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  1. Hi All, It has been just over 12 months since I last posted here and whilst I have been lurking, I've found my interest in coffee has dwindled. I have reached a point where I am no longer sure that the equipment I have is right for me and generally just need to decide on a direction to go in. Owing to the amount of money I have invested in this (which is nothing compared to some of you!), I'm hesitant to make any rush decisions without first seeking advice. Rewind back to 2015, having moved from the good ol' cafetiere to a Hario V60 dripper and Mini-mill, something possessed me to p
  2. Hi all... I've painted all my life and within the past year decided to pluck up the courage to set up my own online shop to sell my watercolour paintings and prints, i've exhibited but I'm trying to think of new ways to push myself and get my work out there.. I was wondering about coffee shop wall art? Do you ( or anybody you know) display artists work for sale? Do you think my work would fit into a coffee shop vibe?? which prints? I thought i'd ask around relevant places online first before going into my local coffee shops ( i'm nervous!) Any advice much appreciated. Don't wa
  3. Speciality Barista based in Worcester, working in a cafe in the Cotswolds. Brew enthusiast, proud owner of a lot of coffee gear! Would like to experience working in a Roastery. So learning as much as I can on that front. Active on Reddit in r/coffee and r/barista; people seem to like my advice there. Hoping I can shed some light on some products that I haven't seen reviewed here. If anyone can Direct me to a Review forum on here (if one exists), that would be great, I can't find one haha! Looking forward to learn a lot from everyone, and do my part in helping others as well. Ch
  4. Anyone recommend a metal filter to fit V60-02? This won't replace paper filters for my daily, but I would like to have one for experimentation/the occasional cup. Does this fit in V60-02?: I know it's designed for Kinto's own brewers. https://coffeetastingclub.com/accessories/kinto-scs-02-sf-stainless-steel-filters-2cups/ I have no budget. Thanks.
  5. My current pour over methods are Chemex, V60, Kalita Wave 155 and GINA by Goat Story. Is the Kalita 101/102 worth adding to my gear? How does it compare to other methods? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hello everyone, As a complete beginner looking to buy a machine I wondered if anyone could put up there espresso/flat white making process, Such as how long you warm your machine up for, Do you grind your beans just before you pull a shot. I'm trying to work out how much time I'll be devoting to the obsession of decent coffee! I wasn't too sure what forum section to put it in.
  7. Hi everyone Firstly, apologies! I've not posted in a very long time here. Now, for the first time in ages, I've hit a snag with my coffee making equipment and I reckoned this would be the best place to ask for advice. For the last couple of years, I've been using a Mazzer Super Jolly for all my brewing that's Chemex, Aeropress, and espresso but, quite frankly, I'm bored of trying to deal with the doser all the time. I know there are people out there who have modded their SJs by removing the doser and replacing it with a funnel or a spout, and there are loads of tweaks to the doser
  8. I've had a Vario for a good few years and whilst I've gotten a lot of good use out of it there have been a number of quality/build issues. Had to switch the motor out about 5 months ago and recently the new one burnt out too, so think it might be time to move on. I mostly make brewed coffee at home - Kalita wave, v60, chemex, aeropress, french press. I do have a Gaggia Evolution for espresso that still ticks along okay although also getting on a bit, but I do enjoy making espresso on the weekends. In looking for a replacement I'm hearing some concerning things re the Sette, which mig
  9. Hi All, Having got myself a ECM Sykronika, I have discovered my current grinder is not meeting my expectations ( an 8 yr old Mignon with Doser ). I am looking at the following as options, but am keen to try and get to a 65mm burr size if I can. I also have a height restriction of 50cm ( total height ) so would be looking at a smaller hopper so as to help with access to refill. I am keen on doserless, on demand grinder. Timer preferred and weight dispensed would be amazing. Budget sub £600 Options I have thought of; Eureka Atom Eureka Atom 65 Eureka Zenith 65 Firenza
  10. Coffee drinker for some time now. Europiccola and Ascaso grinder. Espresso machine in pieces and here looking for advice.
  11. Hey Guys, I've recently fixed up two la pavoni's I've bought on Ebay. The idea was to kinda fix up and learn about Lever Machines as I'm used to a Rancilio Silvia, and sell off the machines I no longer use. After much more repair that I had anticipated, I have gotten them both working, one is a Post-Millennium and another is a Pre-Millennium machine. The Post-Millenium machine I have works beautifully. After a short while I was making what I considered better coffee than my Silvia. It's easier to adjust the slightly course/fine grind with the pressure you manually apply with this m
  12. Hi, I have just bought a Delonghi scultura ECZ351 coffee machine, up to now it’s not been going too bad with limited knowledge of using these machines, i had a tassimo prior. I have 2 different coffees for it at the moment which is starbucks house blend and Illy coffee medium ground. A couple of basic questions i have is: If i want to make the coffee stronger would i be best changing the filter holder to the 2 cup one that you can add 2 scoops of coffee into, as i cannot see any other way to change the strength or flow of coffee, i have tried pressing down harder on the ta
  13. Hi i'm James from Liverpool, new on here. Just bought this new machine and thought I’d try and get some opinions on the machine or coffee's in general before i delve into using it. I bought the machine because i do really love a nice coffee, i did have a tassimo machine which is ok but it’s hard to find something you really like and then you can't change it how you would like it either. Anyway, i now have this Delonghi machine, seems to get decent reviews given its price, seems to be one of the better machines in its price range, so seems pretty good. I've not actually s
  14. I've been gradually getting more and more into coffee over the past 3 years from when I bought my first espresso machine (delonghi dedica). I'm currently using a hario skerton as my grinder. I feel as though my current setup is giving little consistency and that I could get more out of my beans with better equipment! I'm just a little confused as to the best way forward.. I consistently read that the grinder is perhaps the most important part of the process and so am thinking of going for something like the sage smart grinder Pro. I know it isn't the best grinder but I really don't
  15. Hi everyone. I’m looking to upgrade. I had a Francis Francis x1, then Nespresso when we had twins for the ease. It’s now time to get something decent. I was going to buy the sage barista express but I’m now tempted by the lelit anita. Any advice? My budget is around £500. I’d love a La Pavoni but I’m not sure I can commit the time and am a bit worried about small children being burnt. Any help greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi All, Hoping for some advice with a new grinder for the home setup. Currently have Compak K6 for espresso with my Gaggia Classic, but she's a little on the larger size* and I'm keen to reclaim some space in the kitchen. I'm looking for a grinder with a smaller footprint and can fit under my counter top, so around 400mm in max height. I don't use it heavily, perhaps 5-8 doubles a week and single dose preferable. Price range ideally around the £150-£300 bracket, but I've some flex in there. Definitely more interested in the quality of what it produces over the looks. From what I c
  17. A couple of weeks ago my Krups Novo 2300 died on me. I know its not the machine of choice, but when I got it 18 years ago I was very happy with it as a huge step up from just having a cafetiere and who fanatasied about being able to have a tasty espresso at home! After a very short period of research, a 2nd hand Gaggic Classic seemed a decent bet, and when one turned up on Ebay in my locality and including a MM grinder too I was keen to buy and now have it sitting in my kitchen. I've been using it for a week or so and (for me) am perfectly happy with what I'm getting out of it at the mo
  18. Looking for an upgrade from a MK Vario for espresso, ideally around £600 and happy with used. I get a bit lost reading grinder reviews because there's lots of text about ease of use, retention, speed, etc, but very little about grind quality – which I understand because it's harder to quantify objectively. The best espresso I ever had was from an EK43 and the shop aimed for high extraction. I know it's not that simple in practice, but say that's my metric. Given that I can't afford an EK43, what's my best option for getting high extraction out of the common 65mm+ grinders? How do the
  19. Hi folks, I'm new to the forum. The first coffee forum I have ever registered. Really love good coffee. (Fav: 1. flat white 2. latte) I bought my Oracle in April 2016. Still excited about it. I use it every day. (still, I would still consider myself the worst Barista ever, but that's for another day...) Question: I had to buy a single filter basket from Sage for my Oracle. Back when I bought the Oracle, the single filter basket didn't exist. So, I bought one and I couldn't be any more disappointed with it. Same settings, but results are so much worse. I get more than double the
  20. Hi there I'm buying a Vesuvius on the ACS Christmas deal, which I'm incredibly excited about! I have a question about the steam arm, which usually comes on the left hand side. It is possible to swap it with the hot water and put it on the right hand side, which I'm tempted to do as I'm right handed and previous experience with a steam arm on the right hand side has felt intuitively correct. However, I notice in a Bellabarista document from way back when a prototype was tested that the steam wand was initially on the right hand side but its position was reversed. So - does anyone
  21. Hi guys, not been on here awhile but Im looking to update my 350ml pitcher as I've notice the spout is not inline with the handle, it was probable a cheep as it came with the setup. Ive logged into amazon.co.uk and there's loads, so looking for some pointers as to a good one or make please. I am looking to improve my latte art skills, whether that makes any difference to the choice.
  22. Hi all, I recently acquired a new Moccamaster thermos edition with a Baratza Virtuoso, I started off the grind at 20 on the Virtuoso and typically I will make 500g of coffee with 30g coffee to 500g water. With the grind at 20 it was super astringent and sharp. My best results so far have been with a grind of 12 but I have just tried 10 which took 3m25s to brew. From what I have read I’m looking for a 3m to 3m30s brew time with half capacity, however am I not quite fine at 10-12 on the Virtuoso. Will the 10-12 grind translate to a full batch should I brew one? Or would I most likely hAve t
  23. Hello fellow coffee addicts, My first post on here. Ive spent the last couple of weeks exploring the forum for as much info as I can possibly gather and thought I should probably sign up and introduce myself! I've been a Nespresso user for the last 4 years or so (mainly due to convenience), and I'm yearning for more control over my coffee. I have a feeling I have opened up a can of worms with this coffee malarkey. Im an obsessive, perfectionist by nature. Combined with a love of good coffee, I sense this will become both time consuming and expensive! I wonder if anyon
  24. Hi all, I am looking to use tap water here in Dublin, Ireland to brew with. I have some questions about my water filter and water parameters here in Dublin which I have been told is soft water. I currently have a HMA filter set up with which I use to filter my tap water for drinking. It has 3 filters, a sediment filter down to 1 micron, a PCB-10-CM carbon filter which removes chlorine and chloramines and the 3rd filter which is a pentek carbon filter. I have used this water to supply my aquarium but thought I could use it with my tap water to use in an espresso machine.
  25. Hey all, I joined this forum a few weeks ago after purchasing a De'Longhi Eletta ECAM 44.660.B Bean to Cup. After a few weeks I've decided it isn't for me due to average taste in coffee and actually not very hot coffee. Also with reading a lot on this forum I'm going for the more manual option so..... I have a budget of around £500 for a coffee machine and grinder. I've read around the classic and i'm not a big fan of the looks (I know it's not all about the looks) and I think you need to like the look of the machine you are wanting to use. Basically I'm a huge fan of flat whites and want to r
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