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  1. I think I need a new Aeropress. Recently, when I start "the plunge", the air expels instantly so the plunger makes direct contact with the ground coffee. Anybody got any thoughts please?
  2. Having gotten my Lido 3, I couldn't resist a purchase of the Aeropress. It's arriving tomorrow (thank you Amazon Prime), what Lido 3 grind settings have you guys found to be good for use in the Aeropress? Searching online, there seems to be a whole concoction of variation, ranging from 8 to 16 notches?
  3. Is anyone trying square miles' current redbrick espresso in an aeropress or similar? I bought some for my girlfriend to use with her aeropress as she prefers a slightly darker roast, with more nutty flavours, than most good roasters do for filter. She's previously been a massive fan of the redbrick in her aeropress too. Anyway, right now we're really struggling to get anything that tastes close to balanced with these. First it came out sour, then just a little tighter on the grind seems to reduce the sourness somewhat (though not completely) but somehow completely flatten out the flavour profile - it tastes of barely anything at all. Other beans etc seem to work fine with this grinder/brewer combo (it's a Timemore Chestnut, which is basically a stepped Helor 101 with the conventional burrs), so I'm not sure where to go here. I'm gonna give things a go with my Lido E later, potentially try MWJB's 'long steep' immersion method, but just thought I'd ask to see if anyone else had any struggles with this bean, and if they had any tips on brewing it. Previous goes with this blend (well, different blend of course, but same label) on aeropress have been super easy - basically impossible to get tasting bad. Cheers
  4. Aeropress for sale, essentially brand new and fully boxed. It’s been used a handful of times, but all accessories included are still untouched. Bought it, before realising, it’s much easier to make batch pour-over than 2 aeropress brews at once. Asking £20 delivered. Thanks for dropping by!
  5. Hey, I use an aeropress for work and I’m enjoying the long steep method by far after reading about it on here. I’m finding the coffee so clean and I can really taste some of the complexities. Lately I tried Horsham Coffee Roasters Kenyan Kianderi, which has been my favourite so far. Tasting notes of Rhubarb, Blackcurrant and Toffee. I just went to their site to purchase some more and unfortunately they don’t stock this bean anymore. So I’m after some recommendations for a good bean to try in my aeropress. Thanks, Tony
  6. Hey people, I'm away for a few days so the Aeropress is getting an outing! I've seen this recipe on the Feldgrind thread: Feldgrind set to 1:6 and 45 second pour/steep/press (for a total time of 2.15) but just wondering if anyone has any other recipes/tips? Cheers!
  7. Hey, I have a Rhinowares grinder and wondering if anyone has some more accurate settings I could use for brewing with pour over and french press. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  8. As title suggests, I will very soon be espresso-machine-less but I frequently use espresso in my cake recipes. I'm wondering how I could make brewed coffee concentrated enough to get the same flavour in cakes and buns by possibly using an aeropress. Something like 10g ground coffee into 20g coffee concentrate using a very fine grind and a hard press? Any experienced Aeropress users ever tried making very strong/concentrated brews? Cheers
  9. Hi, currently have Aeropress but looking for a Gaggia Classic. Can anyone recommend me a hand grinder for each / both? TIA...
  10. Hi to all, I am relatively new to all the various bean roasts, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a good Bean specific to V60, Chemex, Aeropress, French Press, you get the idea, I have found that Roasters that offer beans that can be used for any method have a taste that is random or chocolate based and for me masking the rest of the flavours that are supposed to be present, maybe it's my fault, anyway I am after a decent bean that can offer a brew that has very distinctive fruit flavours, just had Arcangel - Bolivia from Foundry which was sensational for any method, any help or recommendations would great.
  11. For the Aeropress, I have found darker roasts seem to cope well with more grams in, whereas medium/lighter roasts seem to cope better with less grams for the same amount of water (and all else things equal). Is this right? Or do I need to adjust something else? I find I can get away with 15g for darker roasts (for 220g), but I find I need to go down to 11.5g for a couple of medium roasts I have been trying recently.
  12. Hi all, What's the difference in tasting notes between flat and conical grinds for brewing? I'm in the market for an electric grinder that will be dedicated to V60, Chemex and Aeropress, as well as the occasional French press. I see that one of the key decisions to make is whether to go with flat or conical burrs. Thoughts...? Recommendations on a grinder...?
  13. Not sure if anyone else has seen this but I’m certainly interested
  14. I was wondering how many people take milk with their brewed coffee and if so, how? I'm thinking that it probably flattens out a lot of the more subtle flavours in good coffee and for me personally the point of drinking good coffee is to taste these flavours. Should I therefore be thinking of ditching the white stuff? (I realise it's ultimately personal preference but this is more about how to optimise the flavour that I'm working hard to achieve) I'm currently using an aeropress and feldgrind/sage sgp but looking in to a kalita and chemex potentially
  15. PREMIUM KITCHEN PRO manual coffee grinder with ADJUSTABLE CERAMIC CONICAL BURR Mill, AEROPRESS, espresso compatible, BEST Coffee bean grind Maker for Travel, Camping, Hiking, Outdoor, full STAINLESS https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B015EWL750/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_eP55zbD4KVY7V Found this on amazon and wondered if anyone had used one before? Seems a pretty big reduction in price!
  16. Hello all, I've been obsessed with filter coffee brewing (Able Kone, Kalita Wave, Aeropress) for the last decade and have been meaning to get into home espresso for sometime now. Had a HG-1 but sold it and replaced it for a Wilfa since I stayed with filter. Visited the UK many, many times and am a proud Anglophile and Welshophile (yes, I'm fully aware that not all Welsh and English would claim both ) having spent long periods of time in both countries. Cheers, Asaf
  17. So. Recently unpacked my feldgrind. Instruction says 1.6-1.10 for aeropress. Wow! it is SO MUCH finer than im used to grinding with hario skerton! Its almost espresso like fine grind! now all my coffe is just off on this fine grind! I was very happy with 1 scoop of beans for aeropress, 2 scoops for clever dripper, fill with as much water as i can fit in, leave for 20min and drink it! now after 20 minutes coffe tastes super bitter (currently rave signature blend). This morning tried 1 minute brew on aeropress. quite a bit better. What should i adjust first? try to get as rough grind as i was used to on my old grinder? mess around with coffe/water ratios? brew timings? or maybe i was drinking "wrong" coffe for the past year and this is how it is supposed to taste? When i have spare 50£, i will order scale also. than ill start messing around with pour over recipes. for past year "a scoop of beans" and "as much water as i can fit in" was good enough for me... now im slowly trying to improve! SLOWLY!
  18. Jez H


  19. So I’m wanting to move my aeropress on. I’ve used it probably 9/10 times. It’s comes boxed and as seen in the pictures. Price is £20 including postage. *edit* offers welcome
  20. Hi, I'm selling my Aeropress with all of the original accessories, plus an extra Aerdisc - metal brewing disc (unused) and the Able rubber plunger cap. The device is almost new, used up to 10 times. The pack with the original paper filters is unopened. Price is 25 euro plus delivery. Thanks
  21. Is £150 a good price for a used Rancilio Rocky, and would it be a useful machine if I only really make aeropress or v60? This might be covered in another place so please redirect me if so!
  22. I've recently found myself only really drinking Aeropress coffee. I like espresso drinks but I'm not a huge milk drinker so find the process lengthy for essentially the same drink I could have in a minute or two. Are there anyways to spice up my espresso routine or to make it a little simpler? I'm currently using a Gaggia Classic and a Saeco Pro grinder. P.s I haven't mentioned this near my partner as I have my allocated space. Don't want to relinquish that if I don't need to!
  23. Hey! I really love my Aeropress, but after following Aeropress champions on Instagram I've seen there's loads of different ways to do it - can anyone share how they prepare theirs at home? Would love to see if I can get more flavour out of it (:
  24. Hi all, I'm looking at getting a new grinder for V60 and aeropress. I've got my eye on the Wilfa grinder, but had a quick look on ebay and see there are quite a number of second commercial grade grinders (they seem to be primarily espresso). Would I be better off with the former or splurging on the latter? One of the motivations for going with the second hand commercial grinder is the longevity of the machine. Budget-wise I'm looking at £100-200 Cheers
  25. Spare AeroPress filters - 4 packs of 350 papers each. All brand new never opened. £19 posted within UK.
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