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  1. Well, the title should say it all. Inspired by the Rate My Brew Slurry [RMBS?] thread, this is for those of us who don't have a slurry and wouldn't know how to rate one if they did Here's a pretty typical example of my regular puck:
  2. Hey, I use an aeropress for work and I’m enjoying the long steep method by far after reading about it on here. I’m finding the coffee so clean and I can really taste some of the complexities. Lately I tried Horsham Coffee Roasters Kenyan Kianderi, which has been my favourite so far. Tasting notes of Rhubarb, Blackcurrant and Toffee. I just went to their site to purchase some more and unfortunately they don’t stock this bean anymore. So I’m after some recommendations for a good bean to try in my aeropress. Thanks, Tony
  3. I'm wondering if anybody has an aeropress that isn't being used and you'd like to move on to a good home? Thanks in advance, Joe
  4. I've been struggling recently with making espresso drinks as I don't have time in a morning to make one but I don't drink coffee in the evening (it really effects my sleep!) I make a lot of aeropress or filter coffee as I can normally crack one out in about 5-10 minutes. Are there any other methods that are equally easy to do that provide great results - or is there a way I can attempt to squeeze an espresso into my coffee routine. Haven't felt like I can post as much recently as I basically make the same coffee every morning! (I do enjoy it though!)
  5. Every brew I make with my aeropress tastes sour, could this be because I'm grinding my coffee too course?
  6. I've been experimenting recently with different Aeropress filter combinations and wondered what others used. I didn't realise until recently there was such a big difference between paper and metal filters and currently I prefer the metal filter for a cleaner taste (albeit less clean cup!) Do you have a particular combination, multiple filters, filter sandwich?
  7. Today I brewed an @MWJB V60 recipe using dutch O2 white paper filters,13.5g Pact Finca la Esperanza, 225ml tap water from a Brita filter jug and a feldgrind setting of 2+5. i followed the recipe using 6 x 35g pours after a 15g/30 sec bloom. The last pour was at 2:10 and the final drawdown was 4:10 - the recipe indicated an average drawdown of 3:10 +/- 15 secs. The result was bitter, astringent and not worth drinking. I then used the same recipe and timings but with a feldgrind setting of 3+5 and achieved a drawdown of 3:35. While the coffee was sweeter, less bitter, not astringent it also
  8. Hi, I am looking to get my Aeropress out again & was looking for a 'go to' bean that is a good start & great taste. I am a noob & just trying to find something good. Unfortunately it would have to be pre ground as I don't have a grinder....yet
  9. I've seemingly ended up with one of those cheap espresso machines by complete accident - you know the type, claims to be 15 bars and do perfect espresso in 30s -_- , and it's thrown me quite a bit as to what direction I want to go in right now. Previously I'd almost exclusively used an aeropress, and occasionally a french press, with somewhat alright results but a knock-off porlex from amazon and a coffee subscription (shout-out to Pumphreys of Newcastle for that) has changed all that for good. A couple of days having to spend in excess of 5 minutes each time grinding up beans, slo
  10. Hi All.Newbie here, so please be easy on me. After drinking mainly instant then Netspresso for many years, Ive decided to go for an espresso setup. I mainly drink tall (not too) milky coffee but used heated miIk rather than frothed. (I'm a bit non plussed about the foam)., and then topped up with hot water. I was introduced to the Aeropress by a work colleague in the office (Trying to get a private electrical appliance PAT tested in a big office is impossible), so got one myself. To partner this after much research brought a Knock Feldgrind. (I've since added the aero grind). I now use th
  11. For the Aeropress, I have found darker roasts seem to cope well with more grams in, whereas medium/lighter roasts seem to cope better with less grams for the same amount of water (and all else things equal). Is this right? Or do I need to adjust something else? I find I can get away with 15g for darker roasts (for 220g), but I find I need to go down to 11.5g for a couple of medium roasts I have been trying recently.
  12. As per title. I have a very little used aeropress. I prefer pour over and espresso and just end up never using it. Probably had no more than 10 uses. What you see is what you get. £16 posted.
  13. I recently took delivery of the Quindio Decaf from Crankhouse and using the standard Aeropress guidance and brewing at 80-85c the resulting coffee was consistently sour despite changing grind, steep time etc. I contacted Dave, the owner of Crankouse to get his advice and he suspected that the coffee was being under-extracted due to low water temperature and referred me to the Coffee Compass on the Barista Hustle website. It's an interesting approach to identifying problems with coffee and potential solutions to correct them. As a starting point, the rule is that boiling water is always used an
  14. Hi all, selling my Lido 3 grinder, purchased new (CoffeeHit - Jan 16). Comes boxed with instructions, neoprene travel bag, hopper stopper, cleaning brush and hex tool. Fantastic grinder, condition is excellent, only used for Aeropress and V60 at home. Unfortunately, it just hasn't had much use. £120 delivered https://www.coffeehit.co.uk/lido-3-hand-coffee-grinder.html Note - The black paint around the very bottom "rim" (catch jar) is prone to come off on these (a design flaw i would say). So, no matter how well i polished, protected and cared for
  15. Any toughened glass servers around? Brewista glass server withstood pressure of aeropress extraction, but was otherwise easily chipped & cracked. Thanks for any suggestions !
  16. For a little while I'll be using my mignon grinder just with my aeropress. I'd like to be able to make a good aeropress americano style coffee without dosing the beans or using any scales if possible. So basically I want to grind straight in to the aeropress itself. Is there anyone doing this so unscientificaly too? Perhaps a reasonable rule of thumb is a set length of time grinding on the mignon or perhaps some visible way of knowing how much to grind.
  17. Anyone have an aeropress funnel languishing at the back of their cupboard - I'm after one but can't seem to find one separately for sale at a reasonable price?
  18. I think it's coming - they're expecting to start shipping in August I think. Anyone preordered? I might. It seems a decent price for a well thought out bit of kit. I don't know how well the grind adjustments are suited (are the spacings too big per setting?). No idea if it'll do for dialing in espresso but it should do aeropress, moka (touch coarser than aeropress for me), French press and drip styles pretty well. I like the handle being side mounted.
  19. Aeropress with this patio dried caturra that I've decided I really like from Has Bean (The washed stuff is dull dull dull in comparison). It cupped amazingly, and I wondered why I couldn't just do something similar for the Aeropress so... 15g of coffee 220g of water Inverted 95C!! 6 on my old school EK dial Leave for 2:30, flip and leave for 30 to let things settle a bit, plunge over 20-25 and stop when you can see the sludge, don't go any further(!!). I'd be interested to see what my EY is with this but the fruits they are popping and it tastes like it cupped - I'm
  20. Hi all. Been lurking for a while and learned some useful tips. I have been using Aeropress for a few months and have recently started experimenting with the 02 size plastic V60, which I think I prefer, partly due to the larger volume of coffee it can make. I have been alternating between a Dualit 75015 electric grinder and hand grinders, namely the Rhinowares mini grinder and a Hario Skerton I picked up cheaply on a whim. It could be psychological, but I think the flavour from coffee ground manually is a bit better than when using the Dualit. I wonder if the effort of han
  21. I'm currently thinking about adding a new brewing method to my household. I currently have a Gaggia Classic, Aeropress and French Press, all served by the Lido E grinder (which i love!). My question is, which is the best method and best (single) piece of kit if i want to brew a single cup for myself OR a larger volume (max - 4 people). Currently, I only have a french press capable of this (heating time for multiple shots on Classic is a bit of a pain) but would like a pour over method for this too. I'm thinking along the lines of V60 or Chemex (or similar) but are these good for single and
  22. Although I have drunk nice coffee for a good 20 years, I always make it the same way, in a french press. Later in the year, I will treat myself to an espresso machine however until this time, I am looking for an alternative method to brewing a delicious cup. I must admit that prior to joining this forum, I was not aware of half the methods used and since finding out about aeropress, chemex, drippers, brewt, carafe brewer, my head is spinning. I like my coffee dark and strong and so my question is, which of the above would give me the best chance to brew and drink my coffee and a
  23. After years of toiling away with my espresso machines and technique there, I've been influenced by the fixie riding, thick rimmed spectale wearing, beard growing hipster crew and have decided to get an aeropress to play about with. Looking for a few suggestions though: Stockists - I'd like to buy from a forum sponser. I know that Bella Barista sponsor the forum, anyone else worth looking at too? Grinder - I have a mazzer mini E for my espresso machine and I'm used to dialling that in for my espresso machine, but I'm less sure about how easy it would be to move between using that for
  24. Morning all, I've just finished my first cup of coffee from my freshly ground beans which were ground on my porlex and brewed with my aeropress. I just wanted to provide my thoughts and ask a few questions because I found the overall experience to be just ok. This was the method that I used: - coffee was from hasbean - brazil fazenda cachoeira de grama bourbon pulped natural. - I took the porlex and tightened all the way to clockwise and then turned it back 10 clicks as advised in a previous post - I placed the filter in the cap and poured boiling water through it to clean
  25. During October 2010 we anticipate welcoming our 1000th member to Coffee Forums UK a remarkable feat considering we are only just over 2 years old To celebrate we are giving away an Aeropress All registered members who have posted at least once will be entered into a random draw to win this prize Thankyou to everyone who has posted so far! If you've been following Coffee Forums UK for some time but have not yet posted, you'll notice that we are a friendly bunch who like to share our knowledge, and would love to welcome you onboard Posts in the introduction section
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