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Found 18 results

  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F202088972028
  2. Just saw this range on the BB website. Good price it seems. Wondered if anyone has any experience of these machines?
  3. I intend to use my machine for one person most of the time, drinking mostly black coffee, occasionally milk drinks. Which of the two machines would you choose? Apart from being able to steam the milk and brew the coffee at the same time, I see no other advantages of Breville over Ascaso. I would like my machine to last years - in that respect, which is the better choice?
  4. Hi Long time lurker first time poster. I was looking for some sage advice as I have opened a bit of a budget rabbit hole....... I have been coming to the forums and reading advice and reading reviews, I started looking for a grinder I currently have a Ascaso Dream with a a standard blade grinder (I know I need a decent grinder, life and kids have stopped me spending monies on it). Therefore I started looking for a grinder but have come across a a second hand Fracino Ariete with a Compak K3 Doser grinder, tamp and knockout draw for £600 (hence the rabbit hole). Im not a
  5. t4tom

    Ascaso Dream

    Hi All, I just thought I would let you know that I put my Ascaso Dream on eBay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ascaso-Dream-DR-14-Espresso-Machine-/321379114405?pt=UK_Homes_Garden_Kitchen_Kettles&hash=item4ad3b01da5 I am happy to answer any questions you might have on here if that's easier.
  6. Anyone got any tips on how to pull multiple milky coffees on a single boiler machine (Ascaso Dream)? Mine has only been doing a latte at a time so far, steaming milk first then temperature surfing to refill the boiler and lower the temp before pulling the shot. Yesterday I used the same method but had to do four in a row, and it wasn't a happy machine - I pulled cool water through the boiler after steaming milk each time, but after the second steaming the machine had got hot and I couldn't keep the temp down to 80, it kept heading back up to 100 seconds after I'd run the water through post-ste
  7. I have just bought an Ascaso Dream but have been getting very wet pucks and, on less fine grinds, craters. I now understand that this is because I have a 'versatile' model which means shower screen/dispersion plate does not have enough holes to brew ground coffee properly. Furthermore my model does not have a pipe into the drip tray as seen on this model here: Ascaso Dream but not on this one here Does that mean I do not have a 3 way solenoid either? Anyone got any advice? Especially whether I can get a shower screen and convert it? Not my model selection BTW... Than
  8. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could offer me some advice on my Ascaso Dream Versatile. I recently purchased a ground coffee only conversion kit with the wider dispersion screen and since installing this I've noticed this has considerably lowered the group head, (probably up to 8mm) this has caused dosing problems with my baskets, especially the single one. I cant seem to get a sufficient amount of ground coffee in the basket without struggling to attach the portafilter....it's just too tight!! I'm not sure these kits are actually made by Ascaso or after market? Has anyone else experienc
  9. The Ascaso Dream looks a nice bit of kit. But can't seem to find any reviews....Any help would be appreciated. Its a mine field of expresso machines and grinders out there...Also thinking of the Gaggia Baby.
  10. Hi all, After my Ascaso Dream packed up yet again, and after much deliberation I have just bought a Silvia from Has Bean. After emailing Steve to check stock etc I ordered it about 11.00am yesterday and 10.00am this morning it arrived! Unbelivably good service! Got it all set up and can't belive how strong it feels, the portafilter alone is heavy enough! Spent the afternoon playing with my new toy, shots are getting there, need more practice/coffee The only thing I did notice when pulling a shot was a slight water leak from the grouphead, maybe not tightening enough or too muc
  11. Does anyone know if I can convert an Ascaso Dream ESE Pod Expresso Maker to Grounds? I have attached a photo of the machine above. I have found a ground conversion kit at Fairfax Coffee. However that is not listed as for this model - and the filter on this machine looks different. With regards Jeff
  12. jeffmurray


    Hello I am Jeff an Aussie working in Glasgow. I am about to upgrade my setup to an Ascaso Dream Up. I currently have a Breville Cafe Aroma with an upgraded filter holder from Canada (turned aluminum in place of the moulded plastic). The Breville has done me proudly for over 4 years. However my wife has gone cream coloured retro in the kitchen and the stainless steel looks out of place now. I use Starbucks beans as I haven't worked out a great place to get freshly roasted ones yet. There is a tea place in town that sells Coffee (Whittard) and I did try their's once - however the S
  13. This post is in response to a request from Glenn about my thoughts on the Ascaso Dream & i mini grinder. I have had the Dream for about 16 months and find it a very good machine, it looks good, heats up quickly and is easy to use and maintain, the only parts I have replaced are the brew head gaskets (from Fairfax) as there was a water leak from the top of the unit. If anyone attempts this job it is quite simple but I would recommend that you get the correct posidrive screwdriver as the screws are very tight and it would be easy to damage the screwheads with the wrong tool. The o
  14. mike 100

    Hi All

    Joined a while ago, forgot to say hi, been a coffee lover for a while and its now got "serious" ! Ascaso Dream - i mini grinder - proper cups from Coffee Cups Uk quality beans etc etc Mike
  15. greetings all new to this forum so here goes! I have an ascaso dream which has started to leak from around the top of the heating element when under pressure, i have ordered a "brew head seal/gasket set" and intend to fit it myself in the hope it will cure the problem, i wondered if anyone has changed these seals, and if it is a simple job and will it cure the problem. I also wondered if any dream users had changed the original shower screen etc to improve the crema I belive that Seattle Coffee Gear supply a kit for this purpose ( US only) which looks very similar to something that
  16. Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting my wife a coffee machine for Christmas, but alas I have no idea about coffee. I occasionally drink a cup at work with milk and 2 sugars (judging from the name of this website I'm pretty sure that's as close to blasphemy as I can get - sorry!) and always have a hot chocolate every time we go out somewhere. I have a tenancy to waffle on so I'm going to bullet point the rest of this post and hope you lovely people can help me out a bit - please excuse any stupidly simple questions! I've tried to do a little research already I have a budget
  17. My favourite espresso machine is the Ascaso Dream it is a great design that graces my kitchen worktops with elegance, I love it. It makes fantastic espressos for me and the misses’ morning, noon and night. I have had it for a year now and wouldn’t be without it. I have really only got into espresso after going on holiday to Rome now that’s how to enjoy a coffee in the morning at the bottom of The Spanish Steps watching the crowds go by. Which is your favourite espresso machine?
  18. I have just bought an Ascaso dream .It came set up for ground coffee only with a one and two cup basket. My wife is not happy with grinding and tamping and so on and would be ok using pods when I'm not at home .So I bought a Kit 10 which has a one and two cup pressurised baskets and a plain basket for pods with a small diffuser plate and a short set screw.Will someone who has fitted a kit 10 please tell me exactly how to fit things together as the kit has no instructions or illustrations. Many thanks Gerry
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