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Thread: Anyone Sous Out There?

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    Default Anyone Sous Out There?

    This retirement malarky has a lot to answer for, as apart from discovering my Smoking/BBQing hanging meat Barrel Cooker, I've now also discovered sous vide cooking.

    Yes it's more faff than sticking your steak in a pan and frying it or bunging your joint in the oven, but the results in my humble opinion are worth it. Never again will I have a steak under or over cooked. Perfection every time. Pink, moist lamb, succulent pork tenderloin and more.

    Check out the YouTube channel 'Sous Vide Everything' and you'll see why.

    Anyone else out there using the sous vide way of cooking and if so, what do you think of it?

    Oh here's my set-up, total cost £63.99.

    IMG_1186.JPG IMG_1185.JPG
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    I swear by my Anova for every type of meat. I've made steaks, pulled pork, sausages, ribs and chicken breast with it. Salmon turns out perfect in no time as well.

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    I dabble with sous vide. Favourite thing so far has been 72 hour Asian pigs cheeks served in bao buns
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    I have a sous vide but I don't really use it for steaks. I find it a bit too much faff when you can cook a steak in 5 minutes and nail it with practice and an instant read thermometer. I tend to think having all that time in the pan builds a better flavour. Pre searing and post searing in a pan when sous viding is good, but not as good considering you have to limit the time to prevent over cooking. I don't find the extra steps worth it. Maybe if I had one of those searzall attachments and could get a better sear I'd switch.

    If I do something like a lamb/venison rack I always do this in the sous vide. Uneven thicknesses of meat, lots of bones conducting heat, it's harder to nail consistency and I don't cook it often enough. Bung it in at something like ~52 for 2-3 hours with some herbs, sear it in some butter with more herbs and it's perfect.

    Eggs are another quick and easy thing to do in the water bath of you want particularly consistency - serious eats has a great post on the effect of temperature and time.

    Not got around to doing a multi day braises in the sous vide yet but it's a popular way of doing something like short rib.

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