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  1. Selling my little bean to cup machine, it's a Melitta Caffeo Solo in all black. The machine is in very good used condition with just some superficial marks on the drip tray cover. It was purchased in December 2015 and still has 3 months left on the warranty, proof of purchase can be provided. It was purchased from Redber Coffee and has been regularly cleaned and looked after, produces an excellent espresso or lungo and is very compact. I'm only selling as I've got back into the rabbit hole that is the manual espresso world. Would suit an office or if you're a fan of no-fuss espresso
  2. For sale Gaggia Platinum Event Working Fair condition Stick water in the side, beans in the top, adjust knobs for strength and water amount.. press the button and go Instructions and diagrams available on line I have no idea as to the service history or what water has been used over the years, whilst in my possession the steam valve O rings have been replaced and it has been used with filtered water only. Reason for sale.. the wife wants the worktop back, despite her wanting an auto bean to cup machine so that she can make espresso with out the faff. Further pict
  3. My beloved Krups EA693040 died yesterday (water coming out of the bottom as opposed to through the nozzles. It's four and a half years old, so probably not worth trying to fix), and I need to replace it asap as I can't imagine getting through life without it! Does anyone have any advice about possible alternatives? My maximum budget would be around the £400-£450 mark. I've been looking at Amazon reviews etc till I'm blue in the face, and the following seem like they might be worth trying: Krups EA8108 Espresseria Automatic Bean to Cup - http://amzn.to/2hSfkBW Krups EA8150 E
  4. I am selling our Thermoplan Black & White 3 Professional Coffee machine. We have had it in our office but its just too big for two of us! It is a single phase 13 amp plug in model with plumb in water pipe and milk bottle tube. It also has a full bottle of Thermoplan cleaning tabs which we have left over. Well looked after and in good condition. Would suit a busy office or small cafe. Ready to plug and play all be it you might want to re program the parameters which is very simple. Manuals can be found online @ http://www.bentax.dk/media/brugermanual__BWone_CTM.pdf Any questions
  5. I’m looking for a bean to cup for a present. I’d like it to be half decent as I may use it from time to time and potentially inherit it at a later date. Must be a proper bean to cup, not Sage etc, and be easy to clean. I know the Melitta Varianza CSP is the one always mentioned around these parts but I’ve waited very patient for them to be on offer somewhere but to no avail. Budget is around £400, maybe more if it was really worth it. Is it worth sticking to a Melitta of some sort? Any alternative suggestions? Ps, I get a small discount at Currys. Edit: needs to have a milk capabilit
  6. Hello everyone I'm new here i've started to enjoy coffee over the last few years, had a couple of the delonghi espresso machines then my partner moved in and brought a Tassimo pod machine. I hate it, so much waste. I've now bought my first bean to cup machine, a Beko, https://www.beko.co.uk/bean-to-cup-coffee-machine-ceg7425 It's all I can afford at the moment and got it off someone who had been bought it as a present but doesn't drink coffee. It does seem to have good reviews online and I have seen some good YouTube reviews for it too. Has lots of features and I like the built
  7. It's not for me before anyone asks, I have my Melitta and I love it. Recently I persuaded my workplace to get a Melitta bean to cup, however since then the boss seems to think a Delonghi machine would be better - and a couple of colleagues agree (it's Delonghi, they're great, they know what they are doing, blah blah blah), specifically this one; https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00I6E7B90/?coliid=ISP92BG847J58&colid=1F3I323Z4760R&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I've laughed at this suggestion and told him categorically that there is no chance the coffee produced will be as nic
  8. Hi, I know this will sound a bit odd but, here goes. I'm wondering what I might expect from a Bean to Cup machine when compared to a dedicated and dialled in espresso machine. I have a Silvia paired with a mignon which works really well but it currently lives about an hours drive from where I find myself. I was wondering whether a bean to cup machine could give a comparable result with less hassle -which I guess is the main appeal. I don't add milk so foam ability is not really a factor. Looking around I see good reviews of Melitta's but unsure of the pros and cons of
  9. I am selling my De'Longhi bean to cup machine as it's just not getting the use it deserves - RRP of new is £799 although it usually retails for around £400. Same as model here so you can get all the spec... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00L6AXP4Q/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Makes really good milk based coffee drinks with no hassle at all. Bought about 2.5 years ago and serviced 1.5 years ago and regularly descaled and cared for. £200 + delivery which will probably be about a tenner... More photos to follow...
  10. Great bean to cup machine, really good espresso maker. Selling as my other half insists it's too big for kitchen. And I might go back to a Gaggia. Makes perfect espresso with a multitude of customisable options from length of shot to amount of coffee dispensed, strength of shot and fineness of grind. Steam wand makes great cappuccino/flat whites/lattes. Milk dispenser stopped working (common problem I'm told) so sold without, but makes no difference to functionality and I preferred using the machine without the dispenser anyway as I've always preferred manually steaming my milk
  11. Hi all, My De Longhi ESAM4200 Bean to Cup machine has served me well over the last 4 years. Although I wouldn't say the coffee was necessarily the best, it has proven reliable and extremely easy and convenient to use. The other day, I switched it on as normal, waiting for it to go through the usual start-up rinse cycle and it made the most horrendous noise and attempted to lift itself up off the kitchen worktop and run away For some obscure reason, I didn't seem to detect or understand the position of the infuser and it extended to the point of no return and then the cog undern
  12. Hi all, I am a long time coffee fan but surprisingly, only just came across this forum !! My coffee history started with a fairly cheap manual espresso machine from Argos. I used to use pre-ground coffee and it was OK-ish (I don't think it supplied enough pressure) but didn't last long. I then moved onto a coffee maker but didn't like the taste of the coffee. Over the last four years I have owned a De Longhi ESAM 4200 Bean to Cup machine. This was by far and away the best machine I have owned. Our preference has been Columbian beans and mainly bought the Supremo version f
  13. Hi All, I am now looking to upgrade our coffee experience from a Tassimo, French Press and Instant Coffee to a Bean to Cup or Espresso Machine. I've sampled some great espresso's in Spain/Italy/Greece and I would love recreate that on a daily basis (probably a couple of times a day!). Myself, I like my coffee black and strong so I would be using it for espresso's (and double espresso's) and tall strong black coffees, same for my dad, however my mum prefers cappuccinos, latte's etc. We have a £100 John Lewis gift card so that instantly pushes us towards the options that John Lewis ha
  14. Selling my Melitta Caffeo Solo & Milk bean-to-cup machine. Purchased in late December 2015, less than 2 months of light use. Looking for £260 (+ £10 postage), as machine is in very good condition, as show in photographs. Like new condition. RRP £549, cheapest price online is £319. Also listed on eBay at the moment, will bring listing to an end for genuine buyer. Link here Key features of the machine Intelligent grinder Pre-brew function for optimal flavour Steam nozzle Height adjustable spout Water filter Cup warmer Easy cleaning and descaling
  15. This post is a bit of an oddball but here goes anyway At work there are a couple of Schaerer Coffee Celebration BCL machines that have been dumped due to the lack of spares availability/ high cost of repair. Both have faulty electronics I am told. Now then, due to the fact that parts seem to be like rocking horse $h1t I thought I would just check to see if anyone needs any of the more mechanical parts from these, stuff like sensors or solenoids or even the boilers (small 1ltr ish balls). They are a bit trashed already and much as I like to help please don't ask for the fridges
  16. This may be the wrong place to ask this question(!) but would like to hear your opinions anyway I've been a coffee fanatic for 10 years and have been through every kind of machine. In the past few years I've become more of a coffee snob and learned a lot, first owning a Fracino Piccino for 2 years and then Sage Dual Boiler + grinder for the past year or so, as well as V60 drip, cafetiere, the works. However after having used a nespresso machine for a few weeks at my parents house, I fell in love with the convenience, and have found myself now a bit bored of spending 5 minutes faffin
  17. I've always been a huge fan of a good Americano. I may not be quite the connoisseur that many of you are, but a good Americano from Cafe Nero or a local artisan coffee shop is my idea of bliss. However, as a student, I'm on a relatively tight (£300 max) budget. Is there any way to replicate a coffee shop Americano on this budget? I've recently been considering the following bean-to-cup coffee machine , but have been told that bean-to-cup machines compromise quality for convenience. Any advice on how I can create the best possible Americano, on this budget?
  18. I am moving to India in the summer and myself and my wife are looking to open a coffee shop. I have a worked in a couple coffee shops in the UK in the past and currently live in Ireland. We are moving to Karnataka which is famous for its coffee and we would be close to Kerala which is also a coffee state. I want to travel to (fair-trade and organic) coffee farms in the area and track down the best for my shop. Where I intend to sell multiple beans with varying characteristics to offer the best possible choice of coffee for customers. All with a "bean to cup" quality and fair trade e
  19. I'm torn between two at the moment DELONGHI - Magnifica S ECAM 22.320.SB or the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express Coffee Machine and Grinder. There is about £200 difference between the two, it will be my first ever bean to coffee machine. Has anyone had either of these? Views/opinions on them? Thanks
  20. Hello all I've had a Gaggia Classic for years which now seems to be dead (I have a knowledgeable friend checking it out) but have been reading the forums and learning all the things I did wrong (like use our very hard tap water, unfiltered). Anyhow, in the market to spend some money on some new kit. Ideally I'd like a set-up that is reasonably hassle free... I know this will involve compromise, but trust that my taste buds aren't so refined that they will notice the difference - so long as it is of similar quality to what I was making on the Gaggia Classic then I think I'll be happy. I on
  21. Hi I have just purchased a delonghi esam 4000 bean to cup coffee machine I thought the coffee was not hot enough so I checked the temperature using a thermometer and found the coffee was only 65 degrees. I was sent a replacement but this gives the same result. Surely this is not the correct temperature for coffee after put milk in it I have to warm it up. What temperature should these machines produce.
  22. Hi Guys looking for a bit of advice. I DJ in a club and they are looking for a bean to cup machine so that the bouncers and any other guests who come in can have a coffee. They wont be charging for these so nothing to expensive but it needs to be your normal bean to cup that does cappuccino latte espresso etc. Also if it could have powdered milk as well which helps with the cleaning process. Ive never really looked at bean to cup before and people who are drinking it are ones who live by starbucks and think tassimo machines are the bomb!!!!. Any recommendations would be great. Looki
  23. Hi all, please could I ask for some advice on espresso machines? I have been using a Lavazza Modo Mio machine for years which has finally broken, and need a new one. I've decided that a dedicated ESE pod machine or a bean to cup machine with two inputs is what I want. However, as both of these are quite specific, I've had difficulty finding options by searching Google. I have only managed to find a couple of options for both, which are > £300 for the ESE and > £450 for the bean to cup. Does anyone know of any good, cheaper options? I'd be willing to spend £200 -£350 I think if neces
  24. Hi Guys, I currently have an equivalent of the Nespresso Latissima+ (bought from Robert Dyas which takes nespresso pods) and although the quality of coffee is better than our last tassimo, we are thinking due to the price of pods and limited availability within local shops to buy a pod, we would like to change to a bean to cup coffee machine. We have been looking at the following machines, especially with lattes and cappuccinos in mind - Krups EA9010 Full Barista coffee KRUPS EA850B40 Espresseria Krups EA 8441 De'Longhi ECAM44.660.B Eletta De'Longhi ECAM44.620 Eletta
  25. Scottland


    Just wanted to say Hi, I've had a bean to cup for several years, but wanting to update to a separate grinder and espresso machine - so here is the ideal place to do some research and ask some questions
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