in the overall roasting batch, what are the chances of getting two identical shots? Everything else being as equal as I can get it - temperature, grind, tamp pressure, shot time (generally a function of the previous two or three) - still the resulting drink can vary a fair bit from one cup to the next. I grind a double's worth only, each time I'm about to make a coffee. I've not actually counted, but say there were 60 beans (for ease of arithmetic) each time, then the average would be 20/20/20. However it could be as extreme as 0/0/60, with each combination having an equal probability. Vary the blend and the flavour alters. Has anyone else found themselves pondering far too much on this?
  8. Just been down to Kent to sell an air pistol and made a short weekend of it. We decided to have a wander down the road to Ramsgate from Broadstairs where the buyer happened to live. Beyond hope I was looking for a decent coffee place and noticed the shop front.. Had some really nice fish & chips from next door and thought what the hell.. Hmmmm....
  9. Rob1

    Cartwheel Coffee

    After many disappointing light roasts from various roasters I tried a few bags from Cartwheel recently and am happy to say they're fantastic. Light roast, dark roast it doesn't really matter to anyone really just so long as the brews are tasty and these are. Had two small bags of single origins to test them and the distinct origin character from both was well brought out by the roast. Now on a kilo of a blend (Misspent Youth) and love it, find the tasting notes spot on from the little sip of espresso I had before adding milk and even now I get the dried fruit in the aftertaste.
  10. Email reads:- Sorry to mention the C word in January We're either late to the party or very early! 25% OFF CHRISTMAS BLEND ROAST: MEDIUM | DARK IN THE CUP: CHOCOLATE, SPICES & RED FRUITS DISCOUNT CODE : TWENTYFIVE 25% DISCOUNT AVAILABLE FOR 25hrs.. WHILE STOCKS LAST TERMS & CONDITIONS: To meet free delivery terms please ensure the order value is over £25 after the discount code has been applied Discount code can only be used once on our website and entered during checkout Discount code can only be used on Christmas Blend only and not in conjunction with any other offer Subject to availability VALID FROM 14:00 27/01/20 >> 15:00 28/01/20 (GMT)
  11. Hi, Does anyone have tips for blends containing just a little robusta from any UK based roasters (who sell online, or are based in London)? I know about the HappyDonkey Classic Italian blend. To me, this has come to taste a little too harsh. Are there any others blends someone could point me to?
  12. Ah the best thing about my week is when i get to abuse my machine at home as i only usually get to use it once after dinner on weeknights. So the Saturday morning 'wake up' coffee is key to the start to a great weekend. This morning i started my weekend with a double hit of Guatamala SHB Fedecocagua from the amazing roaster just up from my work - Coffee, Chocolate & Tea. A beautiful espresso which was very smooth, creamy with hints of chocolate and vanilla so how could i resist taking two hits - lots more to follow i reckon.
  13. I am sitting in Blend in Wandsworth Common, in a familiar cafe with new owners. The current layout and ethos has not changed but this must be the 3rd or 4th lot of cafe owners in the past 2 years since we moved from the area. The cafe is accompanied by a great deli selection and a well stocked selection of epicurian delights, cakes, breads, muffins and pastries. There is one large communal table that can seat 20 and conversation flows freely with other guests. Serving Illy, the cafe could do themselves a favour and support UK micro-roasters which would in this case be a better match to their 'organic, hand-made' image throughout the rest of the store. The cafes in nearby Balham appear to have changed recently too, so next time my wife gets her hair cut I will try out a new cafe in SW12 or SW17.
  14. I was fortunate to win a 6 month supply of coffee from CoffeeBeanShop.co.uk, run by RoasterDean, a member of the forum. You can enter this weekly competition here My package arrived on 07 October, having been roasted the day before. The beans were allowed to settle for a few days whilst I finished the beans I had in the house. The beans were delivered in a foil lined brown paper bag with a one way valve to allow degassing, expanding a little over the past few days and providing my wife with an excuse to squeeze the bag and inhale as she walked past it. From what I could see the blend is made up from at least 3 types of beans. I am guessing at 1 African and 2 South American coffees, but cannot distinguish which these are. The taste is pleasant, mellow flavours, not too citric and a nice full mouthfeel with a sweet aftertaste (not too long) This blend easily cuts through milk to be a good base for a cappuccino or latte (as my wife will attest) The roast was even (not overly dark) with a small amount of oils present on 1 type of bean only. Breakfast blend tasting notes
  15. Hey everyone My flatmate was going near a drive through Starbucks (only 1 in Europe i think) so I hitched a lift as I wanted to try their Christmas blend as it was only £1 so I thought I would give it a go. The coffee had a lovely spice to it which was quite enjoyable but sadly there was a really strong burnt/charcoal taste which overpowered it. I have read quite a bit about Starbucks over roasting there beans and I can only assume that the taste was because of that. It is a shame as that spice was nice. I cant wait for HasBeans Christmas blend to come out I am really looking forward to it, does anyone have a rough date for when it is usually released? HLA91
  16. Hi, Does anyone know of beans available in the uk that come close to Starbucks Komodo Dragon blend? I absolutely love that coffee but unfortunately its not available in the uk, everytime i go to the states i usually end up bringing about 10lb of it back It's a blend of Asia Pacific beans. Spicy, herbal and earthy with a full body & very low acidity. Sumatra or Sulwesi coffees dont quite taste the same.
  17. As an indepenedent cafe owner you have probably been fortunate enough to develop / choose your blend, which is a luxury some cafe managers have not had. I recently visited a Costa Coffee in Manchester and was greeted by an enthusiastic barista who really took pride in his job. He made a decent coffee (the best I have had from Costa to date) so I asked him about the coffee itself. The conversation stopped almost immediately. He apologised and told me he had not been told what was in the blend and felt kind of awkward by not being able to answer the question. He did show me the 3 or 5 kilo bag that the beans came in and it was the Moka Italian Blend with no indication of origins of the blend. I am guessing this is indicative of chain stores but would like to find out from cafe owners how seriously training and information sharing is taken and what priority this takes in their overall operations
  18. I've just blogged about eightpointnine whose coffee I have been enjoying so much today that I'm already onto my third one. There are a number of companies entering the market and eightpointnine caught my eye, with their easy to use, intuitive site which takes the guesswork out of coffee blending. Supplying coffee in 150g bags (either wholebean or ground to your preference) which easily fit through your door, eightpointnine roasts and delivers twice weekly so you know when to expect the next delivery (which you can set in your preferences on their site) The first blend I created is the Sweet Tooth Blend and it is living up to its name I'm looking forward to receiving the next blend I have created - Fruit and Nut Mix, and am full of anticipation. I'll let you know my thoughts next week.
  19. Lovely bright sunny day up here in the North-East, and I'm starting off with an espresso from Hasbean's 2010 Premium Blend. I roasted these on Thursday, going a little bit darker than I normally would, and it seems to have suited the blend well. A subtle sweetness to the aftertaste. What's everyone else drinking?
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