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Found 12 results

  1. Hi ECM folks, some questions about backflushing the ECM Barista. According to the manual that comes with the machine you can backflush these machines with detergent weekly. On the other hand BB recommend every 2-3 months. Now from what I've read in general with E61 groups you should lube the cams etc every time you backflush as this strips the lube from the cams.... What I find suprising is the ECM manual recommends this weekly back-flushing but there is no mention anywhere about lubing the cams etc. So I'm wondering what people who have had these machines for a while do and
  2. Please bear in mind this is the result of doing some thinking during the idle time on a long drive, I've never backflushed, as I only got a Classic the other day. This means my reasoning could be complete cobblers, in which case please have a good laugh at me, laughter is good So you fit a blank basket in the portafilter, turn on the pump, let it get to pressure, turn off pump, releasing the three way valve, to backflush. how does that work? water can't be compressed, and the filter basket is made of metal, so although the water is under pressure, surely very very little actual
  3. Hello all I usually backflush my Gaggia classic, using about half a teaspoon of Puly Caff, once every 10 days or so. I've been dong this regularly for a long time. All of a sudden the backflush process isn't working as nothing comes out of the escape pipe into the drip tray. The process of making espresso still works as normal. Just wondered if anyone else had had any similar experiences or had any suggestions? Thanks in advance, 52f
  4. Hi AIUI, the solenoid valve should divert the water, at the end of the shot, leaving a dry puck. If I remove the portafilter immediately after the shot, there is normally water on top of the puck. Does this indicate a valve blockage? If so, what should I do to clear it? Will back flushing work, or make it worse? Thanks.
  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Do I need to buy 2 different products, 1 to clean my espresso machine and 1 to de-scale my machine, or does one product do both jobs? From reading, it appears that I need 2 different products (eg. Puly Caff (cleaning) and Puly Baby (de-scaling)). Am i correct? Thanks guys Andy
  6. Anyone got any advice on how often to backflush E-61s with detergent? When I first got my Rocket, I was advised not to backflush with detergent too frequently as it removes the coffee oils that have built up on the internal parts, and causes premature wear on the cams and pins. This is obvious, because after using detergent the lever is stiffer and squeaks for the first few uses. At the end of each day's use I backflush with clean water, and it's usually coming out clean after two or three flushes. I drop the showerhead on a weekly basis, and there's never too much gunk behind there
  7. Hi all, I'm new, I use my Classic on average once a day to make an espresso. How often should I be backflushing the machine? Thanks
  8. I bought and have twice used Pulypowder to backflush my E61 grouphead http://www.thomsonscoffee.com/pulypowder-backflushing-grouphead.html I was surprised to note that after the second flush 10 days after the first, the pump lever movement had a distinct "dry squeak" both on and off. It was as if there was no lubricant left between the lever cam and the plunger. I had assumed that there would be seals in place such that flushing agent would not get access to lubricated surfaces. It won't be a hard job to re-lubricate if it has been removed although I will need to buy the fo
  9. I've seen a couple of threads that mention backflushing but no details on how to do so. The Manual I have (for Gaggia Classic) doesn't mention it, but Its a downloaded copy and not the original manual which was lost, so it maybe that its incomplete. I also have an old deluxe model that is suffering from lack of pressure through the main grouphead although plenty of steam from the wand, - any suggestions? Thanks, Roger
  10. Hi peeps, Got lots of useful info from posting on here when choosing my machine, just thought I'd ask a couple of (probably obvious questions) that I should know the answers to. Firstly, which is the descaler of choise on here? I see the liquid Gaggia 350ml bottle is approx. £8-9, or there's the powdered "Puly head cleaner" 900g for £15.99. If using 30g per clean, the Puly powder should last a while (30 cleans). How much liquid is used when using the Gaggia stuff? Also, if the coffee is coming out a little slower is that a sign that the machine needs to be descaled? I'm s
  11. Having found out if your machine is OK to backflush, it can still be a daunting task, see how to go about doing it here: [video=youtube_share;qwvYCGxV3xI]
  12. Hi! So I'm a new user of Fracino Cherub. If you followed my story you'll see that I have a cherub in a terrible state, but somewhat still functional. I'm just getting used to it these days, we'll see how it goes. I have a few questions that I'm not getting quite right. I need to change the group head seal since I can see this one is a bit torn and if I backflush it it drips a bit. So how do I know which thickness to get? (There are 8, 8.5 and 9mm) Is it really important? Second question is about backflushing: I do it with a blank basket and leave the pump on for about 30 seconds. W
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