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Found 12 results

  1. For sale is my Mazzer grinder. Good points: Still grinds good coffee - I have attached a photo of the titanium burrs It has a new power cord Comes with the higher capacity hopper These are awesome machines! Not so good points: Cosmetically it has had some use (I have tried to show markings in the photos) It is missing two feet - replacements can be sourced online easily. I will be happy to answer any questions. £250 ONO collection only from South Devon.
  2. Hello Everybody! I have recently purchased a used MAZZER LUIGI srl 'MAJOR AUT' that had light commercial use. I have got home to test it out with some stale beans I had and it turns on and the blades spin but no coffee comes down into the coffee chamber. I took off the top blade and all the coffee beans are contained in the centre of the burrs, almost like none can escape. Has anyone experienced this before and do you know how to fix this? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I have this bean to cup machine I haven't used for a while and it's just hogging up space so has to go unfortunately . Adjustable coffee strength Pre-brewing function for flavour enhancing Self-explanatory, colour-coded user interface Automatic cleaning and de-scaling One touch espresso and long coffee I can see one on sale brand new for £379 on eBay. This one is in very good condition. One of the door hindges (bottom one) leading to the brew unit has snapped but the top one is fine. I didn't notice this until I looked at it as the door still opens and closes fine but I am an honest seller. I have listed this on eBay for £129 (free P&P), on here I will only ask for £109 (free economy P&P with Hermes or Collect+). Unfortunately I don't have the box or manual, so you will just receive the coffee machine and the scoop that came with it. Payment via PayPal preferred. Note that I only just cleaned this with a multi-purpose disinfectant wipe hence why you can see wet marks in the photos. Will be descaled prior to dispatch. Thanks! John. Now sold on eBay.
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking for a fully automatic coffee machine, and i can either get the Delonghi ECAM 44660B or the Delonghi ECAM 45760W. There is a minor price difference between the two machines(50£). Which of them, should i choose, and what are the differences between the two machines? I'm having a hard time figuring it out. Thanks
  5. For sale is my 2005 Mazzer Super Jolly Automatic which I've been fixing up. I've removed the doser switches (which you won't need and they get in the way of the chute anyway.. if you want them, you can have them.) I've also stripped the doser assemble and cleaned it up, as well as fitting a clean sweep mod (folded electrical tape on three of the vanes). I've added a hopper to it, given it a full set of new feet (it only came with two and they were perished), a new doser lid and a set of brand new genuine Mazzer burrs. It comes with the longer portafilter forks and a built in tamper (optional upgrades). Bad bits.. It was from coffee shop, the adjustment collar was seized with coffee oils but I've fixed this and it works as it should. But some of the holes are worn on the collar (the original pin snapped off in one of them) so the adjuster pin fits one hole, the position of which is ok as you can see in the vids The doser has a small dent, not a problem as it means the doser lid fits better now without being slack. It's still a nit mucky in places as I cleaned the worst off but lost patience. If you stripped the bottom plate, I'm sure it will clean up lovely in a dishwasher. The paint on the front is quite worn, and has some scratches. I was going to strip it and re-paint but don't have time. Really bad bit.. The bearings are worn, probably running dry. I was going to try and remove the lower burr carrier but don't have screws to fit (I removed the major's burr carrier by fitting 3 long screws and tightening in turn to lift it off.) Good bits.. It's a cheap Mazzer and it works. I've had some old beans through it, not at it's finest setting and choked my Pavoni. The Pavoni needs a finer grind than the Gaggia. Likewise, the doser works perfectly and needs only a light touch to operate. It also comes with the optional sprung metal tamper (not the plastic one.) Slight ding, on the plus side, the lid is a good fit. New Mazzer burrs, just tested it so has a bit of coffee on it. Doser has been fully stripped and cleaned Paint has flaked off in places Asking price is £100.00 (collection only from YO8, and will demonstrate if required) Please note, I will not post this as I prefer to have the buyers full satisfaction before taking away due to the bearings issue. I'm selling it as I don't need it and will never use it.
  6. So I picked this machine up yesterday, however, I quickly realised that my mrs is going to kill me it its a little too big for my modest kitchen and need something smaller. I believe it has around the same footprint as a Mazzer SJ (250 x 360 x h635 mm w/hopper, h380 mm w/o hopper) It is a B.F.C/Macap M7A 900 Grinder. 600w motor 75mm Flat Burrs Stepped adjuster, but allows for very slight adjustment Telescopic Tamper Large 1.4kg hopper. More info can be found here (scroll across to the 'M7 900', not 'M7') http://www.macap.it/en-us/products.htm?c=15 I've taken it apart and given it a good clean, only removed the top burr though as I didn't want to mess with the bottom. I don't know a great deal about the machine. I've ground a bag of supermarket beans on it and it's been more than capable as it's a commercial machine. Grinds seem to be nice and even (although I am no expert) and gave me some nice shots of espresso. The doser sweeps very well and leaves behind very little which is good! I removed the finger guard to get access to the chute in order to brush out retained grinds, but can put this back before its sold if you wish. I paid £150 and believe that its worth every penny therefore... Asking price: £150 + Postage/Courier/Local Delivery Costs. I would also consider a swap for something a little bit smaller so feel free to make a swap offer. I'm based in Leeds but regularly make trips to Nottinghamshire so could deliver at a small cost anywhere between the two. Thanks all!
  7. I bought myself a 2010 Super Jolly Automatic which I stripped down to refurbish and thought you guys would like to see... I'm not spending much time online much at the moment, so questions might not be replied to...
  8. Hello everyone, I am new here. I tried to find some information but it's not that easy. I was looking on this forum but didn't find anything, so I sincerely apologize if this topic was already discussed. My question is: are the three looking same machines actually the same design and operation? It's quite hard to find reviews for Gaggia Besana or Philips HD8651/01 but Philips Saeco Xsmall has quite mediocre reviews. I know Philips did own Saeco and Gaggia brands, so it suggests this is the same device, at least Saeco Xsmall vs Phili ps series 2000. It seems that Gagggia just released the "new" device. I'm curious if anyone knows if they done some changes to improve coffee brewing or is the same repeated design without any significant changes except for the logo? Thanks, Jacek
  9. Anyone know if/when these are available in uk? Thinking of getting one, if I can buy the unit only
  10. Hi all, I've been looking around here for a little while, but this is my first post... I recently lost my old faithful Saeco Magic Cappuccino coffee machine, and am now in need of a new replacement. However I have no idea where to start as there seem to be so many machines available at the moment! My needs are simple, 90% of the time I drink espresso so mainly need it make a good one , with the occasional requirement for steam. Budget would be around £300 or so. And ideally it would be available in the UK, for warranty/service purposes, but this it not necessarily a deciding factor. The Magic Cappuccino uses the pressurized portafilter and has always given me a good brew and crema but I'm not tied to it. I would really appreciate some suggestions and guidance as to what machines to consider! Many thanks
  11. Hello! I am in the process of researching all aspects of the coffee biz start-up as my Mum and I are going to open a classy little coffee van, selling quality coffee and real loose leaf teas. I am a trained Barista, having been a coffee shop manager 7 years ago, and I thought I knew a lot about coffee! Well I was wrong! Although I can definitely tell a good coffee from a bad, spot incorrect techniques in milk steaming, and know how to maintain a good grind and the elements that make up the perfect espresso - when it comes to sourcing our coffee machine it feels like I'm delving into an absolute mine field. My question is where to go next from the stage I am at - I have concluded that I want an Automatic machine - this is for speed of use, as we hope to be quite busy! Now I need to decide between a single boiler with a heat exchanger, or a dual boiler? I also want to know what are the differences between an electric machine and a gas + electric machine. My Mum isn't keen on the inclusion of gas, but I am only interested in producing great coffee, so if gas is what I need, gas is what I'll get. My needs are simply - be able to make coffee continuously for a high demand, therefore I need to be able to steam and extract at the same time. I need a high-performance machine that isn't too noisy (I don't know if this is even a considered factor anymore). We won't be running from a generator - we will either run from mains, or when needed solar panel power and some sort of back up battery. I have read on some coffee van conversion sites that using solar panels and a battery are sufficient power for a commercial coffee machine. Any advice would be amazing! This isn't to mention finding an exact brand and model that suits my needs! Our budget is probably not above £3000 - so there's also the dilemma of buying new or second-hand. I like the idea of being able to easily source replacement parts if needed as I don't fancy having to jump through hoops to get my machine up and running again if anything goes wrong. Many thanks in advance!!
  12. I thought I'd post this here, as it's something that could probably apply to many other machines - although what I've done is for the Gaggia Classic: After thinking and Googling long and hard, I've found a suitable way of having an automatic shot timer on the Gaggia Classic. Have a look at the video below for an example (which shows my heavily modded Classic with pressure gauge, PID, pressure profile dimmer, + Invensys pump and the shot-timer). This is a slow ramp up (courtesy of the vibe pump anyway) to a 32s pour at 6 bar.... tasted pretty good with lots of crema! So - for the detail of what I've used for the timer and how it's wired into the Classic: I bought one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/290914276673?roken=cUgayN It's £13.30 delivered - so not expensive at all. There's a variety of these timers, all 3 digit ones seem to be called ASY-3D timers - but the important parts are that it's 0-99.9s and 220V. They're not easy to find in that combination. Also note that they're often sold without the back-plate that you attach the wires to. Anyway - wiring is quite simple... It requires 3 wires into the Classic case. A permanent neutral feed, a switched live in (from the brew switch) and a timed live out (from the timer). So - the first connection (Pin 2 of the timer) is to a permanent neutral feed (the lower of the connections on the rear power socket), another (Pin 7) to the top pin of the brew switch on the main switchboard (you disconnect the existing cable that's on there), and another (pin 5) to the disconnected cable that was previously on the top brew bin of the main switchboard. Finally you jumper pin 7 to pin 8 also. See photos of the connections etc. below: As the timer is set 'manually' using the push buttons - it requires no power to be "programmed" and you can always see the time that it's set to. In my demo video it's set to 32.0s - but you can set it to anything from 0.1s to 99.9s. Should you wish to extend the pour whilst in the middle of it, you can increase the time by pressing the buttons mid-count and it'll obey whatever the new setting is. If you want to stop a pour early then you can simply flick the brew switch off again or press the timer buttons to reduce the time. If I can find a suitable project box to put this in (which is my main challenge at the moment - finding a damn box that doesn't cost more than the timer that I'm putting in it... and any help appreciated [roughly 120x100x70mm]) then I may also fit an over-ride momentary push button switch to extend the time (or bypass it) - though not sure it really needs it. It works really well - flick the brew switch on, the timer starts counting and fires the pump and solenoid - and the shot starts pouring. When the timer hits the target time, it stops - and kills both the pump and solenoid (just as if you'd hit the brew switch to turn off). To run the next shot, you simply flick the brew switch off and then on again and it does the same thing again. Anyway - I'm sure this simple method of running the pump etc. would apply to other machines - so although it's working well on a Classic I'm sure sure it'd apply just as well to variety of other 'switched' machines. Let me know if you use it on anything else. ...and if anyone can come up with a sensible box or project box (ideally black ABS or aluminium) to house it in then I'm all ears - as I can find something vaguely suitable but would rather not spend more on the box than I did on the timer (just because logically, I find that wrong!). Anyway - enjoy and I hope this proves useful to others.
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