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  1. Soooo, bit of a strange one that Im hoping someone has the knowledge to help me with. I've just pulled a couple of shots with the Horsham Pioneer beans with a Gaggia classic, 14g basket. Mc2 grinder. First shot: 14.1g in, 30 out, 19 seconds! Obviously fast with a lot of fines in the cup, bitter-ish taste. Not a great deal of pressure on the tamper. *I adjust for a finer grind (which was annoying knowing there were fines already)* Second shot: 13.9g in, 31g out, 24 seconds. Which still seems fast right? Well, now for the confusing bit... it took 10 seconds after the s
  2. What's your thoughts on these cant find any reviews on them what price used are they
  3. Hi all, It's great to have found a place to discuss about coffee in the UK. I'm new (in a way) to the coffee industry. But I'm not completely new as I grew up in the Colombian coffee region, surrounded by coffee farms. However, I have never worked in anything related to coffee. After my last trip home, I decided to try and now I'm planning to start my own import / export business in the UK. I’m first planning to start as a wholesale agent for a Colombian green coffee exporter that wants to start selling in the UK and Europe. I have been reading a lot about the sector and started
  4. Have permission to get a nice, easy to use machine for the new kitchen. Will mainly be used for lattes, so auto milk is an essential. Not fussed about the auto tamping on the Oracle, but the mrs won’t go for anything much more complicated, so rules out a separate grinder and a Rocket or anything. Has anyone gone from an Oracle non touch to a Barista Touch, or vice versa? With the Sage rebate and Easter offers, the prices are basically the same. Is the older Oracle better with the dual boiler, or the newer Barista Touch? Like the fact the Oracle can be programmed on in the morning, bu
  5. Need to buy a small 10ltr / 12ltr dehumidifier , would appreciate any advise . We live in a small 2 bed apartment so don't need any thing big , unfortunately there's no room for a tumble dryer so this time of the year clothes a getting dried in doors which isn't good . Cheers Dave
  6. Hello, I am in the market for a prosumer espresso machine with stainless steel (SS) internals: - stainless steel boiler(s), HX preferable - rotary pump and - stainless steel brew group. I am very, very, very well aware of the thermal and other various benefits of copper / brass / chrome / etc. internals, no need for extra info, many thanks. I just really, really want SS internals. I have researched the - La Marzocco GS3 and - Slayer espresso single group http://slayerespresso.com/machines/s...roup-espresso/ Are there other machines available with both SS
  7. Hi Guys & Girls. Looking at starting a new online business after I get back off my holiday in November. I've been researching on and off for last 6 years but can't find anything that gives me any real answers. Does anyone know if I was to purchase bulk beans in kilos (already foil packed) opened and repackaged as my own brand, is this illegal? The closest I've come to any information was if I was to say it was packaged by "company". Any advice ? Thanks In Advance.
  8. Hi everyone, My name is Julius Ibrahim, I’m looking to launch Second Shot Coffee, a social enterprise café in London that will train, employ, and support the homeless. I really want to start a movement to push social enterprise into the mainstream by tackling homelessness one espresso at a time! I’m currently crowdfunding to get the initiative off the ground at http://bit.ly/secondshotcoffee and we’ve got one week to go to raise as much funds as possible to help us get started. Would really appreciate your support with pledges but also spreading the word to help us launch and
  9. I KNOW! It's not possible;) but budgets are budgets. People happily use Classics and Silvias, and have to temperature surf and overcome the machine limitations, so I want to see how far I can get with the delonghi all in one. After all the machines 'only' supply pressurised hot water I've started off right, with HasBean Costa Rica Don Mayo Finca Bella Vista Washed Caturra beans, which I have ground on my newly purchased s/h Rocky, with a setting of 7. 16gm of coffee in the portafilter - (modified by me, so no longer pressurised) ISSUE 1 - Built in tamp on the machine, so no idea h
  10. Have a Gaggia Classic from circa 2001 unmodified. Started using again recently but realise I need to invest in some more kit and build my experience. Have been using preground Illy or Lavazza with miserable results. Understand my greatest priority is a grinder. Uncertain whether to go for an Iberital MC2 or buy a cheaper hand grinder and save for a Eureka Mignon. Guess buying a VST unpressurised basket and a decent tamper. Am I right in thinking a 58.35mm would be best or with my fledgling skills would a standard 58mm suit fine? Shouid I try these changes first or do the OPV mod as wel
  11. Been reading the forums and there's so much to choose from... and nothing that really fits the bill. I need to upgrade. Currently finding I can't pull consistent shots on my Gaggia Espresso Deluxe. It's PIDed. The grinder is a Compak K10. Always using fresh beans. My technique has been honed over the last few years. It must be the machine. So, I'm here looking for advice. I'd like to get a HX or DB machine and it needs to be less than 26cm in width. Would be nice if it had pre-infusion, adjustable brew pressure. If a DB, should have a way of turning off the steam boiler, perhaps
  12. Hello everyone, I've decided to buy a gaggia classic I could do with some advice as I want to either buy one that I can recondition myself or one that is already modded. How can I tell if it is a pre 2015 model and what should I look out for buying second hand. Also what generation of classic would people say is the best. Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks
  13. So, I've picked up a Faema Due for an absolute song - the usual cafe closing down story. It came with 2 double basket PFs and a single. So far I've: taken the sides and top off so I could take lots of photos (here) wired it to a 32A switch plumbed in mains water and waste It fires up, seems to be getting up to pressure, and is already making much better espresso than my old Delonghi dual-thermostat jobby. The steam wand is a bit spluttery, but I'm working on it. I've sourced and ordered: new shower screens new seals a blind basket for backflushing some
  14. Can anyone give me some first hand recommendations on a camera set up they use for either indoor or outdoor (if they are weatherproof). Ive read plenty of reviews including NEST etc, but want some real life pro's and cons. Ideally, I'm looking for a single or double (maybe 3 - price dependant) pack of smart cameras, that can be connected to a device, like phone and monitored. This is for nothing more than seeing what my dog gets up to in the day and also having one on the front door to monitor when Parcels are left and bits like that. Cheers all
  15. i currently use a mazer SJ for grinding for the Expobar which is great, i also drink lots of filter and mocha pot coffee which i need to grind a lot courser, i don't want to be messing with the settings on my SJ, would another SJ or something similar grind course enough for filters etc ? thanks
  16. Hi guys New to the forum and also to the world of coffee. Am setting up a new vintage mobile espresso and slow drip brew bar in Worthing west Sussex and would welcome the opportunity to talk to similar business owners for advice and any do's and dont's i should be considering. What grinder and should i be looking at two as will be serving up various single origin coffees pour over style. Have already posted for similar re a dual fuel espresso machine and will also be looking for a local coffee supplier/roaster, someone who can create that special blend for my business. Che
  17. Hi all, I'm new (in a way) to the coffee industry. But I'm not completely new as I grew up in the Colombian coffee region, surrounded by coffee farms. However, I have never worked in anything related to coffee. After my last trip home, I decided to try and now I'm planning to start my own import / export business in the UK. I’m first planning to start as a wholesale agent for a Colombian green coffee exporter that wants to start selling in the UK and Europe. I have been reading a lot about the sector and started researching for potential customers (mostly small and medium roa
  18. I'm descaling my dad's DeLonghi bean-to-cup machine for him. This is its first descaling and everything seemed to be going according to the instructions until about 10 minutes ago, when the cycle stopped. The instructions say that when the cycle finishes, the water and steam indicators flash. But it is the descale and steam indicators which are on. Now I'm wondering whether to cancel the cycle completely and proceed with the rinsing cycle, or wait a while longer to see if the cycle finishes itself. If anyone here has one of these machines, can you give me some advice on what to do no
  19. As the title says I'm wondering if it's easier to practice latte art with a larger cup? I'm currently using a 250ml cup and I seem to run out of room or end up spilling all over the place before I've got anything to shout about. It's probably my technique being rubbish but thought I'd ask for peoples opinions. Also I know about the mock up milk you can do with washing up liquid but I was wondering if there's something you can do to mimic the espresso shot so I'm not wasting loads of coffee. Or is it literally buy the cheapest coffee to practice with? thanks in advance
  20. Hi , I have just posted into the new members area (I hope) . After some advice on an espresso machine, done a bit of research and would like to try and get something as feel I'm going round and round in circles on the research front . Now I've joined here for some welcome advice ! Thanks
  21. Hi hello everybody - I run a cafe and am coming up to VAT threshold but am worried my main worry though is this though we are about to hit the turnover threshold for VAT I foresee problems e.g. if I take 20% out of the takings to pay VAT it will hit us big-time and suddenly I don't see how the operation is to be realistically described as solvent on the other hand - I add 20% to the prices to cover it and drive off half the customers who moan enough about the price of breakfasts as it is any thoughts?
  22. After making my self boss eyed and confused with reading so many threads I THINK I am going to take the plunge and hopefully get the following Sage Duo Temperature Pro and a Iberital MC2 grinder. Will probably get the Sage from Amazon (Prime) unless anyone can recommend anywhere cheaper than £300.00 I have seen the Iberital MC2 on the Happy Donkey for £136.80. I would be open to buying used machines if there was anything or anyone in the North East selling anything suitable? This will be my first set up and will probably make quite a few milk based coffees. Any
  23. Hi guys, After 3 weeks of having terrible coffee from our Brikka (asked you for help, but we still didn't found solution) we went to italian restaurant for lunch and coffee(OMG!). Result? we need good coffee at home, hence decided to buy machine. We've been looking through this forum for a while recently, and Gaggia Classic (we have limited budget, and it will be our first machine) seem to be the best choice. Can you help with what the difference between these two is?: [*]Gaggia RI8161/40 Classic Coffee Maker Brushed Stainless Steel (around £300) [*]Gaggia Classic RI8161 C
  24. Hi , What a great forum, really impressed with the level of information on here. Right where do i start.. Im in the process of planning my coffee shop, I have the idea of what I want which is to make it a simple as possible.. Im planning a coffee shop which serves great coffee using coffee from monmouth and good quality tea, serving home made locally sourced cakes , bread and preserves, home made soup .. I plan to have a simple yet rustic style with a large communal table plus smaller tables, odd chairs and a comfortable yet friendly atmosphere. Of course there is more to it than just
  25. Hi guys and gals, I'm looking for some advice and I'm sorry if this has been covered before. I did search but couldn't find the exact information I was looking for. I recently received my Mara X and I'm delighted with it. Its my first prosumer machine so I'm a total newbie with this kind of thing. I live in the Highlands of Scotland so the water is very soft. No limescale on my kettle at all and it's over two years old. With this in mind I wondered what sort of back flush and cleaning regime I should run? I purchased some Puly Caff with the machine but not sure if I need to
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