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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, Selling this on behalf of someone who no longer has a use for it after opening their cafe. It was bought from Machina in May 2018, so roughly 18-20months old. Warranty was only 1 year so has expired. Machine is in very good condition having had very little use in a home environment. Collection only from Edinburgh. Images to follow ASAP. Price: £700 ono.
  2. Hi all, Relatively new to the forum and yet to own a coffee setup. I'm after a bit of advice about purchasing my first grinder and machine! Exciting!! I'm currently using an aeropress which is good but I'm more of an espresso kinda guy. I drink 2-3 coffees a day, maybe more if I can make a decent cup! I'm limited on space so I think an Appartamento would be suitable machine for the space I have, are there any other machines anyone can think of that would fit this criteria? I'd prefer a HX machine to a single boiler, are there any DB that would be suitable? I have a budget of £1500 for both machine and grinder. I'm after purchasing both second hand hopefully from the forum. In terms of a grinder I think I'd prefer to single dose so a HG 1 may suit my needs. Can anyone recommend a single dosing grinder that could be a good alternative? Any help/ guidance is greatly appreciated. I've read so many posts on here, it's very addictive!
  3. Purchased December 2016 from Machina Espresso Used to make 1 or 2 shots a day for 18 months - was used on a timer In excellent condition - usual drip tray and cup warmer micro scratches Only used in a soft water area with filtered water All original accessories and packaging £800 - Collection from Chester Link to gallery: https://imgur.com/a/RPDn1ss Naked portafilter in photos available as an extra
  4. Hello, Long time lurker first time poster. I'm looking to upgrade my automatic bean to cup, been thinking of a Rocket Appartanento with a Mignon grinder. Does anyone know if these are likely to go on sale for Black Friday, or are these types of machines / equipment normally only reduced when newer models come in to play?
  5. Hello - I need one more post to be able to access the marketplace so thought I'd post a pic of my setup. It's quite modest compared to some of the other setups on here but I'm very happy with it! Next steps: probably Acaia Lunar scales and a decent tamper!
  6. Gobbosp


    Evening all So after having my appartamento for 3 weeks i thought id treat it to a backfluah and clean the portafilters. I cant believe how dirty it has become in such a short space of time. How frequently should we be doing this say the machine does around four coffees a day. Should we wipe down the shower screen every coffee? How often should the steam wand be cleaned bearing in mind in is purged every time? Are there any other things we should be doing either daily / weekly / monthly to maintain the machine and the taste of our beverage. Any thoughts appreciated Steve
  7. I was using my Appartamento yesterday and all of a sudden I noticed the gauge (steam boiler) spike well beyond the green zone, to over 2 BAR. At the same time it made an awful noise and pressure was automatically released via the 3-way solenoid valve (that also removes excess water from the group head as you move the brew lever down to end your extraction). I immediately turned the machine off and watched the gauge drop back down to about 1 BAR. I then turned it back on and see if I can assist with reducing steam boiler pressure by opening the steam wand. Steaming functionality worked fine, but the gauge continued to climb. I turned the machine off, for good, and let it completely cool down. Hours later, I turned it on but the machine would not heat up - the needle wouldn't move and I had zero steam or hot water (from the spigot). I did, however, still have group head pressure. I called Seattle Coffee Gear, where I purchased it, and they had me take it apart to reset the t-stat. I did so, turned it on again, and could now hear the heating element kicking on to warm the machine. When I inquired about root cause, their thoughts were that the steam pressure release valve wasn't releasing excess steam pressure - perhaps it was partially clogged with a coffee ground particle or two. This could be, as I used to keep my towel on top of the machine to dry. I witnessed this valve open while the lid was off, so I know it at least works some of the time. This was a good sign, and regular functionality returned (machine didn't go over 1.3 bar). I made a few more drinks and called it a day. I was eager to try it out again this morning - and, unfortunately, the same problem occurred. At least this time it didn't throw the t-stat, as I turned it off immediately and didn't turn it on until steam pressure significantly dropped, and when I did turn it on I again assisted removing some pressure via both the steam and hot water spigot. Has anybody else experienced this issue with their Rocket? Thank you, -Jeff
  8. After some online research and having played, but not extensively, with a couple of mates' machines, then signing up to this forum yesterday and receiving some informative feedback and suggestions I found the opportunity to go to Bella Barista today. It was certainly an enlightening hour or so and I couldn't have been looked after better. I guess they're very used to dealing with idiots like me. It led me to think that the right answer for me is a Rocket Appartamento and a Eureka Mignon. I could start with a Rancilio Silvia but the compromise seems great. Taking the step up to a HX machine seems sensible enough and I feel I can see the benefits. I "get" how the HX machines work, I want to make predominantly flat whites and other drinks requiring milk steaming. Beyond this level I think I'll be too much of a novice to miss what I don't have, and I suspect that'll remain the case for a long time, maybe ever. So my conclusion at this point is it's this or something similar. The ECM is another £130 for marginally better build quality and quietness, but I get the feeling that these ECM quality points apply less at this level than in their dual boiler machine with the lever taps and proprietary group head. And the small size of the Rocket is nice. The premium for the Rocket over the Expobar isn't much, aesthetics alone are perhaps enough to justify it and there seems a clear suggestion anyway of difference in quality between the two. Anyway, for my purposes I think I'd be making the same shot with any of these machines, with beans, grinder and technique being the difference, not the machine at all. And the Mignon just seems to work at that price point. At this point in my life I don't see that for me the alternatives justify the extra cost and as and when that changes it's easy enough to sell. Plus it seems easily user serviceable which I very much like about both it and the espresso machines. So my question is - what am I missing? What other machines and/or grinders should I consider? Is my logic right? It also strikes me that perhaps I don't go looking for a second hand setup, which I thought would be my more likely option, simply because I think to end up with something broadly similar I'd be looking at near enough £1000 anyway, and I'm not sure that's a saving enough to lose backup, warranties, choice and a bit of shiny newness. Although that logic may be flawed for grinders with easy burr replacement. I'm a newbie. Quite a few years of Aeropress, V60 and a grinder that would certainly not do any espresso machine justice. And lots of ok and fewer good coffees bought from cafes. But I've never owned an espresso machine. All caffeinated wisdom greatly appreciated...
  9. Hi, I've just had a new Appartamento. The packaging looks like it's had a hard life in transit so I just wanted to be sure everything was working as it should be. The pressure gauge on the machine machine when fully warmed up will go to just below 1 bar, then over about 30 seconds drop to about 0.7 bar, I'll hear the boiler come on, and it'll go back to just under 1 bar, where it immediately starts to drop again. Is this right? From what I've read I got the impression that the gauge should be more static at just under 1 bar. Thanks.
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