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Thread: GS3-MP tank versus mains pre-infusion

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viernes View Post
    Do you have the "old" GS3 MP model without the "strada" modification?
    Even if I did the mod it would only solve the pre-infusion bit not the changing the quality of water bit...
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    Strada modification will change a lot of preinfusion experience - and not only preinfusion and also all extract process (because you can play with pressure during the whole extract time).
    Than, this modification will be good as a tank use or bwt- because pump star full pressure from very beginning - so no matter tank or bwt you will have pressure on your head all time.
    Than this modification will save you once per year changing O ring wich can be pain in ass..

    But its a lot of money - especially if you know that you will get “bad” merchandise - some parts (pipe etc) are with wrong curve and also some connectors are male and you need female... but you can find it online some review and suggestions how to manage this..

    But my suggestion is to upgrade to this strada kit but for sure - go with Bwt or any other quality filter.. than you can say that you use all of your gs3..
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