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Found 55 results

  1. I might do without the machine for a bit and just use v60 with a coarse grind, it depends how I do on budget. If you had to buy new and needed everything except kettle, v60, and coffee, what would you get instead?
  2. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  3. Hi all, After my Ascaso Dream packed up yet again, and after much deliberation I have just bought a Silvia from Has Bean. After emailing Steve to check stock etc I ordered it about 11.00am yesterday and 10.00am this morning it arrived! Unbelivably good service! Got it all set up and can't belive how strong it feels, the portafilter alone is heavy enough! Spent the afternoon playing with my new toy, shots are getting there, need more practice/coffee The only thing I did notice when pulling a shot was a slight water leak from the grouphead, maybe not tightening enough or too much coffee in the basket? Any tips from Silvia owners about using/living with one of these would be most welcome as I think I have taken a big step (forward hopefully!) Just tried the steam wand-- you could do some serious damage with that! Regards Mike
  4. glevum

    Coffee pods

    Dont like pods but Hopefully the end of George Clooney adverts http://www.bellabarista.co.uk:8080/newsletter/2013/september/
  5. Looking to upgrade our espresso machine next week and have narrowed the choice to 2. Expobar office dual boiler and the Rocket Giotto evo. Both machines have great reviews and I've tried shots from both but I still can't make up my mind. Expobar pros Dual boiler with separate on off switches Pid on the front for easy temperature adjustment Small footprint Slightly less expensive Rocket pros Looks the business Rotary pump Did I miss anything? Anyone have any side-by-side experience of the two machines? Which would you go for? Cheers Spence
  6. James811

    Bella barista

    Hey guys, what's the verdict on these guys. Ive only ever ever drank supermarket coffee etc and want to step it up a bit. I like the look of Bella barista as they have lots of variety and are reasonably priced. Are they good beans? Regards, James
  7. I have been testing one of these for BB. The Grinder in the foreground is of course the Mazzer Mini E and is there for a size comparison. It's not huge compared to a Mini E a little wider and deeper....but only 2.7cm taller (both grinder with short hoppers included). The 65E has the special short hopper on it and it's a really neat little hopper. You can see it under my slightly lower than standard height Kitchen Cupboard. it's exactly 45.7cm tall including the short hopper. I have put my initial thoughts onto a mini review and video available at link below http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/eureka-zenith-65e-vs-mazzer-mini-e Why am I posting this on the deals forum...well I was surprised just how good this grinder is and it makes a realistic purchase for those wanting a fairly decent grinder, brand new and wanting it for better money than the usual Mazzer equivalents. I truly believe it to be better than the Super Jolly or the Mini E...not just in grind, but a lot of other ways. it all came about because Mazzer were up their own ars% a little bit with their brand and grinder, plus pricing for what you get. I was partly responsible for the Mignon coming in and I think it's proved itself. I hadn't really bothered being interested in the 65E, until I realised Mazzer are taking the Mickey a little bit nowadays...so asked BB to have a look at one of these....yes I asked, I don't usually do that! I asked Bella Barista if they would make this available Brand new for £499 delivered for forum members and with the small, not large hopper, which they will (rather than the frightening £599 plus delivery on their web site for the grinder with massive hopper)...because we need something sub £500 in the decent class and with a bit of electronics. it is a joy to use and clean out...as it has the same idea as the Mignion and Mythos in a sense, with a lovely easy burr adjustment, that does not drift....plus the bean auger for improved smaller hopper load consistency. Have a read, watch the Video So another grinder for consideration if you want one new and have just under £500 to spend..cos it's better than a Mazzer!
  8. I have heard rumblings from within the bowels of Bella Barista that they will shortly have a new lever machine for sale. It will be unique to them and just waiting for the final specifications to be made available. Might have some photos and info tomorrow.
  9. Lets get the irritants out of the way. Probably because I 'm the first with the Machine & it was pushed through for me there is no User Guide/Manual. Only thing available apart from Bella Barista's Closer Look is a rather scrappy set of explanatory instructions in irregular English. A 'cheat sheet' type of explanation at least to get you installed would be invaluable. I was told it had six adjustable feet, it came with four. I was just about to notify BB of the shortage when Davec told me there had been a change in the spec. With the Machine came a beautiful thick ply fitted box. Very well made & obviously expensive. It held all the bits & pieces PFs, tamper spares etc. I question why was it needed?. Once unpacked the box is empty maybe good for some other use but you would never probably use it again unless you sold the Machine. A plastic/thick cardboard box would have been more than ample. The outer reusable packing case is excellent best I've ever seen. Advance preparation prior to moving the Vesuvius into position. In position & ready to set up. I set a simple lever type profile just to get started & see what would happen. Using my own blend of Monsooned Malabar & Brazil Ipanema Gourmet Pulped Natural from Coffee Compass I used 20g beans ground at 2.1 on the EK (Irish Dial) into a 20g VST. Did not weigh the output, that's all happening tomorrow, just wanted to see what came out of the Machine. I was so stunned by the espresso I stood in disbelief. I had got so used & enjoyed the EK type of espresso but here now in an instant, first drink out without any special prep I was drinking sheer nectar. All the smoothness, sweetness & depth of the EK grind but now I am also getting the great mouthfeel & lingering taste of the original pre EK shots. If this is the first shot out with no great care being taken, where do we go from here?. Been up most of last night so very tired but can't wait till tomorrow to resume with proper tests & set up my profiles. Don't usually drink much coffee in the evening but just had to try a cappa. Unbelievable steam producing the most silky micro foam ever. More tomorrow night........
  10. I'm looking to upgrade sometime soon & thought this looked like an interesting machine but on another thread someone implied it's very overpriced as it's a vibe pump machine. I know you can't plumb vibe pumps but are there other issues with them? And what are peoples thoughts generally on the machine & it's pricing? Link below, thanks in advance https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-600-espresso-machine.html
  11. bella barista stock Sage anymore? I have seen in some of their review videos they clearly used to.
  12. Hi Folks, Any recommendations for online suppliers of coffee machines/grinders etc?? Thanks
  13. OK, this is not an advertisement so I need to be careful. It should be well known that I select their green beans NOT Roasted for them. I do this on the basis of crop reports and quality reports and also looking at samples of previous orders to check quality is being maintained. Which is why BB changed supplier nearly 2 years ago. I also have no idea if they are a forum sponsor or not, never asked them I always have pretty much carte blanche on what I order for them and balance value for money, affordability and quality. Also some absolutely great coffees, don't always cost a lot. I usually include a number of expensive coffees in the bulk buys which can push the price up...but I just have to, because I think people will enjoy them. However, I need to watch price, because I like the fact that 95% of it sells out in 48 hours....so it's always super fresh. So you get your chance to give your views and just to be clear, I don't make a penny out of these coffee orders...nothing. So that's the context and background. The 3 questions and reasons for the post. Should I get more expensive Gourmet Coffees, so a high end Gourmet offering can be done similar to the Daterras e.g. the basalt blues, the skyburys, the microlots (or do you like the bulk buys as they are now? Decafs (CO2 or Swiss Water, not methyl chloride), should there be a decaf on each bulk buy, bearing in mind if it's not sold that's £300+ down the drain, if there is a decaf which bean? Monsooned Malabar, I love it, but am reluctant to order it more regularly...am I right? Now just a note about Decaf, it's very difficult to roast and doesn't usually look very good out of the roaster, it's also easy to lose the flavours (what flavours are left) when roasting. P.S. Ron...no I won't be getting any OBJ...just not enough people want it..but I do love it! In fact I'm going to call a roaster I know, to see if they have any MM and OBJ I can blag a few kg of each from them for trade.
  14. dfk41


    It landed this morning. None of the fuss or drama you would expect in unpacking it. All I had to do was screw the lever in and away we go. Now, I have been without a lever for 2 months so my mind has become infected with pump charachteristics! The machine had been bench tested so I just filled the resevoir and away we went. The pump taking the water into the boiler is extremely quiet. I have forgotten what they used but it is not silent but very gentle. My L1 used to rattle when it drew water through! I set the machine up, vented the steam wand and did the same with the water arm, which is amazing. you can actually control this one! I got burnt so many times in a previous life it is untrue! The steam wand is powerful, or seems that way. it is a long arm with good matriculation and comes with a two tip that blows out of the sides, and a single tip with a hole which is well offset. It seems very well put together. I could feel no rough edges or imperfections. There is room on top to store cups and the whole of the rear of the machine opens up to fill the 3 litre resevoir. The machine took approximately 4.30 to come to pressure, which sits at around the 1.2 bar. Obviously that is not at working temperature. The next thing which is very noticeable, is that you do not need to do a weightlifting course to pull the lever. Even if you take the pf off to pull water through, it does not grab and try to snatch itself away from your grasp. So, to the first shots. I have only pulled 4 so far, but I can see the charachteristics of this machine. My mind was mush and I had to really think about how to prepare the shot and pull it. The result was that I let the chanber empty, as opposed to pulling the shot away so it was over extracted The next attempt was weighed out and much closer. I need a couple of days to get onto auto pilot with this, so that is about it for the moment. If anyone has any questions, please fire away and I will answer them if I can!
  15. 2 Microlots have come up and I have advised Bella Barista to buy....as part of the normal bulk buy I just did for them. I think these will probably come in in a few weeks, perhaps sooner. I said I would try and let the forum members know of any specials. to know more about the gens of Araku Coffees, simply look it up on the web. The 2 Microlots are only 16 and 17 kg each and produced/graded by individual farmers on their farms. I will probably be trying to get my hands on 2 kg of each myself (I would have more, but want to be fair). I had hoped there would be more, but I only found out last night and by this morning the other lot had already gone. It's not a cheap coffee, but the price is reasonable considering...this means there will be 29kg left. For home roasters, it's going to be a rare opportunity to try roasting this coffee.....my advice, if you can try and reserve a Kilo This is not just about the coffee, but about the direct impact on a poor community, especially where Microlots are concerned, where one farmer has lovingly prepared 16 or 17kg of coffee!!
  16. The review below is a summary of my thoughts and not intended to be a full in-depth analysis of each machine Today I had the pleasure of spending a delightful 4 hours at Bella Barista, hosted by Claudette and her team. The aim was to evaluate the R58 vs Alex Duetto Mk IV (aka new Alex Duetto III in the US) side-by-side and walk away with the winner. I had previously narrowed my search to replace my home machine to either of these dual boiler espresso machines. click to enlarge Also on the bench was the ECM Heidelberg espresso machine (HX), which I used to dial in the grinder (the Eureka Mignon) and pull reference shots on, for a coffee that I was familiar with. This machine was so forgiving and produced not only lovely espresso but some of the best milk I have steamed in a long time - a glossy paint finish which was perfect for latte art. I would have happily parted with £1099 if I was in the market for this type of machine. Of the 3 machines this had the best drip tray too, shallow and wide, with plenty of cup clearance and ample room to move cups around. I initially pulled shots using the stock basket before switching to a 20g VST basket for the evaluation of the R58 and Alex Duetto Mk IV. The same coffee, grinder, basket, portafilter, tamper and milk was used for all tests. The Rocket R58 was up next. The first shot ran a little too fast, so a tweak to the grind was required, and the next shot was sublime. Easily one of the cleanest espresso's I had tasted this year. You could pick out the individual flavours and the aroma was more intense than on the ECM. With a rotary pump the Rocket R58 was also quieter than the ECM. There was no 'whine' as reported on earlier models and the pressure was pretty steady - no flickering of the manometer needles at all. Both the Rocket R58 and the Alex Duetto Mk IV were set to the same service boiler temperature and held steady at 93c throughout the evaluation period. Changing the settings using the external controls on the R58 was easy and the interface is fairly intuitive, but I wasn't a fan of the coiled cable connecting the control box to the chassis, cluttering up the workspace. If you intend to 'set and forget' then this is not an issue. The Rocket R58 is a real looker and wins the beauty contest - but I wasn't judging beauty so tested the steam capability to see what I could achieve. Better than expected is how I would describe the steaming on the R58. Noticeably more powerful than the ECM the steam through the standard 2 hole steam tip was consistent and handled different volumes of milk with ease. My second jug was the best from this session. I would have liked to spend more time adjusting steam boiler pressure to see how the different increments affect the milk. This however would be best achieved when I could focus on the one machine. The shots and milk I enjoyed would have justified the £600 price difference between these machines. After spending 20 minutes on the machine, tweaks and changes to the grind produced some lovely looking (and tasting) espressos and my wife was starting to feel the effects of the coffee. We took a quick break and Claudette roasted some Tanzanian coffee on the Gene Café roaster. I was genuinely surprised at how little smoke there was. My wife was showing a lot of interest in the Gene Café roaster as well, which is encouraging! Although for the time being I'm quite happy to let the experts roast and discover the fruits of their labour. After a pint of water later and a quick tour of the Towability factory next door it was time to evaluate the Alex Duetto Mk IV. I pulled a shot on the R58 then tried to replicate on the Duetto. A minor tweak to the grind was required (again a fraction finer) and the resulting shot was excellent - with more crema and viscosity than on the R58. I had to check this was no fluke and pulled several more in quick succession - each tasting the same - rich and silky smooth. I could have had another but needed to evaluate the steaming capability so set about preparing my milk jug. The Alex Duetto Mk IV steam is very dry. Plenty of power behind it and that's with the no-burn steam arm insert still in. I have been told by a couple of owners that I spoke to earlier this month that one of the first mods to make after getting to grips with the machine is to remove the tube - giving you even more steam power. However, putting aside those thoughts I gave the steaming a shot. I hadn't expected such power and too many bubbles were created. Starting afresh I adjusted the angle and depth and turned the steam knob. Not as easy as the R58 but I'm glad that no 'radiator tap' retrofits have been made as some distributors in the US have done. This jug was pretty good and I could see what to do to make the next one even better. Several small adjustments later (this biggest change to me was steaming on the left instead of on the right like I'm used to) and I could produce lovely milk time after time. I still have a way to go but already notice an improvement on my previous technique. So, the Alex Duetto Mk IV was producing nicer espresso than the R58 and milk every bit as nice as the ECM. Although I think the R58 has the edge in milk steaming (that is until I remove the no burn steam arm and evaluate again) The R58 won on looks and had better cup clearance than the Duetto. However removal of the drip tray was not as smooth on the R58 compared to the Duetto (which also holds more water / liquid). The rotary pump on the Alex Duetto Mk IV was even quieter than the R58. I hadn't anticipated the difference would be so tangible. By this stage I had written out the cheque in my mind, and nearing the edge of my caffeine tolerance levels (I think I pushed them a little today) decided upon the Alex Duetto Mk IV as my new home espresso machine. After informing Claudette of my decision all that remained was to choose the box from the stock room and get the machine bench tested. The bench testing process was very thorough and Bella Barista's techie Jordan ran me through the PID settings and set the defaults based on testing undertaken by their reviewer. The factory defaults are also provided for future reference. After the great service provided of loading the machine into the car, carrying an awkwardly shaped 44kg+ box containing the machine and accessories up 3 flights of stairs by yourself isn't fun. But after mounting the feet and warming up the machine, pulling a shot was the best reward.
  17. Can anyone beat this? I bought a Bezzera (Tanked version) from Bella Barrista 2 days ago.Today, Rodney, the owner rang me and said he knew I really wanted a plumbed version, so, would I like him to order me one on the order he was in the process of placing, and when it came in,in 4 weeks time, simply swop the machines over. Ok, this is open to all Monty Python fans and Yorkshiremen!
  18. Anyone tried this? Seems like pretty good value. I didn't know they also sold beans....
  19. Claudette was saying on Saturday that BB have the CBR-1200 on trial (it's still awaiting CE approval). It still looks like a standard Gene Cafe on steroids to me!
  20. Just thought I'd share this bulk purchase option. Big discount as a coffee club member. I'd love to know more about the quality assurance involved but the price seems good. http://www.bellabarista.co.uk/coffeeclub/proddetail.asp?prod=GBDEC2011%2DBULK18
  21. Before I post this I should point out that I am not affiliated to Bella Barista. Noticed today on their website that they are now stocking 250g fresh roasted beans. I think they are offering free UK mainland delivery - unfortunately for me in Northern Ireland the added delivery from BB makes it an expensive option for me.
  22. Hi all. I've recently decided to take the plunge and upgrade my coffee experience. I've owned a pod machine, and then experimented with a bean to cup machine for a few years but have decided to take more interest and control. I've been doing my homework by lurking on forums such as this one. However the first proper step is a barista training course in July so I at least know a bit more about what I should be doing when I'm in control of more of the process. I also have the option to purchase a new espresso machine on the same day if I like the results. They apparently have the machine I'm looking at in the training room, so hopefully that will work out perfectly. My next bit of research is what grinder, which seems tricky ground...
  23. Hello everyone, I've been using the forum as a source of information for some time and decided I really should join. The amount of things I've learned form this site is amazing so thank you all for helping me along the way. My journey started with a Fracino Cherub and a Compak K3 Touch a few years ago. Recently I changed to a Lelit Mara and Eureka Mignon Specialita, courtesy of the lovely people at Bella Barista. I'll post some pic's eventually. Looking forward to being a part of the community.
  24. Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere. Order a Rocket machine from Bella Barista this weekend and get £75 off Rocket accessories. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/rocket-espresso.html Hmm, can't stop looking at the shiny shiny Appartamento.
  25. I am selling my 50th birthday present! This is an ECM Mechanika III Profi bought from Bella Barista in 2009. It has given me years of good service, and is in good working condition. I have attached some pictures of the machine, and also some showing scuffs on the nuts where I have undone them to replace the gaskets over the years. I also have Eric’s thermometer (included) which is shown in the pictures but not attached at the moment. It was serviced by BB a couple of years ago, and I have just replaced the cam lever gaskets, and the brew head gasket. I still have the BB receipt, and also the original box. I am looking for £650 ono, but don’t want to post. Either collection, or I could travel to meet somewhere. I am in Guildford. Cash, PayPal or bank transfer please. Any questions or other photos, please ask. Thanks Mike.
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