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Thread: 6 week old BE, tiny bit of water comes out, pressure shoots right up

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlarkin View Post
    Good news!
    I'd still go with MWJBs advice, you can really start to get the best out of coffee when you're putting in a repeatable amount and ideally also weighing the coffee out into the cup as well :-).
    yeah, I went out this morning to get some coffee and scales. Weighed the grind and it came to 16 grams set to 8. Pressure went up towards the end of the extraction zone and got a good shot.

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    The razor tool generally gets hoots of derision. Actually it does 2 things, keeps the dose constant and leaves it level for the sake of a little wasted grinds. Yet another with a timed grinder - output is likely to vary and setting the time to get the correct dose is fiddly. It can be very handy when tuning using a timed grind. Far better in my view that adjusting manually. I want to get on with it and produce a drink so if it worked on the DB would still be using it for tuning via a timed grinder.

    Downside - might want to change the dose and it's fixed.

    Actually I used nothing else and taste initially - no scales at all. Glad I did actually as I realised early on when I came measuring it that 1 to 2 etc may not be the best way to go. Far better to vary it and find out.

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