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  1. As I am learning etc, which blend best for consistent results. I have since having a beam to cup machine, got beams from garraways, but 1kg bags to big and must go off before used all. Tried Rave and Wogan's coffee now on subscription from the roastery. I understand blends/recipes vary for season to, just want to buy same for a bit i guess, and we tend to drink milk based drinks also.
  2. How do you find the ideal brew ratio - do you first try a number of different ratios? How do you find the ideal temperature - again, do you try a range? What other factors do you need to play around with, like extraction time etc? And since these all interact, how many trial shots do you need to pull to know what's doing what? Or does it become instinctive with experience - you start to "know" what you need to do? What kind of routines would you recommend to a novice barista to 'get to know' the bean you're working with?
  3. Hi, Whilst please with my new purchase, but I feel I'm not getting the best out of my machine. No problems frothing milk, just struggling getting a decent shot. I'm using beans from BeanToDoor, I've read that this isn't the best coffee, but it's got to be better than Aldi beans. My main issue is getting the time right. I can get the pressure into the right zones, but the machine produces the coffee too quickly and the crema is very thin. The coffee doesn't taste too bad, but I'm no expert! The manual doesn't really say what to do in this situation. Can anybody point me in the d
  4. Whilst looking for greens to home roast I came across an interesting Ethiopian washed heirloom coffee currently offered for sale at £9 a bag from a roaster. On further investigation I find that this bean is still available on Cropster as green in large quantities at Vollers in a UK warehouse. Grainpro packing (plastic). It's an 88pt coffee but 2016/17 crop and says was last cupped in November 2017. It's on special offer. Nordic approach are the importers. The description exactly matches the roasters website from tasting notes to grower name etc... So, I'm pretty sure it is exactly the sam
  5. Hi loking to put an order in tonight and looking for some recommendations for a bean for flat white coffees, no citrus or floral notes please ? Thanks
  6. Blaven

    AGA bean roasting

    Well? Has anyone ever done it using an AGA?.........and if so, how did it go?
  7. Cheers all coffee lovers! I finally decided to sign-up to this forum and share with you. For a long time I have been reading and learning a lot here but "from the outside". I have lately taken up game developement (just to try) and the first idea for a game is about.... coffee of course! The idea for the first game came by itself. From an everyday activity. A morning ritual of making coffee. Every morning I get up and start a day with a freshly grinded V60 pour-over. I use a manual grinder and it happens quite often that my 5-year-old son helps me preparing the coffee. H
  8. Not 100% I've posted in the right place, but I've just seen this and ordered a sample my self. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5403433&_ga=1.131489288.609269767.1453282455 MSE says 300g but the site says 150g, still not bad for 99p!
  9. Hi Every body ,who has ever bought from CoffeeCompass, please tell me how to buy . I found a selection of 3 bean bags for £22 http://www.coffeecompass.co.uk/shop/espresso-range/espresso-selection.html I still can not stick the right coffee I want. Yes, I want: 2 Brighton Lanes + 1 Sweet Bourbon However, it seems the website does not give me the option to do that everyone ever is in the same as my problem, please teach me how to do. Thanks JK
  10. After some green beans for roasting like the above flavours .....no too acid. Usually get my beans from coffeecompass or rave,,,but open to other roasters. Anybody recommend any types of beans that would float my boat. ----------------------------------------------------- best ringtones, free ringtones download,iphone ringtones
  11. I'm just wondering, although I probably know the answer! Does the temperature of the bean you are grinding make a difference to the grind size? It's just I had a noticeably a slower extraction today than yesterday, with everything else the same. Yesterday I got the beans from the garage (maybe 5 degrees) and ground them, and today they were in the kitchen (at about 21 degrees). I'm not sure if it's just one of those things but the coffee seems smoother today....but that's just probably my pallet!
  12. About two weeks ago I ordered 4 bags of beans from Rave in anticipation of my Gaggia being up and running. Well I obviously didn't take into account my ineptitude in repairing my Gaggia and it will be about another week before she's working again....fingers, legs and eyes crossed. The bags are of course un-opened and have a roasting date of 11/05/2015 and a use by date of Nov 2015. As long as I don't open them will they be OK or should I freeze them to keep them at their best?
  13. Hi i has problem with CostaRica Finca de Licho no matter what I tried the result is so sour I think I am going to send it back to HasBean for them to examine Bean roasted: 29 May 2015
  14. jamfit

    Dark and light

    This could be a stupid question but I'm going to put it out there anyway. i have been buying my coffee from the Algerian Coffee Store in London, working through there vast range, occasionally using the supermarkets when necessary. recently I have been getting a by-monthly subscription from the fabulous Bean Brothers, my question is why dose one seem to roast the beans light and the other dark? again sorry for what is probably silly question
  15. Has anyone tried James Gourmet coffee, if so, are they any good? they are based in ross on wye.
  16. I mean, in a professional sense! It seems that there are numerous different jobs/careers to be had in coffee, from production to the sharp end in catering. I am going to claim a slightly tenuous link having worked on the control of coffee berry borer (using biopesticides) and coffee stem borer (pheromones). As well as control of mealybugs and mirids on cocoa. A friend of mine works as a coffee/cocoa trader which seems like an interesting job. Anyone else make their living from the bean?
  17. Or how easy they are to extract. A few questions.... Given the same brewing parameters, i notice for instance that African beans tend to produce higher TDS readings than say South American. Is this primarily a function of origin/varietal? Does the type of processing have an effect? e.g will a natural process produce a different level of solubility than say a washed (of the same bean)? Does the level of roast have an effect? For the same coffee will a darker roast produce a higher TDS than a lighter roast? I also notice that decaf beans seem to be very low (presumably d
  18. Dunk

    Decaf Beans

    I quite like a small cappuccino late in the evening after tea sometimes so try to keep it decaf to ensure a good nights sleep. Currently working my way through a bag of caravans decaf which is pretty good. Anyone tried any others they'd recommend? Ozone, workshop, square mile, coffee compass?
  19. I'm looking for some nice beans as a gift for the mother in law. She brews decaf medium roast pre-ground Folgers, and we thought it would be nice to give her some freshly roasted beans to try. Most of the recommendations on the forum are for decaf espresso beans. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good medium decaf that works well for brewed coffee? - Ziggy
  20. JKK

    Vacuum Bean Storage

    Hello Due to doctors orders I have to reduce coffee consuption It now takes me longer to get through a bag of beans, so I now store the beans in large bottles with Vacuvin stoppers. I wait a week for degassing the beans before putting them in the bottle. They seem to keep really well, as there is no air in the bottles, so oxidation is slower. Also a plus side; the bottles are really great to pour beans from for measuring single doses, much easier than a bag. -jkk
  21. Well I got my Classic up and running this weekend (upgraded from a Cubika) after a good descale and back flush. I have been using Waitrose own Kenya Beans (a lovely coffee in a French Press) and some Formula Rossa from the Algerian Coffee Shop. I am grinding with my Caggia MDF. I am getting a half decent coffee but the Crema is a bit lacking and disappears fairly quickly. I know there are a thousand answers to this question but can anyone recommend a good all round bean that is forgiving and will get me some results on the Classic?
  22. Hi all, I could probably use some advice to check how I'm dialling the coffee in, particularly after yesterday's mahogany roast jampit hit didn't go so well. I'm doing straight black espresso with my la pavoni europiccola shot 1 G0 (grind setting 0) Dose 12.5g Tamp low result: 24g in 20 seconds good looking crema, watery mouthfeel, bland taste, a little dry/bitter & tannin. Hints of spicy rounded sweetness. Thoughts : increase dose to boost flavours. Grind finer to boost sweetness. next test in about 10 min. im thinking of trying g1/2, d 12.5, t low
  23. frasermade

    Bean Matrix?

    Hello all, One's mind boggles. Is there such a thing as a bean matrix floating about? What I mean by that is, is there such a docket showing an origin/blend to flavour list? I'm finding it confusing to get my head around whether or not all beans from say Guatamala taste the same, or if it depends on the roaster and/or other variables? I'm new to this game and perhaps my dream coffee taste is just that - a dream - but I would love to know if there's a bean/roaster I could go to for a caramel/roasted/nutty/fudgy flavour? I saw Rave do a Fudge bean but I wouldn't mind kn
  24. Iwwstriker

    Pact Coffee

    Hi All, Just wish to share what I have experienced from Pact coffee. Recently, I have ordered one of their bean choices, that is, NYONI PEABERRY. At first, I ignored the description of its flavour. It says, silky milk chocolate body with subtle green apple acidity. And oh my, when they have arrived, I tried them out instantly. A few dial in and I have managed it. Well, they are serious about their description for this bean. From the bean itself, I could smell a difference from the rest of coffee beans that I have at the moment, that says, chocolate or caramel, or whatsoever
  25. Hello everybody, I've registered to this forum because I'm starting a new business and I'm looking where to get a coffee machine and coffee supply. Thank you!
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