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Thread: Londinium reliability problems?

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    I love my LR. It produces best espresso in town
    But to be fair and not a fan boy, the pump driven pre/infusion is a great idea but not perfectly executed from the beginning. First with Ceme, which was able to handle 4 bars, when it should handle 12. Meter was step up, but still under specified as it can handle 6,5 bars. Ceme can fail in months, Mater probably will last 2-3 years. Finally the digital preinfussion is over spec, as it can handle up to 30 bars. So as long electronic circuits can handle high temperature this should raise the reliability of the machine to highest level. Time will show, but even with bit higher price now I would buy LR again. Highly recommend.
    Another thing is the support from Reiss. With how many other espresso vendors you can upgrade or fix your machine having designer of the machine on the video conference? This is great value. Also direct sales model, I really like it.
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    I've had my L1 since 2013. The only thing that has failed is the pump, which went just out of warranty. I was the first person this happened to, and Reiss was kind enough to send me a replacement part for free despite being out of warranty, and then FaceTime me through the installation.

    Any other issues have been solved by replacing seals and re-greasing the bore.

    It's been a fantastically reliable machine with superb service whenever I have needed it. I don't think I can think of another company whose product and service have been better.
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    I've got a late 2012 L1 (I think it was the second production run).

    The pump died a year or two ago after years of daily use, it was fairly cheap and very easy to replace. Other than that as everyone else says just few new seals on the piston as needed, machine is still rock solid and very happy with it.
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