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Thread: La Pavoni Europiccola Pressure Valve Screw Problem?

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    Half the money sounds tempting, even if you can't get it to work instantly.
    Only depends on your willingness/confidence to get it fixed no matter what

    In the end of the day these machines are so simple and accessible, I wouldn't worry as long as you can hold a screwdriver and read an instruction

    The only other thing that comes to my mind would be a wiring problem. That would become noticeable when the stat kicks in but the element doesn't stop heating.
    Here's another resource for LaPavs: a bit down the page you'll see some wiring diagrams

    I'd accept the kind offer, review wiring, get and fit pressure gauge.
    Then I'd adjust stat as outlined somewhere above, if needed.
    says Hasi.

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    Alright! have a pressure gauge that is coming anyway, will try to get it returned then, might need some help then thanks!

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