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Thread: Help troubleshooting too-quick shots with my Gaggia Classic (2015)!!!

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    Default Help troubleshooting too-quick shots with my Gaggia Classic (2015)!!!


    I recently entered the magic world of home-espresso: now, I come from Napoli and I live in Geneva, so this basically is an attempt to survive the lack of proper coffee shops here and get something similar to my place's "caffè".

    So, I bought a 2015 Gaggia Classic, a set of non-pressurised baskets + a Naked PF from Edesia Espress and a Breville/Riviera & Bar Smart Grinder which I see got very good reviews around the forums and websites.

    Everything works fine, except I always end up with shots that come through too quickly. It's true that I'm looking for a ristretto, but I expect to be able to get a 15ml pour in about 20" at least, if I grind fine enough.

    Not the case: somehow regardless of how fine I grind my shots brew in more or less the same time. AND, another thing I noticed, while if I grind with fine-but-not-too-much setting my puck comes out pretty compact, while if I grind with finer settings it tends to break showing a kind horizontal fracture when I knock it off on my chopping board. I am tamping with a 58 tamper and I think I do it correctly, so I wouldn't know where to look. I'm dosing around 8g for a single and 15-16g for a double, but my scale is not 0.01g precise...

    I even tried fine-setting the burr to achieve the finest-possible grind (and I could tell from the noise of the grinder / speed ground coffee comes out of the grinder that it's actually grinding in a finer way) to attempt choking the machine with no luck. The coffee always comes out yielding 15 ml in less than 10 seconds, either with a single or double basket.

    Aside from this taste is fine, and also the crema looks ok. I just would like to get a "thicker" coffee feel.


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    freshness of the coffee is also important.old coffee means quick extraction.also more robusta more the crema thickness.Thats why i use robusta arabica blend .In the classic 2015 pucks remain wet with very fine grinded coffee due to the absense of three way solenoid valve.but its perfectly capable of producing an italian espresso.lived in Milano for 13 years ...had the classic 2015 for one year but replaced it with the italian made lelit pl41em which handles finer grinds much better.Lelit is the way to go.Brass boiler,group,manometer and 3way solenoid valve.
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    The Bar Smart Grinder is the Sage Smart Grinder in the UK. I owned one for a while.
    It's quite a common problem with these grinders. If the beans are decaf, light roasted, or stale it will struggle.
    Your shots are channeling that is why no matter how fine you grind the water is bursting through the puck and causing the quick pours.
    Try backing off the grind and go a bit coarser but use WDT (stir the grinds) to re-distribute before tamping.
    Try different, fresher beans maybe something less challenging for the grinder.
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