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Found 81 results

  1. I have to laugh - I realised in the middle of the night I have been using the wrong basket (pressurised) in my new Gaggia Classic for 2 weeks - no wonder it wasn't quite what I thought All that tamping and weighing... I should have realised immediately, I took the spout off the portafilter and the coffee was coming out in a tiny stream - not a chance of a tiger stripe!! Anyway I mention it for the illumination of any others in my position and a little weekend humour for the veterans All the best J
  2. I have a newly acquired Gaggia Classic, so looking at baskets. I may go down the VST route at some point, but I have a general question. Simply put, what's the point in different size baskets when you can just fill up a standard double basket half way, third of the way or whatever? Is there any advantage in having a smaller basket, and if so what? I know there are disadvantages as well, because the VST 15mm basket is harder to work with than the 18mm. Fill me in on the theory and practice here please!
  3. Im not sure if this has been covered, I did a search but couldn't find anything. Being the 22nd December, everything seems pretty far from me and posing has become a bit of a nightmare. Im trying to find a local stockist of VST baskets. Anyone know somewhere in Berkshire that stocks them? Im thinking of going to pick up a couple today if possible. Thanks.
  4. As above.......
  5. Just thinking out loud here, does anyone produce or has anyone tried to see if a basket with ripped or ridged side walls would help with chaneling down side walls? I'm thinking by creating a more torturous path along the walls of a basket would reduce the likelihood of chaneling occurring. to ensure the ridges are nicely filled with grinds would require some experimentation, possibly using a domed tamper to help force grinds sideways into the ripples. steve
  6. What baskets are you using for your Londinium and what doses do you use? I've been using the ridgeless EspressoParts 14G HQ baskets with a dose of 16.5 grams. This seems to be the maximum dose with that basket as I see a fairly prominent imprint of the dispersion screen when I am done with the shot. By the way, I leave the basket in the group head while I prepare my next basket to let the pressure out so I don't get any sneeze.
  7. Is there much difference between the two? Pros and cons please? Also when are you better off using the single over double basket? Newbie advice!
  8. Normally I dose 18g ... But sometimes with lighter roasted beans I have more luck at 19-20g. so if I bought the 22g vst can I just dose 18g into it .... Or am I better off buying an 18g one just for 18g and using my generic 20g basket for when I dose big ?
  9. So I had this problem for a while, and couldn't quite figure out what was happening. I ended up making a 'wiper' that would create a crater in the center of the puck before tamping, but this wasn't ideal and didn't always work to boot. Today I decided to try and fault find, and I swapped out the IMS screen I have in there for a bog standard e61 spot welded one, didn't really expect it to solve anything but was my first point of elimination. Anyway I locked in the PF and then remembered I hadn't flushed, pulled out the PF and when checking to see if the puck had got any water on it already I see... Shower screen indentation... bugger me that was the problem all along. The puck had been too close to the screen, so there hadn't been enough room for the water to form over the top of the puck, so it just went directly from screen to puck, missing out the 'blank' in the center and causing my dead spot. I was dosing 18g in a 18g VST, and going down to 17g gives a much better pour. I think this is also a symptom of when I began to tamp lightly, I found great benefit in that it was much easier to tamp evenly with a light tamp, and achieve the same light pressure each time, but being that the puck is larger it may well have been the root of my center dead spot. Anyway, lesson learnt.. onward.
  10. Hi all. I'm new to this forum and I'm very much a newbie when it comes to home coffee, but I've done a lot of research and I'm keen to dig deeper and though you guys may be the best peeps to ask Up until today, my coffee evolution has taken me from Illy pre-ground in a french press, to owning a few Bialetti Venus brewers (still in use), getting a Hario Skerton and decent beans (e.g. SquareMileCoffee)... modifying the Hario to remove burr wobble .... then canning it because it was still a pain in the ass at 6am when I really needed to be in the shower ..... Replacing the Hario with a Mahlkonig Vario which I've loved using and tweaking and reading the different grinds with beans from different sources and ages. And that's where I've been for the last couple of years. Making half decent coffee from my perc machines and frothing warm milk from the microwave with a mini electric whisk. But I still kept researching and although my current method is working well, I still had the craving to move up to making proper espresso based drinks at home .... and eventually I caved and my first ever espresso machine arrived yesterday. I'm overly happy right now ... and it's just a wee DeLonghi EC680 New in the DeLonghi range and almost identical to the EC860, but teeny tiny at only 15cm wide. I get that it's probably seen as naff and/or low-brand considering the present company, but I have virtually no room in my kitchen and buying an all singing and dancing machine right now would be like giving a Ferrari to a new driver. It's my first machine, so if I can make a good brew with a cheaper machine it then upgrading in the future can only make it better. Which is why I'm looking to replace the pressurised baskets as soon as I can and get hold of depressurised ones as well as a naked (bottomless?) portafilter to use with them to help me improve my grind and tamping technique. I've looked around the interweb and haven't been able to find anywhere that I can get some. I'm hoping there is something off the shelf I can use so I don't have to dig out a micrometer and 'jimmie' something to fit. If anyone could help in this next step in my brew evolution, that I'll be eternally grateful (or at least until after the caffeine wears off ) Ta CW
  11. Hi fellow coffee chums can you help when I use my traditional basket on my oracle, I have no problem knocking my puck out at all . When I use my naked portafilter when I come to knock my puck out it stick. Why is this coffee fresh and perfect recipe
  12. Like many I decant from my grinder into a receptacle and then weigh it and then tip into the basket which is in the PF holder. I would like to speed up the process and decant directly into the basket, in the PF, probably using one of those funnel things (any recommendation on these funnel things appreciated please). But how do I weigh it? Not many scales are big enough for the PF to sit on. cheers
  13. As title, does anyone know what the doses are for these? I cant find any info on them apart from 1 cup / 2 cup :/ I run 18g on the double, but even 10g on the single doesnt seem to tamp very well leaving a soggy puck. Thanks Craig
  14. Previously i had been dosing 16g with the gaggia classic double basket and this seemed to work well for a short black americano or flat white for myself and a long white americano for the mrs who prefers a weaker brew. Now i have the sage db which is producing great coffee but seems to take around 19g -21g in the double. Its more like my old gaggia triple. This is ok for me but with 250ml cups i cant make it weak enough for hers. I experimented with the single basket today and found that anything less than 13g tamps down too low My point is the sage single basket is much bigger than any other single baskets ive seen before and ive started using the single for both of us unless im doing a larger mug for myself
  15. Came with the machine I've recently purchased but I've since bought a 1 and 2 spout version and 3 portafilters is just OTT (well for me it is Will include a double basket that came with one of the others. £45 inc PP
  16. Hi, what tamper do you use? I have been rejuvenating a Cremina 67 from eBay, and have got to the stage of considering a tamper. The basket is about 49.5mm at the rim for an Olympia Cremina, I think. Where does everyone shop for tampers!?
  17. I'm selling a bottomless PF with non-pressurised double basket and deep blank basket (both from Happy Donkey). It's not had much use (truth be told, I don't think I've ever used the double basket) so it's in great condition. £25 for the lot, which includes P&P. Picture of the blank basket to follow.
  18. Hi people Is it worth spending £7 more on a Strada or is the standard La Marzocco basket for £8 better then the one that comes with Gaggia Classic machines?
  19. VST filter baskets appear to come in a choice of two shapes... ridged and ridgeless. In practical terms, what are the differences between them, and on what basis would one choose? I already have an 18g ridgeless and am looking to add a 15g. I have two tampers, both 58mm Motta, one flat, one rarely used convex (mentioned in case that makes a difference to the choice of basket). Thanks in anticipation.
  20. Wow , can't seem to find a 4 1 gram basket any where. I can't belive I hadn't tried this earlier when things get busy round mine with family and visitors I end up on coffee duty and I always seem to be grinding away . And as I was using my grinders and explaining why I need two different grinders it hit me. One grind with the flat burr super jolly and then one with the conical Kony, Hence that's where I need the bigger basket. The Reason i want to dose from the flat burrs first and then from the conical , that way as people drink thier drink it will start off one flavour at the beginning and be a different flavour at the end of the drink . (Genius) Now I know what you're thinking smaller dose of each , but that doesn't work I have tried it , and you can't really distinguish the difference in the cup , and for those who don't have both types of grinder I guess you could use two types of different beans. Just need to find the 4 1 gram bigger basket, any ideas ? Would like any advice as long as it's constructive .
  21. Hello everyone, sorry if this isn't the right place to place this question, but I'm new to these forums. I have a Rancilio Silvia and a Rancilio Rocky Grinder. I normally use the portafilter and the baskets that came with it, but this week I bought my first naked portafilter with its own double shot basket. I have noticed that the naked portafilter produces a lot more crema but some other "bad" things happen. For example, I had my Rocky calibrated for the coffee blend I normally use, which means a really good espresso would come out between 25/30 seconds for a double shot using 14g of grounded coffee. When I first tried the naked portafilter, it took only 15 seconds to fill a 2oz cup. I noticed it produced a lot more crema but the crema was also more fragile, I mean, it would disappear faster than with the normal portafilter that comes with the rancilio silvia. So my question is, do we have to calibrate the grinder for each portafilter we have? Meaning that for the naked portafilter the grounds have to be finer so that it takes longer for the water to go through them? Sorry if I am complicating things here. Thanks a lot in advance
  22. Hi In my battle with Grinder Cleanliness, coffee wastage, and Puck levellling OCD - I have for a long time been in the habit of grinding into the basket directly - turning the basket so most of the dose ends up in the basket. I could then tamp the coffee directly on the counter top, no straining those spouts, then clip the basket into the warmed up handle. Job done. But now I got a different machine - and the springy clips are MUCH tighter - meaning I can't really clip the prepared basket in without the click upsetting my perfectly tamped coffee! So - whole portafilter under the grinder - and I haven't got it right yet. Then tamping - and I havent got a tamping stand (I dare not order another piece of equipment at the moment) - so wary at pressing hard enough! Am I just going through a new learning curve - or are these tough to get out baskets unusual!
  23. Push Tamper - Black SOLD £100 + £7 Royal Mail Special Delivery Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - SOLD £25 Delivered (Box is water damaged) VST 18g Ridgeless Basket - SOLD £15 Delivered La Marzocco 14 & 17g Ridged Basket - SOLD £10 for both Delivered IMS Competition E61 Shower Screen - SOLD £10 Delivered Unbranded Black Grounds Distributor - SOLD £10 Delivered Tidaka 58mm+ Portafilter Funnel - SOLD £25 Delivered
  24. Hi all, I use an 18g VST basket for my double shots and it works wonderfully, but Mrs Nuuutz likes her coffee weak so only likes a single shot of her decaf. I’ve been trying in vain to use the single basket on my DB but it makes such a mess on the group head for one, plus tamping seems a bit of a faff too. Sometimes the tamper sucks the dose out the basket. Sometimes the puck gets stuck to the grouphead. I’m having real grief. What i’ve been doing is dosing 12g into the single basket (to get the headroom) and tamping with my Torr 58.4mm, but only extracting for 20secs including a 7sec PI. This is a bit hit or miss though to be honest. Are you even supposed to use a standard size tamper in a single basket? I was looking at getting a VST 12g but I don’t think they do one. My thinking was if I could get a Ridgeless basket that’s shallow enough for the correct headroom and dose between 7-12g and tamp with my Torr tamper I could get around it well enough. I’m probably going about it all wrong so I thought I’d ask some far more knowledgeable people than myself. So what’s my best options please, bar pulling doubles and binning half of it each time? Thanks, Tony
  25. 2x wood fibre round bannetons each suitable for ~500g dough. £6 shipped each, £9 the pair. As here: https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/bakery-equipment/proving-baskets-and-cloths/wood-fibre-brotform/500g-smooth-surface-brotform.html 2x wood fibre round bannetons each suitable for ~1000g dough. £6 shipped each, £9 the pair. As here, only a bit bigger: https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/bakery-equipment/proving-baskets-and-cloths/wood-fibre-brotform/750g-spiral-brotform.html 1x cane oblong banneton (for making batard shaped loaves). I don't remember how much this would hold, I'd estimate 750g-1000g of dough. Measures 30cm x 15.5xm x 6.5cm £6 shipped. All in used but good condition. IMO used are slightly better as they have a nice build up of flour making them less likely to stick to the dough. If anyone wants photos let me know.
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