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  1. It's time for the yearly maintenance of replacing my shower screen and gasket and was thinking of ordering a new basket as well so I can get free shipping from vendor. For the IMS nanoquartz baskets they have 2 sizes which are labeled as 16/18 and 18/20. If I do 18g shots which one should I go for? Not sure if I should go for the smaller or larger. My machine is an e61 group and I use a bottomless portafilter is that matters.
  2. Hi, Just wanted to ask (as I am a newbie) if I should expect condensation & grounds to be in my basket when I am leaving the portafilter in the machine to warm up before I pull my shot? The basket (14g double for Gaggia Classic) is clean & dry when I put it in, but when I pull it out to put the grounds in, I have to wipe it down & clean out some grounds which have appeared. I think the grounds are coming from some which have collected around the group head which I’m struggling to clean out, however I have ordered a brush to do this. I’m more worried about whether the water is normal. Thanks!
  3. I this a good deal for a blind basket and cleaning tablets? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272072321343
  4. I have got a 20g VST that I don't need. it has had about a months home use so its in as new condition. £10 collection £15 delivered. Thanks
  5. Hey, I am wondering if anyone has a VST 18g basket (mine is ridgeless) and Silvia combination? I just got mine and struggling a bit. Flow in VST is faster than in the stock pf which means I should either grind finer or updose. What I see if I go for the nominal dosage (18g) then I have to grind really fine (3 on my Rocky) + it is a bit awkward to level it off (cannot really sweep with a finger). Also, the coffee ends up certainly not bad but a bit blander than I was getting with the stock pf. Another option is to updose. That's what I am doing and like the results tastewise (I dose 19.5g and grind one step coarser). However it feels odd. The ground certainly hits the shower screen (not to mention the screw!), so I even have to apply some force to turn the handle to unseal it. I am a newby so maybe doing something totally wrong. I'd appreciate any advice. In case it is informative: I am using, what I believe are, medium / medium dark beans from my local roaster (Artisan Roast, Cobblestone 2.5)
  6. 2x wood fibre round bannetons each suitable for ~500g dough. £6 shipped each, £9 the pair. As here: https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/bakery-equipment/proving-baskets-and-cloths/wood-fibre-brotform/500g-smooth-surface-brotform.html 2x wood fibre round bannetons each suitable for ~1000g dough. £6 shipped each, £9 the pair. As here, only a bit bigger: https://www.bakerybits.co.uk/bakery-equipment/proving-baskets-and-cloths/wood-fibre-brotform/750g-spiral-brotform.html 1x cane oblong banneton (for making batard shaped loaves). I don't remember how much this would hold, I'd estimate 750g-1000g of dough. Measures 30cm x 15.5xm x 6.5cm £6 shipped. All in used but good condition. IMO used are slightly better as they have a nice build up of flour making them less likely to stick to the dough. If anyone wants photos let me know.
  7. Hi all, I use an 18g VST basket for my double shots and it works wonderfully, but Mrs Nuuutz likes her coffee weak so only likes a single shot of her decaf. I’ve been trying in vain to use the single basket on my DB but it makes such a mess on the group head for one, plus tamping seems a bit of a faff too. Sometimes the tamper sucks the dose out the basket. Sometimes the puck gets stuck to the grouphead. I’m having real grief. What i’ve been doing is dosing 12g into the single basket (to get the headroom) and tamping with my Torr 58.4mm, but only extracting for 20secs including a 7sec PI. This is a bit hit or miss though to be honest. Are you even supposed to use a standard size tamper in a single basket? I was looking at getting a VST 12g but I don’t think they do one. My thinking was if I could get a Ridgeless basket that’s shallow enough for the correct headroom and dose between 7-12g and tamp with my Torr tamper I could get around it well enough. I’m probably going about it all wrong so I thought I’d ask some far more knowledgeable people than myself. So what’s my best options please, bar pulling doubles and binning half of it each time? Thanks, Tony
  8. https://decentespresso.com/basket https://decentespresso.com/img/basket_10g.jpg As known many are not really happy with the default single basket coming with the Oracle and DB. This 10g basket is not skewed and so maybe provide better flavour more like a double.
  9. Hello need to sell quite a few items due to upgrading and need space for new gear Hario gooseneck kettle - £30 Chemex 6 cup with papers - £30 Rattleware latte art jug £15 Motta tulip yellow £5 Motta 500ml £10 Ims comp basket £7 handmade dirossi tamper 58.45 £45 (slight dint, cosmetic)
  10. Like many I decant from my grinder into a receptacle and then weigh it and then tip into the basket which is in the PF holder. I would like to speed up the process and decant directly into the basket, in the PF, probably using one of those funnel things (any recommendation on these funnel things appreciated please). But how do I weigh it? Not many scales are big enough for the PF to sit on. cheers
  11. Push Tamper - Black SOLD £100 + £7 Royal Mail Special Delivery Rocket Espresso Bottomless Portafilter - SOLD £25 Delivered (Box is water damaged) VST 18g Ridgeless Basket - SOLD £15 Delivered La Marzocco 14 & 17g Ridged Basket - SOLD £10 for both Delivered IMS Competition E61 Shower Screen - SOLD £10 Delivered Unbranded Black Grounds Distributor - SOLD £10 Delivered Tidaka 58mm+ Portafilter Funnel - SOLD £25 Delivered
  12. Hi, I purchased these from CoffeeChap recently for the mrs as she only has single shots. As it turns out she prefers a 18g >28g shot so this is now surplus to requirements. I’ve only used it twice. Torr 41mm Tamper with African Blackwood handle & LM Strada 7g Basket. Now £45 inc delivery please. Thanks, Tony
  13. As per title, this is never used and is brand new in box. Haven't added pictures as its pretty self explanatory.
  14. Does anyone have an idea from where we can buy a filter like used in this video? Thank you!
  15. Is it possible to put a 18 or 20G basket into my double portafilter holder instead of the 14g basket
  16. I have to laugh - I realised in the middle of the night I have been using the wrong basket (pressurised) in my new Gaggia Classic for 2 weeks - no wonder it wasn't quite what I thought All that tamping and weighing... I should have realised immediately, I took the spout off the portafilter and the coffee was coming out in a tiny stream - not a chance of a tiger stripe!! Anyway I mention it for the illumination of any others in my position and a little weekend humour for the veterans All the best J
  17. As title, does anyone know what the doses are for these? I cant find any info on them apart from 1 cup / 2 cup :/ I run 18g on the double, but even 10g on the single doesnt seem to tamp very well leaving a soggy puck. Thanks Craig
  18. Im not sure if this has been covered, I did a search but couldn't find anything. Being the 22nd December, everything seems pretty far from me and posing has become a bit of a nightmare. Im trying to find a local stockist of VST baskets. Anyone know somewhere in Berkshire that stocks them? Im thinking of going to pick up a couple today if possible. Thanks.
  19. I have a newly acquired Gaggia Classic, so looking at baskets. I may go down the VST route at some point, but I have a general question. Simply put, what's the point in different size baskets when you can just fill up a standard double basket half way, third of the way or whatever? Is there any advantage in having a smaller basket, and if so what? I know there are disadvantages as well, because the VST 15mm basket is harder to work with than the 18mm. Fill me in on the theory and practice here please!
  20. All, after years of using a VST 15gr basket without investigating further .... am i the only one to put 18gr on the 15gr VST basket?!?! Using a Rocket Giotto i couldn't get anything decent from 15gr on it while with the normal 18gr basket I was less happy At the end the 15gr one I am getting a non soggy puck with enough room for water during the extraction, looks perfect post brewing and coffee is quite decent ... But i can't get my head around, assuming the VST guys are v nerdy how on earth is that possible for me to do a 18gr coffee in a 15gr basket? - grinding too fine? - not enough "room" for water during extraction? - ?? Something doesn't make sense to me here .... Thanks
  21. Morning, I've just noticed that sage are now selling single baskets as well as the double that come with the machine new and wondered if anybody has experienced using one specifically with an Oracle and maybe give some feedback on your results? It normally doses around the 22g mark +- 1g with the standard double basket. I'm guessing that it would dose less and cut out grinding as it registers pressure with its auto tamp mechanism ? kind regards Leigh
  22. Pictures on demand but hardly used basket, with the original box. Looking for £17.50 delivered.
  23. Nearly new, used only a few times. Selling as I just sold my espresso machine and buyer already had a VST basket. Comes with original packaging and certificate. £15 plus postage if required.
  24. Is there much difference between the two? Pros and cons please? Also when are you better off using the single over double basket? Newbie advice!
  25. Very minor knock on it - see photos but still works perfectly. £10 delivered http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a171/wlegge/72A447FE-53AD-40A0-9A01-10515A3B0373.jpg http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a171/wlegge/74AF5801-AF6F-400B-AFBC-F1CAC4D65F55.jpg
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