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Sponsorship & Donations

In the past people have sponsored the forum, it's really helpful and appreciated.  We discussed it and realised that something a little more than appreciation is in order. To that end we decided to purchase some upgrades and give benefits to sponsorship. The forum is still totally free and no features have changed for those who either cannot afford to, or choose, not to sponsor us. Please note all sponsorship products are set to auto-renewal.

Click on a sponsorship option to review the new features you get with each subscription.

Please note some add on functions may not be supported for Tapatalk users (this may be true for other functions as well)? Add on functions can become non-functional at any time due to events beyond our control (this may be true for other functions as well) e.g. a required forum upgrade may break them. Whilst we will try to keep this functionality available it's not guaranteed throughout the sponsorship term.

Does this mean you can't donate, no of course not. We realise some people just want to say thanks, they don't want a badge and just want to give now and again to show their appreciation. So we added those products as well.

8 products

  1. £15 for first year
    £12/year renewal
  2. £30 for first year
    £24/year renewal
  3. £60 for first year
    £48/year renewal
  4. £60 for first 4 months
    £40/4 months renewal
  5. £120/4 months
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