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  1. Assumed is that we have fresh beans with same age and we want the same output from every beans I noticed that all beans (different sorts and mixes) from one roast house needed a much finer grind than that from another! Is that saying anything about the quality of the roast house? And if yes, which is better? Beans needing a finer or coarser grind?
  2. Just emptied my coffee drawer where I keep my bags, and thought it was a time for a clear-out.. They all have maybe a shots worth of beans in, and aren't worth keeping as they are all very much out of date. At least they won't go to waste as they'll go in my compost bin How come I have so many? Well, these are pre EK43 bags.. I know from before when I borrowed Mark's @fatboyslim EK43 I went through more.. The Versalab is too much faff to knock shots out on when I'm half asleep on a morning, although the Niche is pretty good, the EK is so bloody fast and consistent, plus it's quick to change when I fancy brewed. So much so I am now contemplating selling my Versalab as it's now unplugged and sat in a corner.. Hmm.. It is nice though for single origins..
  3. Next up is these ones. Just opened today roasted on 19th March. 200g left from a 200g bag. Too dark for me. Postage is £3.50 first class. Shout if you’d like them.
  4. These aren’t to my taste so rather than chuck I’m happy to send to somebody else for the price of postage which should be £3.45 first class small parcel. There is 197g left from 250g Let me know if you want them
  5. Looking to try beans from different roasters in the UK. There are quite a few roasters that offer international shipping (Square Mile, Has Bean among many others) that'll take 10-15 days, meaning it'll still be fresh when it arrives, but are there any stores that have a collection from various roasters, and that will offer international shipping. I live in South Africa and while Cape Town has some of the world's best coffee, I'm looking to try something from elsewhere
  6. Hello all, I've recently moved to Northampton area and was wondering who people recommend for purchasing beans from?
  7. Deansie26

    Free beans

    These where roasted in January, quite an unusual taste, even for extra dark roast fans. Been kept in the freezer so will be fresh. I'm digging the fruity side at the moment. Cover postage and there yours
  8. Hi everyone! Having owned my Sage DB for almost 3 months now, I think I am getting to grips with it fairly well. I was originally using a Mazzer Mini as my main grinder but have paired it with a Major and the results are definitely better- more flavour notes coming through and a generally smoother mouthfeel. My question is more to do with roast type of the beans I use- up till now I have used predominantly light roasted beans from various local speciality roasters in the Bristol/ Bath area. From reading previous reviews/ posts about the DB it seems that it might accentuate bright/ acidic flavours, so I was wondering how the provenance of the coffee or the roast profile will make a difference to this. I can certainly confirm that some of the African beans I have been using (Ethiopian/ Burundi/ Rwandan) have come through as very bright, almost too much so sometimes. I realise to answer this question accurately you will need to have an idea of my current recipe, so at the moment (with the sort of beans mentioned above) I am dosing 20g, 1:2 ratio in about 27s. Having experimented with various ratios and times this seems to be about the best in terms of flavour, obviously I will make slight tweaks dependent on the bean, for example I had a Kenyan a while back that seemed to taste better when on the basis of time alone it should have been somewhat over extracted. If anyone has any experience of using the Db with medium/ darker roasts it would be great to hear from you, as I still feel like I have a lot to learn! many thanks in advance.
  9. I have used a Eureka Mignon loaner for about a week now, and I have to say it is not performing well. The reason for ordering this grinder was it´s stylishness, counter-top friendly size and what one would assume to be excellent product quality. But this machine must have something of a temperament..... It has a huge and thick power cord (aesthetic let-down), produces clumpy grinds, un-consistent weight output of grinds compared to same amount of beans input and a very messy output (there really is no need to for a diy funnel system or whatnots in 2018 on a properly designed machine). The whole point is to have something inconspicuous and clean looking on the counter top - I have looked at Mazzer Mini i.e., but this is too voluminous. I do not need the big hopper either as I weigh my beans and do not make more than a couple of cups per day anyways. Suggestions are highly welcome and should not be too difficult. After all, if Elon Musks team managed to land a couple of space rockets perfectly after shooting them up into space, surely there is a grinder out there......?
  10. While on holiday in Devon last week I spotted these beans in the Barnstaple branch of TK Maxx. Apparently the tasting notes are 'a slight smoky whiff' and they are 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta. I resisted the temptation to buy any!!
  11. Hi All, My typical go to beans are from Rave. I tend to buy 2kg every couple of months. Previous order cost for 2kg was £31, the one before that was £30. Latest order from yesterday was nearly £37 ?! Same beans. I'm not saying that this represents bad value for money but has the price of greens gone up or has Rave's commercial model changed ? Seems like quite a hike for the same thing. What's changed ? I'm not cross by the way, just inquisitive. TIA - Ollie
  12. Greetings, Can anyone recommend a good place in or near Colchester Essex to purchase good fresh roasted coffee beans? I would rather go and buy what I want than order through the post. Currently I buy from Guntons Delicatessen in Colchester but would like to try other places if available.
  13. Current stock: 1kg Craft House Coffee Costa Rica natural - £26 posted 415g North Star Chelelektu natural - £12 posted
  14. Off on holiday in a couple of weeks and will be having a French Press-brewed coffee each morning. As I won't have a grinder is there going to be much difference between.... a - buying my usual French Press beans but ground b - buying my usual beans and grinding a load at home the day before we go c - just buying a bag of ground coffee from the supermarket and making do for the week Thanks!
  15. I have found the Django beans to be an interestingrange and the service / delivery have been superb. I thought there might be some interest in aspecific thread to discuss their beans. Given their ranges changes monthly or so, I imagine there will be a group ofpeople drinking the same beans at the same time – I thought that this could bea useful resource for comparing notes and experiences.
  16. Hi to all, I am relatively new to all the various bean roasts, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a good Bean specific to V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, you get the idea, I have found that Roasters that offer beans that can be used for any method have a taste that is random or chocolate based and for me masking the rest of the flavours that are supposed to be present, maybe it's my fault, anyway I am after a decent bean that can offer a brew that has very distinctive fruit flavours, just had Arcangel - Bolivia from Foundry which was sensational for any method, any help or recommendations would great.
  17. Whenever anyone makes mention of running out of beans, I inwardly feel very smug and wonder how anyone lets that happen. After all, my problem is I can't stop buying them and up until now I've had a bean surplus to rival any butter mountain. So imagine my dismay to discover that I have left it rather late in the day to order some more. I can feel smug no more. I have had a Rave delivery today but am down to the dregs of my remaining beans and the new ones need another week of resting.
  18. I have an unopened 250g pack of Dambi Uddo beans roasted on 6th September at The Barn in Berlin. I have no idea about the roast or the bean and I only ordered them in order to get a metal lid for my Aergrind as they were part of a package deal. I will throw in two sample packs from them as well - Abrham Hat (Ethiopian) and Layo Taraga (Ethiopian) I am asking £12.50 including postage in the UK [ATTACH=CONFIG]36809[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]36810[/ATTACH]
  19. I just happened upon this and found it an interesting watch.....
  20. Has anyone tried Atkinsons POTOSI Xo beans ? Sounds unusual. Cognac ,cloves and cinnamon:D. £ 14 x 250gm Think I may give them a try:coffee:
  21. With all these Black Friday deals popping up I haven't been able to help myself and have made a tonne of orders (total 7kg....). The only way I can guarantee to get through them all without them going stale is to freeze the majority and come back to them as and when I need them. I received my Foundry beans this Friday just past, roasted on the 20th, received 23rd - I put them into the freezer straight away. Getting ahead of myself, I only just realised today that I didn't let them rest the full resting period before freezing. What would the protocol be now? Do I take out now, leave out for the full resting period and then refreeze? Or when the time comes do I remove with it in mind that they need to be out of the freezer for about a week before they are ready to be used? Or something else?
  22. What are your thoughts on Lavazza Super Crema? I bought my first 1kg bag of Lavazza Super Crema a week or so ago. It seemed to be fairly well reviewed, especially for the price and widely used. I usually buy from Rave, Union, Square Mile etc and get a selection of 250-350g bags so am used to decent quality, freshly roasted beans, but ones which cost 2-3x the price of the Lavazza so I thought what the hell - let's save some money and use it for practice and consistency. I found I needed to set my grinder (Vario) considerably more coarse, changing from 2J to 2U, to get a 25-30sec decent tasting extraction but whatever the setting, I found the volume of grounds produced was insane! Whereas a 16g dose will fill my measly FF X1 portafilter basket roughly to the top and then I'll tamp down, the Lavazza produced almost twice the volume of grounds so the mountain was spilling all over the place. I noticed that the Lavazza beans were visibly very oily so I wonder if it could be this that brings on the volume?! Ultimately I think the Lavazza is too dark a roast for me and whilst I get the chocolate and nut notes, I think it's a little flat in profile without any fruit to balance out the taste so I don't think I'll be getting another bag - but my wife likes it so to that end I probably will!
  23. Ok so I am considering purchasing 1kg bags of beans at a time as it works out a fair bit cheaper than buying smaller bags. My question is, is it a good idea to freeze? I was going to break the 1kg bag down into smaller quantities in ziplock bags and freeze it. does freezing damage the beans or is a good way of keeping beans fresh. I only use about 100g beans of per week.
  24. Girlfriend is headed over to New York at the end of the week for a fortnight and has offered to bring back a few things from the US with her - anyone have any roasters they'd recommend? She'd be happy to pick up anything in NY but can get something delivered from anywhere in the US in that time so despite a very poor knowledge of roasters over there I'm still taken a back by choice! I'm generally a fan of fruity, light roasts but am open to anything to be honest - mainly drinking espresso at the moment but regularly brew as well. Also if there's any coffee gear over there that's not readily available over here I might be able to persuade her to further load up the suitcase - any suggestions?
  25. The Niche finally arrived yesterday and life is good! Now it’s time to go and try beans. On a recent trip to London I’ve tried some super light espresso from an EK43 and was blown away by how fruity coffee can be. I know I won’t achieve the same at home, but I would like to try and see what I can do, stepping away from classic espresso roasts that are beyond 2nd crack. My local roaster here in Norway only sells beans as espresso that are roasted to “French roast” level or beyond, so I assume that I will have to go and try some “normal” coffees and see where that takes me. I’ve talked to someone there last week, but they didn’t think that beans would work for espresso before 2nd crack... https://www.stavangerkaffebrenneri.no/en/categories/kaffe-250g What I’m wondering now is: Where should I start? What are the criteria’s that I should look for that make coffee roasts taste nice as espresso? Are there specific countries worth trying? Tasting notes?
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