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  1. Is this dependent on having the warranty card or can you claim via reciept? I think I may have lost the card...and I can't drink coffee anymore / find good LSOL decaf so I am going to sell my gear. Thanks
  2. Well, for the next 17 hours anyway... I decided to upgrade and reluctantly parted with my Alex Duetto - a really lovely machine that has delivered hundreds of enjoyable coffees over the past 4 years. After careful consideration and some hands-on time recently I have opted for the R60V - from Bella Barista. The machines were out of stock for a wee while but landed this week. It has been bench tested and is now somewhere between Wellingborough and London. The purchase via the new Bella Barista website was also smooth. I can't wait to get it set up and start dialing in some profiles.
  3. Bella Barista will be opening on two Saturdays in the run up to Christmas 2017. Saturday 25th November 9am – 2pm and Saturday 9th December 9am – 2pm Details here
  4. I'm looking to upgrade sometime soon & thought this looked like an interesting machine but on another thread someone implied it's very overpriced as it's a vibe pump machine. I know you can't plumb vibe pumps but are there other issues with them? And what are peoples thoughts generally on the machine & it's pricing? Link below, thanks in advance https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/profitec-600-espresso-machine.html
  5. I have joined this party, my E5 is due tomorrow. Have wanted an OD machine for a while and BB could not speak highly enough of the machine. Give my height restrictions and want for an upgrade the trusty Mignon is off to a new home ( I hope ) or will become the Decaf grinder and the mis adventure with the Mazzer will be forgotten! Cant wait, mis remember to read the instructions first before I plough in like the usually impatient bloke ( read Child ) that I am. Will update further...
  6. bella barista stock Sage anymore? I have seen in some of their review videos they clearly used to.
  7. Hi all. I've recently decided to take the plunge and upgrade my coffee experience. I've owned a pod machine, and then experimented with a bean to cup machine for a few years but have decided to take more interest and control. I've been doing my homework by lurking on forums such as this one. However the first proper step is a barista training course in July so I at least know a bit more about what I should be doing when I'm in control of more of the process. I also have the option to purchase a new espresso machine on the same day if I like the results. They apparently have the machine I'm looking at in the training room, so hopefully that will work out perfectly. My next bit of research is what grinder, which seems tricky ground...
  8. After some sound advice from forum members and from Marko at Bella Barista, I picked up what I hope will be my last big coffee purchase yesterday. Paired with the EK I picked up from @EricC a few weeks ago, I'm hoping this combo will last me a very long time. Technically it's not quite my first setup, but it's the first "proper" espresso setup I've owned, which definitely qualifies as jumping in at the deep end I think. The whole buying experience from BB was great, Marko threw in a whole bunch of extras above and beyond the bundle they already offer with new machines, including a kilo of coffee (4 x 250g bags from BB's newly branded "The Roastery") and 2 milk jugs. It sounds like BB are going to be getting more into the roasting business, so far I've tried the Peru beans and they're very tasty as espresso and as a capp.
  9. Hello everyone I purchased this CBR-1200 roaster from Bella Barista 2 years ago but due to moving house and now renovating, I have rarely had the opportunity to use it. Hence the sale. I have perhaps roasted 25kg on it so it is ​almost like new. I am looking for £2550 for it (£3695 new). Depending on distance I can either deliver or meet halfway. I am in Holt, north Norfolk. Any questions please ask.
  10. I might do without the machine for a bit and just use v60 with a coarse grind, it depends how I do on budget. If you had to buy new and needed everything except kettle, v60, and coffee, what would you get instead?
  11. Finally went with the ECM Mechanika Profi IV and the Rocket Fausto. Love it. What a nice upgrade from the super automatic I had before. The shots are coming out great but struggling mightily to get the right foam for latte art. Thanks to all on the forum for advice and personal experiences. And as many others have experienced, Bella Barista was terrific to work with.
  12. Apologies if this is mentioned elsewhere. Order a Rocket machine from Bella Barista this weekend and get £75 off Rocket accessories. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/brands/rocket-espresso.html Hmm, can't stop looking at the shiny shiny Appartamento.
  13. First pour after 2 weeks of having no machine on my bench. I popped into Bella Barista to collect my machine after it's service yesterday. My Duetto is 3 1/2 years old, gets well used and abused but still is amazing to pull shots on. It needed a few seals replacing (which is normal for its age and use) and although I'm tempted to get a new machine I will wait until I move house as I am reluctant to part with this one... The team are all buzzing - it's getting close to Christmas and they are pulling great shots of Gaslight on their demo machines. It was my first visit to Bella Barista since their move to the larger showroom - what a difference. They have so many shiny new machines in stock and probably the largest range of home user machines in the UK. I will arrange a CFUK day for 2017 to get hands-on on a few of their machines.
  14. Hi Folks, Any recommendations for online suppliers of coffee machines/grinders etc?? Thanks
  15. Hi I've just found the Forum and joined. I've bought my first serious espresso machine just over a year ago from Bella Barista, a Quickmill Silvano. I also have a Eureka Mignon mill and have been very pleased with both. In the last couple of weeks I've bought a dual boiler machine and am now busy practising with it. As well as espresso we also use an Espro French Press and an Aeropress. The Aeropress is mainly used by my wife. Still searching for the perfect cup!!!
  16. I am selling my 50th birthday present! This is an ECM Mechanika III Profi bought from Bella Barista in 2009. It has given me years of good service, and is in good working condition. I have attached some pictures of the machine, and also some showing scuffs on the nuts where I have undone them to replace the gaskets over the years. I also have Eric’s thermometer (included) which is shown in the pictures but not attached at the moment. It was serviced by BB a couple of years ago, and I have just replaced the cam lever gaskets, and the brew head gasket. I still have the BB receipt, and also the original box. I am looking for £650 ono, but don’t want to post. Either collection, or I could travel to meet somewhere. I am in Guildford. Cash, PayPal or bank transfer please. Any questions or other photos, please ask. Thanks Mike.
  17. Hi all, I have been lurking for around 6 months and joined a couple of months ago so thought I should say hello. I have resisted asking a series of questions whilst buying my kit, learning how to use it and making good coffee. I have to say I have found this forum an invaluable resource throughout, and have found answers to all of my questions here so thank you all for your help! After a lot of research, I have ventured into entry level machines after never having owned/ used one, and bought a Silvia v4 and a Eureka Mignon grinder. Shout out to Bella Barista - very glad I chose them to purchase from, spoke to me for about 30minutes before my purchase and were exceptionally helpful. I probably could have saved about £30 shopping around elsewhere but they gave me a lot of confidence spending a wedge of money with them, and having all spare parts on site and their 2 year guarantee is great. I think it has taken me about 6 weeks to finally make decent espresso. I think grind fineness and just how little of a rotation on the mignon setting makes such a big difference. i found the mignon a little confusing as when u first set it, it doesnt 'stop' at its finest - you have to just keep going until it won't grind the beans it seems. Areas i still need to improve/ things i need to iron out include the clumping of the grind - i know there are techniques to eliminate this but I havent so far, and i wonder how much difference it actually makes. Also, I think i may need to buy a bigger basket than the stock 14g silvia as if i put any more than 12g in, it has trouble locking in/ there is no headroom between coffee and shower screen at all. I imagine i will get something like an 18g VST and dose around 16g next. at the moment it seems as though to put enough coffee in the basket to be able to level it off, after tamping, still leaves too much coffee to leave some headroom. Also, quite often, one spout delivers coffee first and the other one just drips before turning into a full stream, with the faster one a darker colour, the other lighter. I guess this is an issue with the distribution pre-tamp. As far as buying a PID, i think the surfing techniques are pretty simple, though can take more time + it would be nice to electronically guarantee I am at the correct temperature and remove that variable as something to worry about. Other purchases include some really nice, heavy, thick Ionia coffee cups from a ionia distributor in scotland - very happy with them. I will probably buy a new basket and perhaps a bottomless PF next, to check my distribution - I also hear that a bottomless PF may produce better crema too which would be good. Any advice on the basket/ PF situation would be appreciated. In terms of buying beans, I have been going to Workshop in Clerkenwell and Holborn to buy freshly roasted bags. I find it useful to have an espresso at the shop and then go use the same beans and home to try and get as close to how it was in Workshop at home. really nice place. I also have just had a coffee and bought freshly roasted beans from Chairs and Coffee in Fulham - really nice place, friendly, good coffee and they are just ramping up their roasting operation so would recommend checking them out if you are in the area. Think thats probably enough of an essay for now, so hello again and glad to be a member. Cheers Oli
  18. Hi All Been lurking for over 6 months and found all the conversations and advise to others excellent. Having got sick of Starbucks and then inconsistent shots from the coffee houses I decided to do it myself! We have no local decent coffee shops! So on Wednesday I took myself off to Bella Barista, 105 miles from home and 2h 30 minutes later, I'm greeted my Claudette and the information starts to flow. Following great reviews and recommendations here I was looking at the Expobar Dual Boiler and the Eureka Zenith 65e. I was going to opt for a cheaper setup but saw/read the messing about with single/hx machines and having to do cooling flushes etc. Having has something similar in the past and ditching it, I decided to go the whole hog! So what did I end up with... Not what I expected !! The Eureka stayed..... Though I'm half wishing I'd gone the mazzer route, time will tell but the Zenith does a great job and the missus loves the look. Machine I ended up with was the Rocket R58. In part cause I'd already short listed it and in reality cause the missus didn't like the look of the expobar. I loved both so it didn't matter too much to me. I know Bella Barista already have a great reputation here but I can first hand fully endorse all those great comments. Best thing I ever did was going to pick the machine in the 'flesh' and getting a little training to boot. Burrs seasoned with a bag of stale coffee provided, used this to try dial he grinder in a little. First shot pulled and if lucked a great shot.... Next 5 terrible and undrinkable.... Can't steam milk to save my life.... But I'm sticking with it and this morning with another batch of coffee and nice fresh milk and I got 3 nice double lattes for myself and family member :-). I now need more new stuff to go with it I think :-)
  19. I think this is going to be my next purchase. I have a Gaggia Classic, which i've had for a couple of years now (since being a member of this board). I'm thinking that the Evo would be a good upgrade which I dont think I'd need to change again for a long time. I like americanos with a drop of single cream, 2-3 cups per day. Espressos are rare now. People from bella-barista have given me some good advice as I thought I needed a twin tank, but a HX is more my cup of tea/coffee.
  20. Ok folks, time is rapidly creeping up on us and as of yet there has not been a lot of activity on the forum day thread, so thought as an attendee of the proposed event, I would throw a thread up to elicit requests, wish list etc of what we the members might like to see at the event in september. So for now I intend to keep quiet with my ideas in the hope that the rest of us can come up with some inspiring things that we can get up too. So no matter how ludicrous you think your idea is, lets commit them to type and see what we can do on the day, would be fab to have a day generated by us for us.....
  21. At lunchtime today I had a rather large and very exciting delivery. My new setup arrived!!!! Quick note here that the service from Bella Barista was amazing and the packaging as everyone says is superb, no way this was getting damaged in transit. Here are the main bits unpacked and ready to go. An ECM Barista HX machine and Eureka Mignon grinder. I will give a brief review after my first few hours of playing and maybe follow with a more detailed review later. My initial impressions of the Eureka Mignon are very good indeed. Have used a Mazzer where I used to work so it had a lot to live up to. But the Mignon has more than lived up to my initial expectations for a home grinder. It was very easy to get into the right ballpark area for the grind but it took quite a lot longer to get it just right simply because the adjustments are so sensitive. This is no bad thing however, I can see that the ability to use these minute adjustments will be fantastic when changing from one bean to another etc. Another thing I like about this grinder is the timer mode. I had heard that this was a bit of a pain to set up as the adjusments were under the grinder which would be awkward. This has obviously been addressed as the adjustment dial is now on the side of the machine by the on off switch. This allowed me to dial in the timer to give me 8g per dose very quickly indeed. The dial can then be pushed inwards to prevent accidental changes. A very neat design. There was some clumping of the grinds but this is easily rectified with a paperclip or something similar. Now for the ECM Barista. Obviously I could have spent a whole lot more and purchased a dual boiler, which would have been more similar to the commercial machines I have used in the past, but for a home machine its excellent. Looks wise I think it is fantastic (well I wouldn’t have bought it if it didn’t look good). It needs the cooling flushes as the brew water temperature seems to get up very quickly if left sitting in the pipes. But I don’t see this as a negative and is something I was expecting to have to do. Now I just have to remember to do it every time, a few test shots were ruined when I left the machine for too long between shots and forgot the flush. But hey I didn’t expect to get everything right from the start. Once the grind is right and the flush performed, the extraction is superb (as I would have expected with a machine like this). Steaming is good so far. I haven’t quite got used to the 2 hole tip yet so some work to be done there but it has certainly got the power. Might have to invest in the 5 hole tip at some point. Further reviews on this when I have had some practice. Accessories. The accessories supplied with the machine are extensive which is nice. The portafilters are great (better than the ones I used to use at work). I especially like the open spout style they have. I spent most of the day using the double PF and basket which was great. I did try the single a couple of times but the basket is pretty deep for a single. A single dose (8g) does not even come close to filling the basket so tamping is next to impossible. Am I doing something wrong here? Open spount on the double PF. Also in the picture is the Bella Barista tamper and stand which is excellent and I would highly recommend for someone as a first tamper. I can’t see myself wanting or needing to upgrade this any time soon. The beans that were sent with the machine with Bella Barista’s compliments (thank you very much for these) came in very handy for getting to grips with the machine and grinder (I used a lot of them). And surprisingly, although they are certainly not your freshly roasted and posted beans, they make a pretty decent coffee (once you have got the extraction right). Certainly better than any pod or capsule machine and better than many coffees I have had in coffee shops. Also worth mentioning is that the guide that Bella Barista provide with each machine is exceptional. It covers absolutely everything. Having worked in a commercial setting before, I knew the basics, but to have a guide that takes you through the details of this particular machine is great. I can see it would make sense and be invaluable to everyone right from a total beginner all the way up to a pro. The worry I had leading up to today was that I would get some major flak for spending this much money on a coffee machine. My fiancé has never liked coffee so I knew this would be a sore point. However so far she has drunk 2 Lattes today and said she really enjoyed them. She now wants me to show her how to use the machine. How please am I!!!!!! The one down side to all this is that I have now consumed way to much caffeine today and am bouncing off the walls. Sitting down to type this has been very hard work. Hopefully when I have more experience I will be able to provide a more detailed review but I hope my initial thoughts are of some interest to someone out there. Looking forward to continuing my home coffee journey and getting involved on the forum. Cheers Freddy
  22. Anyone tried this? Seems like pretty good value. I didn't know they also sold beans....
  23. Dont like pods but Hopefully the end of George Clooney adverts http://www.bellabarista.co.uk:8080/newsletter/2013/september/
  24. Hi all, just came across this forum after trying to track down a good espresso machine, for my needs. Hope you may be able to help. originally I was after a bean to cup machine but after gleaning some information , I think now the better option might be a seperate grinder. The machine I have now is a Magimix , to use with my Nespresso pods aalthough I am happy with this machine and what it produces, I would like the taste and " creaminess" that I get when having a flat white at Starbucks or Costa etc. I would like the machine and grinder not to take up too much space as I only have a small kitchen . My budget for both the grinder and the coffee machine would be a max of around £600. Thanks in advance for advice. I
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