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  1. Just spent a great day refining my self taught skills at Origin Coffee Coffee roasters London shop. It was the Barista Foundation course run by the SCA. It was superbly delivered by Dan O'Regan. Great kit to play with: Linea machines with al the electronics and some lovely Mythos grinders ( I know understand why people rave about them ). More confident and also importantly refined in my approach. Big Thumbs up to Origin ( who also do some great coffees ) for their delivery, passion and enthusiasm.
  2. Hi guys , Just bought a sage barista express and I'm trying to set it up. I had a Gaggia classic before so I know how to pull a decent shot . However I am a bit confused regarding how to time my shot, With my classic I used start my timer as soon as I press the brew button,wait 30s and that's it. With the barista express there is a pre- infusion feature so the machine really kicks in after 8s or so. So now I'm not sure when I should start the timer. Should I include the pre-infusion in my timing i.e. 8s pre-infusion and 22s brew time or start timing the shot after the p
  3. What a education. Firstly I would like to thank Gary for a fantastic 'all things coffee' session today. ------------ If you are looking for some hands on training with your own gear especially in the Midlands Gary is your man. Possion, knowledge and all round decent chap Cupping: I never would have bothered if i'm being honest - so glad i have, and i will be doing it more often now. Espresso: It's now good that i have some know how and what i am going to be practising is the right way. Dialling in, routine, prep, tamping, pulling a shot. Milk: I've never liked
  4. Hi, Ive just bought a brand new Gaggia Carezza Deluxe and I'm new to it. I bought it from coffeeitalia and when I maybe a bit of a newb to it but when I go to throth it, I first empty the water before it throths but then it stops and it makes a loud thudding banging noise and wont throth anymore, what am I doing wrong? I must admit the throther is confusing me a bit. I had a delonghi before and I had no problems with that but this gaggia is a more expensive machine so I dont know really.
  5. I have a Sage Barista Express, (Iv'e had multiple,) and after approx 6 months the Brew/Steam/Water selector stops working / jams , and Steam / water will exit the brewed regardless of position. Iv'e had multiple Sage Engineers (Coffee classic ) out, and luckilly lakeland have also been good in exchanging the faulty machines. I clean the machine weekly with cleaning tablets / descaler. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced ? is it a problem with the design of the valve / switch. ? This is the 5th time now, and I've confidence in the machine. I'm guessing the Du
  6. Hi guys, You may have heard of us before, we're Blink Collective: Marketplace for Experiences. We're currently looking for coffee shop owners to become part of our growing community. We've a new campaign that we've just set up, aimed at getting coffee shops to run introductory coffee experiences in their shops after hours. These sessions will be a fantastic way to get new people involved in the world of Coffee. As introductory courses, they'll typically run for around 90 minutes (give or take), and give a nice introduction into techniques, knowledge, history and everything in-between
  7. Hi there, we wanted to extend a warm hello to the coffee community that enjoy this forum. At kimbo UK our mission is simple- to share the pride, passion and devotion to espresso excellence that lies at the heart of Kimbo in deepest Naples, Italy. Roasting since 1950's these guys are real experts and their coffees develop awesome flavours with breathtaking sweet-spots and very low acidity. It is no accident that Kimbo have become the second largest roaster in Italy now. Also they have green buying offices in Naples, Vietnam and Singapore to ensure all the best crops fall under their radar! We l
  8. Although she will not be competing, New Zealand Barista Julianne Frith will be supporting the NZ Olympic team by preparing in the region of 500 cups of coffee per day. View the full article here
  9. Hi to all you wonderful coffee lovers! We here at Sanremo UK have created a video which was released yesterday on Youtube, and has just gone past the 1000 view mark! We are hoping to make it go viral and would love your help as coffee professionals to spread the word If you have a Twitter account, are on Facebook or have a blog, we would be very grateful if you could share it with your followers and friends! We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it [video=youtube_share;F9AOg6caaz8]
  10. coffee_forums: With the demise of Coffee Republic this week - how safe do you think your job as a barista is? - http://tr.im/rSI5 - Discuss More...
  11. Hi all, I have just seen the Costa Ad. on TV for the first time. I find deeply irritating that they are advertising as specialist what people like you and I have been doing for ever! The other problem is that my non-coffee friends and family will all now say "oh you make coffee like Costa don't you?!" Sorry Sandy. Lee (These are not the views of Coffeeforums, but my own personal opinion) Your honour.
  12. Hi, Apologies if this is not the right place to post this thread. Any recommendations for additional sites to use to reach as many people as possible would be much appreciated. Pro-active, resourceful and highly motivated individual looking for work within the coffee industry. Whether in a fledgling or established coffee shop (or mobile unit), Import/export of raw materials or somewhere else in the sourcing, roasting and distribution process, I am open to discussing a variety of opportunities. On returning from two years travelling across Europe, Asia and Australia I want to foc
  13. Hi Guys & Gals, Can anyone offer me any advice, I recently purchased the Sage Barista Express and I am able to make very good espresso with it at the right pressure and grind etc however, the steam wand seems to have no pressure. I have read through the entire manual and watched a bunch of videos and cant find many people having this issue. It is not even getting enough pressure to even move the milk let alone spin it. even using it for 3 mins or so the milk comes out barely frothy of the top and only lukewarm. If anyone has had this problem / knows how I can resolve it I would really
  14. Hi ECM folks, some questions about backflushing the ECM Barista. According to the manual that comes with the machine you can backflush these machines with detergent weekly. On the other hand BB recommend every 2-3 months. Now from what I've read in general with E61 groups you should lube the cams etc every time you backflush as this strips the lube from the cams.... What I find suprising is the ECM manual recommends this weekly back-flushing but there is no mention anywhere about lubing the cams etc. So I'm wondering what people who have had these machines for a while do and
  15. I was having a natter with Ian at Atkinsons yesterday and we got talking about barista training. I'm wondering if anyone on here would be interested in a half-day training in Atkinson's training room? He can organise whatever a small group of enthusiasts would want to cover, cupping, brewing, frothing or a bit of everything. Anyone else interested? If there was, then I'd be happy to collect names and get a price.
  16. A news snippet. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5997641/Wake-smell-posh-McCoffee-Fast-food-chain-drafts-baristas-challenge-rivals.html J.
  17. Hi guyss My brother and i are looking to launch a mobile coffee business , slowly but surely we are getting there ! Theres one thing which i just can't get my head round , what are my options when it comes to the espresso machine ? I don't want to use a generator for obvious reasons so i feel like my options are very limited !! It just seems to be fracino fracino fracino ... I 100% need a dual fuel machine but i can't seem to get away from the fracino !!! Can anyone suggest any other espresso machines that will be possible to power without a generator !!!
  18. Hi, we’re looking to do an outdoor event and need to find a way to rinse jugs. Thinking of sourcing a portable pitcher rinser, a sure flow water pump with accumulator. As anybody done this and does it general enough power? Anytips or videos of how to do this? Welcome Peace
  19. Hi Everyone I have had my Sage Barista express for just over 2 years and it has had very light service, 2 or 3 cups a week. All parts, accessories included in the sale. Fully descaled and cleaned. Boxed. Full normal working order, sharp burrs! Very minor marks on drip tray surface due to bottom of cups, but nothing significant at all. Will include a spare water filter and cleaning tablets and happy to demo to anyone as required. £300, collected from near Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. Only selling due to moving to a plumbed in HX machine.
  20. Big Name Beans is a mobile coffee company based in London, serving coffee from a host of sub-saharan countries. We work out of Piaggio Apes, each of which is characterised by the national identity of the country from which we source its beans. We’re looking for an experienced barista to man our van in SW6 on weekdays. The kind of Big Name we’re looking for should be: friendly, sociable and charismatic hardworking and committed to top notch coffee quality capable of working under pressure and pouring with panache passionate about success Crucially, we’re loo
  21. Hello! I've joined this beany forum because I want to arrange for my coffee obsessed husband to have some training at home on how to get the most from his coffee machine. He's mentioned that someone in London offers this service... anyone know of someone in, or close to, Bristol? Would love to be able to sort this for a surprise anniversary gift. Any help would be really appreciated, thank you.
  22. Hello beautiful dark fair and green people. New to the site and thought I'd ask you all a question. What makes a great barista? Is it the machine? The beans? Technique? Or all the above? I've been a barista for a few years, have even entered competitions but what I've noticed is that you can use a low end machine unwanted beans but can still make a great cup of coffee (americano/latte/cappuccino) because everyone has diffrent tastes some may like illy beans were as others would perfer lavazaa.... So in conclusion I belive it's not down to the machine beans techniq
  23. James (aka Slowroast) competed in the 2013 UK Barista Championships at Bury St Edmunds last week. I first met James last year in London and encouraged him to pull me a shot. I'm sure he was more nervous then, than he was on stage during the competition, as these photos of James taken last week show that he is in complete control! click the above then navigate through the images Well done on making the transition from Home Barista to working Barista to UKBC entrant. Hope to see you competing again next year!
  24. In my hunt for some decent but affordable scales I happened upon these. https://digital-scales-company.co.uk/barista/794-my-weigh-barista-scale-716165282273.html From the description they are water resistant and weigh down to 0.1g and up to 3kg and a timer for you pour over nuts Rechargable using a usb to small lipo and above all appear to be instant read although it doesnt mention it in the desciption. They can also be calibrated. I looked around alot and they seemed the best I could find for around £30, there are cheaper but ive drowned so many I wanted to get somethi
  25. Hi guys, Just got myself a barista express having used a delonghi magnifica for a few years. All I can say is wow. Have been reading this forum for a few days so had an idea of the settings for the machine. Set it up and brewed my first cup using the exact same beans as on the delonghi. The difference in quality is unbelievable. The coffee is amazing. I may have got lucky with the settings but I am blown away. So much better than coffee shops. I know a lot of you guys have even better machines but this fits the bill for me.
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