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  1. Hey all I've been on a little adventure to try decaffeinated beans for filter brewing. The goal has been to try a sample of what is out there. I thought I'd post some short reviews of my experiences with ten coffees from ten different roasters. I also posted this to the Facebook group Beans Not Machines which is cool (https://www.facebook.com/groups/503036363197361/) I tested every bag in v60 with one continuous pour, kalita + aeropress filter with 3 or 4 pours and clever coffee dripper using 10 and 25 min steeps. I tried both 65 g/l and 60 g/l ratios with brew sizes of 350 ml. This are a
  2. Hello guys, I have tried the 2 brothers coffee shop in Altrincham (South Manchester) purchased the Stereotype a mix blend of Brazil Mantiqueiras and Colombian Narino. It came at £8.50 for the 250gr. The tender told me that just arrived from the Lancashire roasters and opened the new packet in front of me. I want some advice.. As you may know i have the Melitta Bistro bean to cup machine. Now with this type of fresh roast coffee what settings water, temperature and beans strength and grinding setting you recommend? As i don't want to waist beans.. This morning I tried to the st
  3. Hi All A bit of a cry for help, I have a Barista express and have been using union coffee beans. I have really enjoyed the revelation beans (heavy roast) however I realised after drinking a double expresso or Latte I feel a little unwell....a bit like having a hangover. I purchased some medium roast beans from union and they made me way more ill, like a full 2 day hangover...no headache just a feel of sickness/nausea. I can drink coffee at work and from shops and have never had this problem so was thinking maybe I just can't handle the beans I have been buying. Has anyone e
  4. Hi, Looking for people's opinion on coffee subscriptions and whose the best to recommend. I've recently had coffee from Rave and HasBean and loved them both. Quite often delivery can be expensive hence the subscription thoughts. HasBean do a monthly direct debit over 12 months for £6.50 per month including delivery. This sounds very tempting. What so people think of HasBean subscription? You never know what your getting so could be a gamble? Anyone else worth considering? I'm down to my last bag so need to get some ordered lol Thanks, Paul
  5. just spotted this, you'll need deep pockets at £52 however you'll get 3 bags of 350g of the same coffee bean which has been processed in 3 different ways. a great way to compare processing effects https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com/products/kilimanjaro-pack
  6. Anyone here tried them? I couldn't resist the lovely packaging and good words I've read about them elsewhere, so bought a couple boxes. I'm currently not doing justice to the Nicaraguan. My V60 technique needs practice.
  7. Greetings, Can anyone recommend a good place in or near Colchester Essex to purchase good fresh roasted coffee beans? I would rather go and buy what I want than order through the post. Currently I buy from Guntons Delicatessen in Colchester but would like to try other places if available.
  8. Hello, beautiful coffee lovers, I had a quick chat with Glenn who encouraged me to make a post. I am trying to create a resource that seeks coffee beans by our lovely roasters and presents them in the most useful way. Naturally, I want to make it as useful as I can, so I'd very very much appreciate your help by telling me what would you like to see on there, what would make it useful for you, if at all. I have a very early draft ready, and thought I'd open it up for you guys, before I go too far down the wrong path: http://coffeediff.co.uk/coffee It's just one page for now. I'
  9. Looking for choices for a good all round bean for black coffee as a normal all day drink. Also an option for an excellent once a day kick start morning coffee. Currently we only use cafetière but I will be purchasing a machine soon, well as soon as I make a decision on what we want. We use Lavazza Rossa pre ground. Tastes ok for a long stored off the shelf option. It just lacks depth. I tend to be more on the chocolatey side rather than fruity. Since I only drink hot drinks black I don't go in for many overly fancy options, espresso or americano or long black is about it. I think the
  10. The guy in this video reckons it's hours up to 7 days after roasting Any longer and it's stale? I new fresher was better but is this the case?
  11. This looks too good to be true as two of my favourite things combine! Has anyone had any experience with the roaster or this whisky collection? https://www.ovenbird.co.uk/collections/whisky-coffee-collections
  12. I'm sure this has been asked before but couldn't find up to date info. Fancy going towards the dark side for a bit with a blend. Any suggestions ?
  13. And........... It was a bit of an anticlimax really I was expecting more But, throw some beans in.. watch, listen, empty them out (even the timer/ thermometer / scales was unnecessary)
  14. Hey Folks, I'm relatively new on my coffee quest. I am currently using some really nice Mexican coffee beans at the moment. I was just wondering do different countries have signature flavours associated with their beans or will it simply just vary between the individual bean? Thanks for your help!
  15. Looking for some new beans to try just had a batch from smokey barn Mexican something they were ok but very sweet almost sickley, looking at trying some beans from rave or h r Higgins any recommendations?
  16. Roasted on 5/7 and I pulled a shot a few minutes ago and really don't like it! I don't think there is anything wrong with the beans I just don't think dark roasts are my thing. Free to anyone that wants around 450g of mahogany roast malabar hit. If whoever wants them feels like making a small donation to the forums that would be nice! First response in this thread gets them posted to them for free.
  17. OK it's not where most people buy there beans but I like Italian coffee and bought a 1kg bag of CaffeSi (60% Arabica 40% Robusta) from TK Max (£9.99) - great chocolate like taste and it produces a lovely crema. HIGHLY recommended.
  18. Just a recommendation thread. I ordered some Foundry beans on Monday and it is Thursday and they still haven't arrived. Having about 10 beans left in the hopper and not wanting to use the ones I promised to send to someone on here, which I still haven't been able to post... I went to Waitrose for some Duchy Farm Organic Smoked Bacon (best bacon ever, seriously, try it!) and I noticed they sell beans as well as ground coffee. I picked up some of these (below) just to tide me over. But instead I find on the FIRST cup they are absolutely delicious!!!! I didn't even need to change the grind settin
  19. I'm placing my first order of beans this weekend (from Rave) and as a newbie just wanted to check I've not missed anything obvious. Will be getting 3 or 4 250g bags to try out different blends. Having looked at some of the older posts I couldn't find a definitive answer so I'd really appreciate if anyone could help with the following. I will leave the bags to rest for around 10 days from the roasting date before using and then once I open a 250g bag, I will use that before opening the next one. But... How long will the unopened 250g bags keep from the roasting date? How
  20. Would really appreciate anyone leaving advice on nice blends. Had a few single origins and would like something more exciting.
  21. xpresso

    Limini Blend

    Just thought I'd throw this company in the mix, purely as it's Limini Blend weighed heavily in our decision to embrace the decent coffee brigade and after weeks, days, hours, we eventually settled on a machine after a couple of disappointments and placed an order. In West Yorkshire quite early for an appointment we dropped into a pub for a coffee and you instinctively know a reasonable one, then two just to make sure, quite good, who's coffee is it ....... https://www.liminicoffee.co.uk/ Anyone using or used this company ?. Jon.
  22. Hi All The Fracino is having a little rest and the Christmas present La Pavoni Pro is doing all the hard work for a few weeks. The Piccino likes RAVE Signature and I like the result. The La Pav is not a Signature fan. Finer grind, regular grind ~ its OK but not great. The La Pav came with a tin of Illy Dark Roast ground coffee and that breaks the rules and tastes better than fresh ground RAVE. What keeps La Pav owners happy in the coffee stakes? What do I like to drink? Double Espresso, no sugar, thick and creamy with a lovely Crema. A bit like how I like red wine ~ "this is del
  23. Thoughts on Costco Branded Beans? Thanks
  24. Does grind quality really a make difference in bring out flavours/taste of beans profile? more in terms of filter brewing and might sound a bit a daft question. I recently sold my Hausgrind and reverted to the Hario Mini Mill but can’t quite tell if it a better brew or not. Apart the speed of grinding. I will eventually end up getting a Wilfa Svart. Equally will it depend on the bean, not particularly enjoying my latest Hasbean selection. Wondering if grind quality would pimp things up or bring better flavour.
  25. Hi all, does anyone have any recommendations for decent roasters with free or cheap postage? I’m looking for places to buy the odd single bag to tide me over when my Dog & Hat subscription leaves me a touch short without paying £3-4 postage ontop of a £6-8 order. Thanks!
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