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  1. I have a couple of earlier Baby Gaggias with the 3-way valve, so backflushing needs to be done. I clearly left it too long because - quite a lot of water was spritzing out of the top of the PF on pulling a shot - the PF wouldn't go all the way round and sit properly - obviously the coffee wasn't very good Having left it for too long, I had to do quite a bit of backflushing before all these issues cleared. Now the PF goes all the way round as usual and is watertight. Coffee tastes good again. So questions are: - how often to backflush if you make 3 cups per day? - are these
  2. Dear coffee lovers I am seeking advise when running a backflush cycle on my 2019 model duo temp pro. The machine comes with the newly updated silicon disc that has no hole. The silicon disc is inserted into the portafilter along with a cleaning tablet. The manual states that you need to run water through the system for 20 seconds, stop and repeat the process 3 to 4 times or until the tablet has dissolved. My concerns are that this machine does not have a 3 way valve therefore I find that the pressure builds up inside the machine causing the portafilter to become stuck. You almost have to
  3. I've had my Duo Temp Pro for four or five months now, after any number of machines over the past thirty or so years, and I like it, a lot. But, I've tried back flushing, sometimes twice in a row, and I've still needed to remove the shower screen to get it properly clean. So I was wondering if anyone has actually had any real success with backflushing the duo temp pro? I'll also ask if anyone is able to use the storage tray to store their bits and bobs in, because, although I empty the drip tray after every use, my storage tray is always damp and usually has at least some water in it?
  4. Like the title says. I bought this on the basis that it was mechanically identical to the Classic, but it doesn't have an obvious down-pipe like the classic.
  5. Is it advisable to backflush a domestic espresso machine? I've not seen anything in domestic user manuals to do this when cleaning and wondered if it was necessary or harmful to the machine.
  6. Dallah

    Too Clean?

    With it being so easy to just set and forget it for backflushing the SDB can it become too clean? I'm thinking aloud, wondering if using a detergent backflush more than the recommended once every 200 shots is going to cause premature wear of anything? Right now I'm doing a detergent backflush every Sunday evening as I go to bed. That means I am clean about every 70 shots, more or less. Thoughts?
  7. Hey all, having owned my R58 for a month or so now thought I had better ask about routine maintenance! I backflush with water after every session but currently thats all I do. Run bottled water through it so guessing a descale isnt needed just yet (and no idea how to go about it as only descaled the classic, and im guessing its not the same method!) Should I be backflushing with any cleaner? (still have a massive tub of puly-caff) How often do I need to lubricate? Have read about methods of lubricating the lever bit but couldnt find anything on how often to do it! Anyt
  8. I'm selling a bottomless PF with non-pressurised double basket and deep blank basket (both from Happy Donkey). It's not had much use (truth be told, I don't think I've ever used the double basket) so it's in great condition. £25 for the lot, which includes P&P. Picture of the blank basket to follow.
  9. Good evening, I'm considering upgrading from my current dualit Espressevo to a second hand Silvia. Not knowing the history and service record I would like to get the machine serviced. A good descale, backflush, Strip and clean, seals and O-rings replaced etc. I understand I can probably do most of the work myself, but for the first time at least I'd like to get it done by someone with experience. Does anyone have any recommendations for anyone in/around the Milton Keynes/Buckingham areas?? Also, can anyone suggest what I might expect to pay? many thanks david
  10. My Classic is making clicking noises when the coffee starts to come out & water spurts down the outside of the 'solenoid/overflow pipe'. What is causing this? Regards, Dennis
  11. I have an Izzo Alex Duetto III and after each brew I blind filter backflush to get out the crud. However I sometimes have to do this up to five times before the water runs clear. If after a brew I did not water backflush say one day the next day's brew will have crud deposits in circulation. Is this a flaw in E61 design? How and why are grounds sucked into the grouphead? I do chemical backflush every two weeks. Ian
  12. Hi Guys, Very excited, have managed to score a used Gaggia Classic but it only came with the standard portafilter and pressurised baskets. I'm looking for: - Naked portafilter with double basket - Blind filter for blackflushing I know I can find them online but I'd much rather put my money in the hands of people on the forum. Many thanks in advance, Baristapprentice
  13. I've been backflushing my classic every now and again, maybe not as often as i should so last night i had a good session on the machine cleaning etc... I started to do this as I am struggling to tell too much of a difference between different coffees and am starting to wonder if my machine is dirty and needs is tarnishing all shots with a taste... Anyway, i gave the machine a backflush and as usual got the dark oily solution, then rinsed until clear. All good? Just thought id try another backflush to check all was good. Still got dark oily solution out... rinsed till clear.... sorte
  14. Hello, if I am going to backflush my Expobar dual leva every couple of days with just water how many times shall i do it? Is 20 seconds twice enough?
  15. brun

    Backflush ?

    ive got a Gaggia Classic and ive read people mentioning backflushing the machine every once in a while, so i bought a basket for it with my last order, but im yet to use it firstly what does it achieve and how often should i be doing it, and secondly whats the correct procedure for doing it, i dont want to damage anything
  16. Having found out if your machine is OK to backflush, it can still be a daunting task, see how to go about doing it here: [video=youtube_share;qwvYCGxV3xI]
  17. Hi All, Backflushed my Barista for the first time today (with Pulycaff) and thought I would pass on my ovservations (and a question of course !) I followed the instructions in the ECM manual. The first thing I was surprised about was how dirty the water/detergent coming out of the discharge pipe was. I don't remember seeing the water anywhere near that colour when backflushing my Silvia ! The second thing (and the slightly disturbing one) was how stiff the group lever was after the backflush - in fact it audibly squeaked as well ! So, as recommended I lubed the cam and barrel with
  18. Rob666


    Serviced my Giotto Evo today. Backflush with Cafiza and de-scale with citric acid. No real evidence of scale so I guess Ashbrook has been doing its job. Only disturbing thing, bits of chrome appearing when flushing. Also took the panels off and made minor changes to pipe routing where they were touching the case and vibrating. Raised the pressure switch setting by half a turn to 'on at 1 bar off at 1.1 bar'. Turned out to be a bad move, will return to original tomorrow. Where before, no cooling flush necessary, now it is. No obvious change to steaming potential. Following the Bellabarista inst
  19. Hi all I recently bought my NS Oscar brand new and have had it around 3 weeks. I've probably run around 25 cups through it so far. The only cleaning I've done is after each cup I run hot water through the empty PF after emptying the puck out, then clean it and leave the PF to dry. I also clean the shower screen with a a paper tissue after each use. But I'm not sure exactly what to do regards backflushing. With the machine came a blind filter as well as a big tub of 'Dusty Caff' detergent. As far as I can make out, I need to fill the blind filter with a little detergent now agai
  20. Now that I have got my descaler, I gave my Baby a good clean (I went on the Gaggia website to work out exactly what model I had, and it is a Baby Black ... for some reason I had been calling it a Baby ABS). Anyway, I descaled, and I also used my newly obtained Cafiza to soak the filter and showerhead. On the cleaner I did see references to 'backflush' and so did a search ... oh dear there seems to be a bit of controversy over whether you can or should backflush a Baby My machine is brand new ... should I try and backflush? (and apologies as I don't wish to stir up a contentiou
  21. Just wondering if I can backflush my Gaggia New Baby? If so, what's the best way to do it? Thanks Andy
  22. OK everyone, I've had my Silvia for a good two months now (maybe even a bit longer) and the time has come for me to descale and back flush. I have got some sachets of Puly Caff and intend to soak the portafilter and drip tray overnight. Which should I do first the back flush or the descale?
  23. Hi guys and gals, I'm looking for some advice and I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I did search but couldn't find the exact information I was looking for. I recently received my Mara X and I'm delighted with it. Its my first prosumer machine so I'm a total newbie with this kind of thing. I live in the Highlands of Scotland so the water is very soft. No limescale on my kettle at all and it's over two years old. With this in mind I wondered what sort of back flush and cleaning regime I should run? I purchased some Puly Caff with the machine but not sure if I need to
  24. apologies if repeating a common theme but I have done a full stripdown and now I cannot get a drop of water out of the group head, can get it out of the wand but I get no pressure even when I put on the blanking basket that I use for back flushing any ideas?
  25. Hi there, I bought a second hand Gaggia classic and descaled (Gaggia own descaler) and backflushed (Cafiza) as instructed by a Gaggia Classic video. I have since flushed at least five tanks of water and made about 10 espressos only to find out that there's still some very little white particles in the water (alongside a few coffee grains) when I run just water through the group head. Do I need to continue flushing water through the machine or go for another descale? PS I've been using normal tap water (Birmingham) and water from a Brita Jug - it makes no difference whatsoever.
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