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Advertise Your Company

Every month Coffee Forums UK delivers 1.2 million advertising impressions to 98,000 across 184,000+ sessions. You reach active and engaged members or guests who are interested to hear about your brand, grateful that you support their community. You have special access to your own dedicated, prominent advertiser forum to list your discounts and promotions to our members - who will give you their honest thoughts and feedback.

  • Links (you can have 2 links) to your site in your forum signature, shows in all posts you make...and 3 lines of text
  • Image in signature 450x75 px
  • Huge amount of traffic that's directly related to your target market. Banner Adverts are shown more than  800,000 times (Impressions) monthly, with potentially 1000s of clicks each month, direct to your site (dependent on the interest your offer generates)
  • Use the special advertisers page to promote special deals you have (advertisers can post, members/guests can only read)
  • Well sized, prominent forum banners (animate them if you wish), linked to a website landing page of your choice.
  • Change banner anytime, you're not stuck with the same banner for the full term, pm @DavecUK, or one of the other Mods with the new banner
  • Advertisers are supported by a team of experienced moderators who create a professional forum environment
  • Support and be part of this great community, gain insights, feedback, and definitely improve sales
  • We strive to continually enhance the advertiser experience

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