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Found 39 results

  1. I have a couple of earlier Baby Gaggias with the 3-way valve, so backflushing needs to be done. I clearly left it too long because - quite a lot of water was spritzing out of the top of the PF on pulling a shot - the PF wouldn't go all the way round and sit properly - obviously the coffee wasn't very good Having left it for too long, I had to do quite a bit of backflushing before all these issues cleared. Now the PF goes all the way round as usual and is watertight. Coffee tastes good again. So questions are: - how often to backflush if you make 3 cups per day? - are these extreme symptoms pretty typical?
  2. Hi, 2.5yr old Black Gaggia Baby for sale. Good condition generally. Some light scratching and marking to the front reflective panel. Seals replaced using service kit around 1yr ago. Includes non-pressurised double basket (essential for making nicer coffee with this machine) - would cost around £7-10 now. All original equipment present (include the little crema device for the pressurised baskets) and in original packaging. Would probably recommend de-scaling the machine (de-scaler and instructions) before first use just to ensure any remaining standing water is flushed through - or I could do this at cost if a condition of sale. Would like £45. Ideally collection only from London. Box weighs 7kg - Royal Mail Parcelforce Worldwide express48 medium parcel delivery would be £16.40. Message me if interested. Thanks, Michael.
  3. I have had my Baby ABS Black for 9 months. It has started leaking water when making coffee from around the portafilter. I took off the shower screen, and the round plate, fixed by 2 allen screws, and cleaned up the exposed rubber gasket - which did have coffee residues on the surface. Anyway, after re-assembly the machine still dripped water from around the portafilter. My next option I think is to replace the gasket. I can find gaskets for the Classic ..... should these also fit the Baby? TIA
  4. Hi all, Am a new member here, it seems an amazing resource so am sure someone has the answer! I have a Baby Gaggia (the manual type with four buttons on the front face) and I am experiencing a constant and annoying problem The steam comes out of the wand in 'spurts' and results in the milk getting hot but with no froth. I've cleaned and de-scaled a couple of times now, replaced the O ring on the steam wand and messed about with milk type temperature etc. Am sure that it seems an 'internal' probelm but any help would be very much apreciated as the girlfriend's morning latte does not meet the usual standard and my macchiato is now just an expresso!!
  5. Hi guys - new to the forum (and home coffee). I've recently purchased a Gaggia Baby Dose from eBay - a 2006 model. I'm having some problems with the touch buttons. I use it everyday - and about 2 or 3 times a week - the buttons become unresponsive, then after about a minute, they start to self activate, seemingly randomly - until it's forcefully turned off at the back. Leaving it off for a while seems to settle it - but it's a slightly annoying problem. Any ideas? I've been told it's a new CPU or flow valve that's required. Thoughts?
  6. Hi guys, I've started getting these high pressure water jets coming out of the shower screen. I've never noticed them before and so presume its new. Have done a full descale which hasnt helped. Any idea what causes this and if its a problem? It seems to be causing channeling in my puck (lots of dimples) which is making my shots taste bad. Video: Thanks!
  7. Can anyone please tell me what size of OPV is fitted to the Gaggia New Baby? I have trawled the forums but can't find this info. anywhere. I am led to understand that, unlike the Classic, the New Baby's OPV is a non-adjustable plastic component, and I wish to replace it with a 'Classic-style' adjustable version. But there appear to be two sizes of this item - 1/4" and 1/8" - both described as being suitable for Gaggia machines. I am reluctant to disturb the existing OPV until I have a replacement to hand, so I'm unable to discover the size for myself. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Hey there, So it seems I need a new boiler for my Gaggia baby (at the moment, there's no heat at all, but everything else works). I was going to order a new boiler from Mark @ gaggiamanualservice.com. But am a little scared as I can't find any instructions online. Anyone on here done anything similar in the past?
  9. Hello all I spent Sunday bringing a 1986 Baby back to life. It's now sitting on my counter and looks fabulous with its red lights and metal frame. I think I got some extra satisfaction from having restored a machine of that age. There was really nothing wrong with it that a bit of TLC (and a lot of citric acid) couldn't sort out. Ha! I was expecting to see an adjustable OPV inside, but it seems to have just the standard water inlet instead. Can anyone advise where I might be able to buy one from? I'm really not fussed about if it's used/new or whatever, I just desperately want to be able to turn the pressure down slightly. Many thanks!
  10. I have 2 Babies - 2002 and 2005. Happy with both in general. But the 2002 model steams a little slower and takes longer to get to temperature. Works OK, just the 2005 is a little better. Does this point to a new steam thermostat?
  11. hi all People on here were super helpful with problems a couple of years back, so posting again.. I recently descaled my Gaggia Baby (after leaving it a bit too long for a hard water area). It was fine before the descaling. The descaling went fine, but now I have an issue with almost no water flow through the filter holder apparatus. It will just about make a coffee, but takes about 5 minutes instead of 5 seconds, and I'm worried it will give up altogether. Water seems to be escaping back into the water reservoir, as you can see bubbling in it as the machine is straining to produce a few drops of coffee. What to do? Thanks :-)
  12. hi everyone I haven't posted for a while. I bought a second-hand Gaggia Baby last year some time, and with my usual lack of organisation I haven't cleaned it yet. It has been used a couple of times a week in that time. Anyway, I have some Cimbali Ecocleaner tablets. Can I use them to clean it, following this procedure? If so, how many tablets? https://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?1672-How-to-descale-a-Gaggia-Classic Cheers!
  13. Have recently upgraded so this is now for sale. Has a couple of cosmetic marks commensurate with a machine of this age which I have shown in pictures. Bought this off Martin on here about 5 years ago at which point the group head seal was replaced and have only just today replaced both thermostats which has corrected a temperature issue. Just pulled 4 shots of CH7 since doing this and all is ok. No leaks and boiler in very good condition. Comes with 3 double baskets, 1 single basket and a pressurised single basket. Stock Gaggia plastic tamper and instructions. Can also supply with a porlex hand grinder If somebody is just starting out. Prefer collection within reasonable mileage of Carlisle but if buyer wants to organise courier that's fine. £60 or £72 with porlex
  14. For sale my beautiful Gaggia Baby Twin Purchased from Another Coffee Ltd in February 2014 for £369.99 - have the original receipt. Has been kept in immaculate condition since - descaled monthly, and always used with in-tank Brita filter. Regular Cafiza strip and clean. New gasket in December 2014. Rancilio V2 wand mod INCLUDED - also comes with the original stainless steel Gaggia wand. Twin boiler, touch sensitive buttons, active cup warmer - the most styling Gaggia available! Full manafacturers description available here: http://www.anothercoffee.co.uk/products/item100309.aspx Looking for just £199.99. Collection from Southampton - or courier postage can be arranged!
  15. Hi guys, I've just bought a 2009 baby class from a reputable auction site After a good clean and descale & flush through I started using it. Upon reading the manual it says about a self priming system, I'd have thought this means a pulse from the pump to get water upto the head??? Secondly, the first few times I used the machine, the no-drip system which momentarily sucks air up through the basket when you stop the dispence worked, now the sucking has stopped! All help much appriciated, also spoken to "Phillips" who say I'm to call NESN if the machine is still under warranty, but got to check dates and batch numbers, probaably will be 1 month out though... lol
  16. Please Help! I have been playing with the my new grinder & coffee machines and i cannot get a decent shot out of them! Every one tastes FOUL. I am running out of money with the amount of beans i am wasting! I have the Gran Macinino professionale Grinder, Its set on the finest setting. I wish it would go finer but was told that it should go far enough to stop flow but i can't get it to that point? The coffee machines are both Gaggia babies (one is a class the other a dose). I have just cleaned, descaled and replaced gaskets on both machines. I have treid different beans, different grind settings, even pre ground and in desperation i nipped to the shop and tried pods!, nothing appears to work? (i was shocked at the washing up foam that came out with the pod!!!! I have tamped lightly, tamped medium, tamped hard, and as then as hard as i can without breaking the portafilter handle!! I have tried warming the machine up for a few minutes, warming up for ages, running steam wand first, running steam wand during, etc..etc.. I have tried the double basket (non pressurised), the single basket, the pressurised single basket, the pod basket, I even tried that silly little nipple and pressurised basket that is supposed to make a foam crema?! I get different results out of both machines and no matter what i do its not fit to drink. I ran a flow test by pulling water through for a fixed time and the baby class has a slightly higher flow rate than the dose, but its marginal. I havent checked the pressure but then it has the plastic safety valve so non adjustable anyway! (without buying and installing OPV, but the cost of that means i might as well go buy a classic!) I got my laser gun thermometer out and checked the brew head temperatures, i checked the boiler temperatures, i checked the water temperature as it came through into the shot glass.... i even checked my own temperature by this point!!!!!!!!! Does anyone live near to J40 on the M1, west yorkshire, and know how to get a baby to make decent shots? Are you willing to give me an hour of your time to help me before i jump off a bridge with frustration?? I would love someone to use my machine and make a nice shot, show me where i am going wrong... I would then know whether to bin the machines or to bin the operator :-) I have another couple of machines in the house, a built in one, i think its crap but it works, and an old Bodum Granos and i can make a really nice shots and perfect microfoam with both of them.... but not a sign in hell of me doing it with the gaggia's so far??????????? Why why why why why why? ? ? ? ? ?
  17. I've recently purchased a Gaggia Baby Dose to replace my ageing Delonghi. After six weeks of experimentation with grinding, tamping pressure etc... the machine just does not seem to be performing. No crema and very slow extraction times - even when there is no coffee in the filter basket. Typical extraction times for a 40ml shot of water (it: no coffee in the basket) are 1m05s. This rises to 1m30s+ when adding coffee or (unbelievably) over 2m30s if using a coffee pod. Obviously I'm worried about damaging the pump with extraction this slow and am trying to ascertain whether the machine is simply faulty. When just pumping water it only comes out in a drip, and when making two cups of espresso it is very prone to dispensing (at an even slower drip) out of one side of the portofilter only so you end up with one full cup and one 1/4-1/2 cup. I've done all the cleaning/descaling I can think of (including shower head and related parts) but can't think of anything else to try. Any suggestings greatfully appreciated.
  18. i recently purchased the above machine, (my first), used, from ebay (74825 or 74826 model, with the 6 buttons top front set in 2 triangles, manufactured in silver or red; sorry about detail but after searching the net 'baby dose' gives me the wrong model), anyway i'm looking for the instruction manual as the one i bought was missing. can anyone recommend a site or email me a copy of theirs or give me any other ideas even if its just the basic instructions as i'm desperate for a cuppa!!! thanks for taking time to read this thread coffee-lovers
  19. Gaggia baby seems to be picky and very sensitive to evenness of the puck. I have been pouring grounds on the same spot until the basket is full and there are no problems on other machines. However, it causes channelling and deadspots on my gaggia baby. So, if you're using Gaggia baby ,perhaps other models too, and get persistent channelling and uneven extraction, it's time to examine your distribution method. The effect of poor tamping is not fatal if the error is not so bad.
  20. Hey everyone, Looking to get my first espresso machine and had settled on a 2nd hand classic (obviously), to then see that one can pick up a 2nd hand baby class for around half the price. Have read around on the forum and online to see very mixed things about the baby class - some love it and others hate it. I would love to hear people’s thoughts on the baby class and how big the difference is to a beginner, as this has thrown a spanner in the works!
  21. Hey All, I usually get my Gaggia Baby Dose (its about 14 years old I think) professionally serviced, but now I am unemployed I thought I would have a crack at fixing the leak it has recently developed. I am certain this persistent leak is down to the boiler gasket (I have already swapped out the head gasket). Today I come to do the gasket repair and I discovered a couple of problems: * The company that previously serviced the machine seems to have used glue to secure in the black plastic parts which hold the circuit board and the frame over the boiler. I am not sure if I can dissemble this so I can get the boiler out. * I am not sure what this kind of red hose is. I was expecting clear silicon pipes, I am not sure how to deal with this. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can deal with the glue and the red hose? Some pictures are attached to show the problems. Thanks.
  22. Hi all, I've searched around a bit and found a lot of helpful stuff that's allowed me to keep my baby class going for a while now, but lately I'm stuck. It didn't get used/descaled much through the warm months, so I took it all apart to clean it up, which I've done before and it's worked wonderfully. This time though, I'm still not getting water flow to the head - it barely drips out. I've taken the 3 way off and cleaned multiple times, same with the boiler etc. If I run the pump with the 3 way disconnected water shoots out of the boiler no problem. I'm just a little stuck now as to whats wrong. Does anyone know of something I may have missed? It's about 3-4 years old. Thanks All
  23. I've been watching eBay for a suitable Baby as a project, and the model I wanted was the one with 4 square buttons across the front, which should date from around 2004. So bought one and waiting for it to arrive. I wanted a Baby since the top comes right off and it's easier to work on than a Classic, and this model should also have the larger solenoid. I'm planning to swap in a Classic type OPV to get the pressure to 10 bar, though when it comes I'll put my pressure gauge on it and see what it has at present. Any other ideas for what to upgrade on this model Baby? Hopefully it all works fine already. It'll be a second machine if ever I have to work on my Classic.
  24. These are the main 3 I'm currently considering, the Cubika and Baby Class are in my price range right now, and the Classic is slightly out of my budget. Is it really worth investing the extra £40-50 or so to get the Classic, or should I get one of the other two? Are there any other machines in the sub £60 range I can look into? I'm not going for the most amazing cup, just something to get me started with home espresso. Thanks!
  25. Hi, all of a sudden, my Gaggia Baby Twin has stopped working. Brewed a lot of cups on sunday night (about 10 which is pretty heavy usage I guess...) and on monday morning the machine wouldn't start. No lights lighting up, no pump noise, nothing. I bought a new thermal fuse and replaced the old one, without any result. Anyone have any idea what the problem may be? Best regards, Aecus
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