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Found 414 results

  1. Assumed is that we have fresh beans with same age and we want the same output from every beans I noticed that all beans (different sorts and mixes) from one roast house needed a much finer grind than that from another! Is that saying anything about the quality of the roast house? And if yes, which is better? Beans needing a finer or coarser grind?
  2. Hey everyone. How much do you spend on your beans? I today spent £12 on 250g for an Honduras Single Origin. Its by far the best coffee I've ever had.
  3. Hi All, Quite new and won't even have my classic until tomorrow, but i've bookmarked one or two sites that describe the taste with a chocolately, nutty and one even with an Orange taste but before taking the plunge I thought it would be worthwhile asking forum members for their recomendations who's actually had experience with different sellers and tried various different roasts as it seems that even some members have had ups and downs with established sellers on here, and of course if you want to add in your own favourite please share
  4. Good evening everyone. With a new machine on order I'm looking at ordering some beans for espresso. I was all set for the Hasbean espresso quad pack, but when did delivery become so expensive! £5 seems a little too much for £20 of beans! Any recommendations for first batch?
  5. Ok, so just finishing off the Rave Fudge Blend. Now I have worked my way through quite a few beans over the years, most of Rave/James Gourmet and some Foundry, with the odd random bean from further afield. I have a preference for chocolate/nutty/caramel type notes. Roast wise I'm happy to try any, so no massive preference for the purposes of trying new beans. I'll be using it primarily for Flat Whites, and potentially for chemex. But as I said, primarily Flat White. So, nice and simple, what have you tried that was nice, and I know everyone is different, but Im willing to give anything a try.
  6. Hi everyone - sorry to put up such a basic post, but I'm a bit new to coffee - have always been a tea drinker with the odd flat white. Have now really got the taste and am grinding and brewing obsessively with my Gaggia setup.. I have started with Gaggia pure Arabica beans, which I think are S American and I'm wondering what to go to next - I really like these beans, good balance and strength, but I have not a clue what to choose. I do want to branch out but not too far to start with Anyone know this blend and can help me out please, or if not if you have a recommendation it would be really appreciated. Is there an easy 101 on coffee choice for such a recent convert? Best J
  7. Well, to be honest, i only like beans with the flavour "like choclate". (Btw: How do they create those flavours?) I really HATE things e.g. the fruit taste some beans have.
  8. Hi all, When a friend said she was going to Oslo for a long weekend I thought I should send her in the direction of Tim Wendelboe... Not that I've been there, or that I've got any beans from there, more just the reputation. She was kind enough to grab me 250g of beans. At the recommendation of the staff she brought some washed Colombian beans back for me. Not cheap at £16 for the bag! I've just cracked them out this morning and tried a kalita wave using the aeropress cap to slow the pour down (feldgrind setting 2+2, just made one at 2+0). 16g coffee and 260g water came through at 3:10 Definitely getting the citrus and redcurrant notes through, just trying to get a bit more brown sugar through. Dont think I dare trying these in the gaggia classic and mignon, I'm much more of a filter fan and not so experienced with espresso. Light roast really lends itself to filter for me. Some pictures below. Let me know what you'd try with it!
  9. mark8805

    Workshop Beans.

    What got me into this hobby was when I found myself in a bespoke coffee house in Manchester and I was served this Cappuccino the likes of which I had never tasted before, for obvious reasons Costa/Starbucks etc. So I asked whose coffee they used and found out it was Workshop in London, I never forgot that taste. Now I can make Workshop coffee at home as I have a Subscription with them, they are not the cheapest beans on the market but boy do they produce some fabulous beans, this is not a sales pitch as I have other subscriptions just a shout out for MY favourite beans, take a look workshop.co.uk and if anyone uses the espresso beans please let me know if you agree or not.
  10. Having bought a variety of beans from a variety of roasters I am finding many of them have a very generic taste, even with adjustments to grind, temperature, pressure with consistent dose and timing. Anyone else found this ? Going back overtime beans and roasts from different roasters had very distinctive tastes / flavours and you could ring the changes. One other point, ordering beans from well known / respected roasters I do not really expect beans that have been roasted two weeks previously and a note saying (best used within one month) NO names no pack drill.:whistle:
  11. Hi I joined this forum just to ask this question. For background I currently drink artisan roast trigonometry and their decaf blend. Previously (from most recent to distant past) I have bought my coffee from dark woods, fernandez and wells, climpson and sons, square mile as well as trying in coffee shops others such as Union hand roasted, 3fe amongst others. I drink caffeinated predominantly but love a cup of decaf. Own burr grinder, steel stovetop bialetti or aeropress. What I'm hunting for is a light or light to medium decaf bean with citrus, fruit overtones rather than the common chocolate nut caramel medium to dark roast. Does this even exist?? Anyone? Help much appreciated!!! Preferably Swiss water or co2 decaf. Cheers!!
  12. Greetings, Can anyone recommend a good place in or near Colchester Essex to purchase good fresh roasted coffee beans? I would rather go and buy what I want than order through the post. Currently I buy from Guntons Delicatessen in Colchester but would like to try other places if available.
  13. I have used a Eureka Mignon loaner for about a week now, and I have to say it is not performing well. The reason for ordering this grinder was it´s stylishness, counter-top friendly size and what one would assume to be excellent product quality. But this machine must have something of a temperament..... It has a huge and thick power cord (aesthetic let-down), produces clumpy grinds, un-consistent weight output of grinds compared to same amount of beans input and a very messy output (there really is no need to for a diy funnel system or whatnots in 2018 on a properly designed machine). The whole point is to have something inconspicuous and clean looking on the counter top - I have looked at Mazzer Mini i.e., but this is too voluminous. I do not need the big hopper either as I weigh my beans and do not make more than a couple of cups per day anyways. Suggestions are highly welcome and should not be too difficult. After all, if Elon Musks team managed to land a couple of space rockets perfectly after shooting them up into space, surely there is a grinder out there......?
  14. Looking to try beans from different roasters in the UK. There are quite a few roasters that offer international shipping (Square Mile, Has Bean among many others) that'll take 10-15 days, meaning it'll still be fresh when it arrives, but are there any stores that have a collection from various roasters, and that will offer international shipping. I live in South Africa and while Cape Town has some of the world's best coffee, I'm looking to try something from elsewhere
  15. Would really appreciate anyone leaving advice on nice blends. Had a few single origins and would like something more exciting.
  16. Recommend me a bean similar to this one. I've seen a few posts like that, and gladly tried to participate without thinking too deep about the question. I tried this coffee, I also tried another one and I liked it for the same reason (whatever the reason might be), therefore I'd recommend it to you. But people may have other reasons for liking two different coffee beans, reasons different from yours. So I wondered, what do people normally assume when they ask and recommend the beans, that are like some other beans. Is that mainly taste notes? Mind you, even this criteria is fairly subjective. Or do the go for mouthfeel, roast level, or the fact that it extracts well as espresso, for example? Or is it simply, I like this one and this one, don't know if they are similar but I'd recommend it, because I liked them both, for my own subjective reasons . Is it possible to formalise this question/answer at all? What first comes to your mind when someone asks for the alternative to this specific bean?
  17. Hi all, my melitta varianza cps machine isn't working well! It runs a drink process fully, but the beans aren't dropping through so im just left with hot water. The grinder is working and seems to think it has beans as the machine doesn't stop and give the "refill beans" on display Its out of warranty so any advice is greatly received!
  18. Got these left over from last week, about 180g of the Colombia and 200g of the Kenya. £10 posted for both.
  19. Hi all, After getting the help of the community on here I decided to plump for an ACS Minima as my first serious espresso machine, which should be with me tomorrow, and I've already got the Niche ready to go, so I'd love to hear some recommendations for the first beans I should use with it.
  20. I’m trying to get my head around what sort of flavours I like, and therefore what kind of beans/roasts, so was hoping for a little guidance. My absolute favourite coffee, so far, is from Tamper in Sheffield, which I would categorise (and any experts out there that know Tamper by all means correct me) as a caramel’y, toasty, chocolatey kind of flavour, and their beans are their own blend from Ozone. Whereas I also tried coffee at the weekend from North Star in Leeds (fabulous place BTW), which was from these beans… https://www.northstarroast.com/product/burundi-natural/ …which was REALLY interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed trying it, but I’d still personally go for the kind of taste that Tamper deliver. So would I be correct in saying that the Tamper flavour is a darker roast, whereas the flavour from the Burundi beans at North Star would likely be a lighter roast, or is the difference really down to the origin of the beans, as opposed to the roast itself?
  21. Hairy_Hogg

    Right Roast

    Not sure how many of you follow this guy on Facebook but he has been steadily plodding away tasting different roasters over the last few years and putting a video review up on Facebook. Now started his own webshop where he is curating beans from different roasters. Well worth a look IMHO.
  22. hi all as per title, any one tried this? only comes in 1kg bags so wanted some opinions before i order. http://grind.co.uk/shop/grind-coffee-1kg-bag thanks!
  23. Hey all I've been on a little adventure to try decaffeinated beans for filter brewing. The goal has been to try a sample of what is out there. I thought I'd post some short reviews of my experiences with ten coffees from ten different roasters. I also posted this to the Facebook group Beans Not Machines which is cool (https://www.facebook.com/groups/503036363197361/) I tested every bag in v60 with one continuous pour, kalita + aeropress filter with 3 or 4 pours and clever coffee dripper using 10 and 25 min steeps. I tried both 65 g/l and 60 g/l ratios with brew sizes of 350 ml. This are all consistent for me for my regular brews. I use a feldgrind as my grinder. Caveats: The main limitation here is by ability to brew them well. I'm not trying to make objective claims just relay my own experience. My personal taste is for fruity coffee. Anyway onto the coffees. The Great James Gourmet Washed Ethiopian Notes: Unbelievably sweet, Clean and delicate with flavours of honey, lemon and sweet biscuit. I can't praise this coffee enough. To me this was the bag of beans version of the "God shot". This is one of my favourite coffees of all time. I've ordered this again just to see of this was a one off. Horsham Coffee Washed Ethiopian. Notes: Fruity sweet and floral with flavours of lemon, apricot, and florals. Cherry cola in immersion. This ranks at no. 2 in my list. Absolutely excellent from start to finish. Delicious in every brew I made. Would gladly order again. The Good Hasbean Washed Columbian Notes: Toasted brown sugar, raspberries and apple tang. I enjoyed this and think it is a coffee with broad appeal. It was a bit too dark a roast for me but as Hasbean omni roast I understand why. Garage Roasted Washed Kenyan. Notes: Smooth with flavours of toffee and red fruits. I enjoyed this one and found it good but I'd leave it there. To me this was a crowd pleaser coffee. Steampunk Coffee Washed Ethiopian. Notes: Quite sweet and tea like with flavours of apricot, lemon and tea florals. A touch toasty. Needed a long rest. At first I was quite disappointed with this. I opened it a couple of days after roast and it was pretty roasty. However after a week it changed into a very enjoyable Ethiopian coffee. Casa Espresso Washed Columbian. Notes: Caramelized brown sugar or toffee, roasty and hint of a grapefruit tang. This was nice but I'd leave it there. I think was good for what it was but the roast level just didn't suit my personal taste. The Okay Redbank Seasonal Decaff Blend. Washed Mexican and natural Ethiopian. Notes: Milk chocolate, roasty with hint of blueberries. This was okay. I'd describe it as friendly pleasant tasting coffee. Kirkabi Washed Rwandan. Notes: Bag says sweet orange and nutmeg. Too me it's just pleasant generic flavour. The bag also says light roast but they don't taste or look light to me at all. The Unfortunate Coffee Compass Washed Ethiopian. Notes: Generic coffee. This was dissappointing. I couldn't get much out of it other than generic coffee with maybe a hint of fruit. Wouldn't buy again. Union Roasted Washed Rwandan. Notes: Bleugh. I don't know what happened here. The website said a light roast but to me this looked and tasted so dark and burnt. No matter how I adjusted my brews I couldn't get something drinkable for me so after half the bag I gave up and binned the rest. All in all its been an interesting experience. I feel I had a success rate of about six out of ten. I am very curious to hear other people's experiences of decaff coffee for filter. I hope this was useful and thanks for reading.
  24. Just got an email from Tap, my regular supplier of beans, letting me know they're merging with Dept of Coffee & Social Affairs. I've not heard of these guys before, anyone have any experience of them or any recommendations from them? Cheers
  25. In my ever ending quest to learn all things coffee I noticed that James Gourmet have an Ethiopian Suke Quto 3 process blend. I enquired whether I could try each element of this blend seperately to compare how the process impacts upon flavour. Full credit to them they have created this product: http://jamesgourmetcoffee.com/product/suke-quto-private-estate-three-separate-processes-3-x100g/?attribute_how-do-you-like-yours=Whole+Bean I have purchased this as well as their blend to do a four way comparison. I will update this thread with my findings, as ever.
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