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Found 13 results

  1. I sold my old machine to buy a bean to cup machine, as I mainly drink cappa's, started to drink espresso's so may need a new machine.
  2. Hi folks, whilst I enjoy a Coffee I have to say I'm a novice and have never really paid the Beans that much attention. However I lost my job at the start of this year and have spent the time looking into various options for work. Most recently I've been giving thought to running a Coffee delivery service for customers at their place of work, a slight twist on the mobile coffee van if you like but I don't fancy standing in a cold car park in the winter making coffee for cold clients. As you can imagine I do have lots of questions to ask regarding machines, preparation and transport etc. Hopefully you guys might have many of the answers Firstly I'm considering the merits of a Bean to cup machine, if it's possible to make 2 decent sized cups per minute then it's something I'd consider. One of the many problems I'm concerned about is being able to produce enough Coffee's at home in time to deliver whilst maintaining the quality of my product. I'm guessing I'd want to produce around 40 cups in 30 mins, is this possible from a bean to cup machine? Cheers
  3. Hi All New to the forum - Been buying from Hasbean for several years now (miss the La Illusion though) and home roasting (using the Bemoor 1600) for almost as long. Still love my Bemoor and have had better results than a couple of other more regular roasters I've tried, however sadly I think the elements may be going as its taking a little longer than it used to to get to first crack. Have a mid range Bean to cup machine for a couple of years as well but now seriously thinking of moving to the next level of machine. Look forward to chatting...
  4. Hi there, Just signed up. I'd been looking at getting a Bean to cup machine for a few years and last week purchased a delonghi from Amazon. To cut a long story short, machine was faulty out the box so returned and decided to go down the manual espresso route. Today was my first time pulling an espresso shot and think I'm definitely going to enjoy this. Tasted pretty decent for a first attempt also. I can see myself having loads of questions so signed up here as obsessive googling was beginning to give me a headache lol. So far I've purchased a Gaggia Classic, sage smart grinder, decent tamper and milk jug etc. In the post I have a Rancilio Silvia wand and unpressurised double basket which should hopefully receive tomorrow . Remember I'm totally new to this so any recommendations for anything else or tips are appreciated. I'm totally lost on which beans to buy. I picked up some on Amazon to get me started straight away (rave coffee I think) but guessing they wouldn't be considered fresh. There's so many places online to choose from and find myself bouncing back and forward between them. A recommendation would be much appreciated. Callum
  5. I am about to open a sandwich bar. Could someone give a suggestion of a bean-to-cup coffee machine please? It has to be very reliable and efficiency. The taste is not very important but it has at least better than the waitrose one. Many thanks
  6. Hi We have a Franke Flair bean to cup machine which has just developed a fault, it reads "Please Wait" permanently in the display. Turn it off by the button and turn it back on and it still shows "Please Wait", if you turn it off on the mains and turn it back on it shows "Please Wait" but goes through some other pre standby procedures where the brewing group does its thing etc, but the "Please Wait" stays in the display. Any ideas? Cheers
  7. Hello there,* This is my first ever forum; came across this site and had to join. I've owned a gaggia Titanium bean to cup machine for almost 4 yrs. *I've enjoyed many great (and not so great) coffees, but have had umpteen problems with it (returned twice). This time, the steam just stopped working. *Hot water comes out, but no steam...not a hiss! *Wand is not blocked as water still comes through it. At first, I continued to make espresso, but now they've now turned lukewarm and unpalatable. The machine is scale free etc...and I have also put it through a rinse cycle countless times, but to no avail. * Can anyone pls offer advice on poss remedy? *Can't bear the thought of sending it back to Manufacturer again, as they won't give me a price until it's in their*workshop! Also, they kept it for ages before. Seriously considering giving up and upgrading to the Francino Piccino and their grinder instead. *Any thoughts? *Maybe that is a question for a different section of forum (I only joined yesterday). For now, it's back to the cafetiere! Any help wld be much appreciated. *Thanks.
  8. Hi, I'm looking at getting a bean to cup machine for the other half and whittled it down to the magnifica s cappuccino 22.360s, the Eletta plus 44.620s and the sage barista express. As I don't even drink coffee I'm hoping that some of you on the site will be able to explain in lehmans terms the pros and cons between these three machines or if there is other options I should look toward. thanks
  9. Hello, I'm new to these forums. I love Costa Coffee and am looking to recreate the Costa experience at home as closely as possible. I recently purchased a Tassimo machine and whilst it makes perfectly good coffee, I am sure that Bean to Cup machines are the way to go for long term value and quality, looking at the cost of the Tassimo discs compared to coffee beans. I've been looking online at the Delonghi Magnifica machines and the Miele 5100. Both look good but I've heard that the coffee is not hot enough. Can anyone recommend a Bean to Cup machine that makes nice hot cappuccinos similar to a coffee shop? There just seems to be so much choice I don't know where to start! Thanks.
  10. Hi, My first post I want a bean to cup coffee machine but I'm finding it impossible to choose one. It's a lot of money to invest so I really want to avoid pitfalls and ideally get one that all the experts agree is the best within my price range. It'll be used for several cups of coffee per day and I would feel I was spending more than I'd like to admit to by £500. I'm thinking £350 seems about right. I've looked at the Which? Magazine article on coffee machines. Amongst the 'Best Buys' the ones with top 'Bean Taste Test' ratings are: DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM 3200 £349 Jura ENA5 £680 Naturally I've been looking for the ESAM 3200, but I get the impression it's an old model as generally it's unavailable. The exception is at Amazon where you can find a model with 'S' appended to the name for £415: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Longhi-Magnifica-ESAM-3200/dp/B000OC4EBK The appended 'S' and the fact it's unavailable anywhere else puts me off this, not to mention the inflated price. The Jura ENA5 is too expensive, so now I'm unsure how to proceed. Can anyone here advice me, given that I'm determined to get a 'Bean to Cup' model? Thanks, Alan
  11. Hello all, For a little while now, I have been the owner of a Krups XP7240 bean to cup machine. Apart from the endless maintenance schedule, luke warm milk, lack of crema and frequent visits to the repair centre, it's not been a bad machine...... So I think it's finally given up the ghost as it's now leaking coffee from underneath. Luckily it's still under the 2 year warranty so it's back to Krups on Friday. However, I think it's time for a replacement. I've been looking at a Delonghi ESAM5500: I've only read the Amazon reviews so I was curious as to what people thought about this on here. Or if not this one, can anyone recommend a bean to cup machine for no more that £600 that will alleviate my Krups woes? ta very much.
  12. Now I've happily moved up to a shiny new Expobar Office Leva Dual Boiler, I have to say farewell to my old machine. Edit: now I think about it... it's free to even a bad home!! It's a Gaggia Titanium bean to cup machine: http://www.gaggia.com/macchine-da-caffe.asp?macchine-per-espresso-automatiche_16_Titanium It still works, but it leaks quite badly (in more than one spot since I opened it up and tried to fix it). Perhaps someone wants it as a project? spare parts? as part of an art installation? I'm based in East London, and it's free to anyone who can pick it up or arrange delivery. I appreciate this forum is unlikely place to find someone who want's a bean-to-cup machine, but it's just going to the tip otherwise! Cheers, Moon
  13. Hello all, at the car boot sale this week picked up a Jura Duomatica bean t cup machine, looks quite old mebbies 90's, nice retro look, works great too! Wondering if anyone has heard of it? All I can find is foreign links, anyhow just wanted to share as it was four quid!
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