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I second what John said about Sage - had my Sage DTP as my first personal machine for a year now with zero problems. Also bought a Sage SGP 2nd hand from this forum and that has been fault free too. Whatever you buy, a bit of TLC and care goes a long way.
I see Sage as a safe pair of hands for the uninitiated. As no one has mentioned them and trying to be fair. Problems are pretty well known.

Looks like Breville put a block on the sale of many spares some time ago and more recently in the UK. This relates to internal spares for DIY repairs. On the other hand for people who can't for one reason or the other do these themselves it's not that easy to compare makes. Calling out any engineer to do a repair wont be that cheap. Take it to one and leave it and it's likely to be cheaper or fixed on the spot. Sage do not seem to offer a service option and as some parts are very Sage specific they may have to be involved. I managed to find service kits for 800 and 900 series without any problems so there is some scope for DIY hopefully with correctly sized parts. Google brings them up.

The other one is filter basket sizes on the BE and DTP or any others they may supply using their smaller size of basket. Other makers use the same tamper size but there baskets wont fit Sage machines without modification. Not much of a problem if some one is skilled with pliers or has a lathe but still limiting. The DB and others that use the standard 58mm tamper sized baskets are more widely available but say some one buys an X gram basket they are likely to find that it needs to hold more than the X indicates.

They have recently introduced what could be a Sage specific water filter which will increase running costs. Some might switch to certain brands of bottled water and not use a filter at all as an alternative. There manual may suggest doing that anyway if the live in a harder water area even with the filter. A number of people with different machines use bottled water anyway One thing in Sage's favour is that all are easy to descale - not sure if I would be inclined to use any type of filter after descaler has run through it.