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Thread: So the new Mignons are really good at anti clumping....

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    Default So the new Mignons are really good at anti clumping....

    has anyone figured out how to mod their mk2 or older for the same effect?

    They look, from the outside, pretty similar / identical in the way the coffee is despensed so I am guessing there is some kind of voodery in the chute to stop clumping?

    The clumping on mine is annoying when I go too fine. Having dyspraxia means I end up spilling coffee everywhere trying to stir it with a cocktail stick...

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    Well, there is a little clump crusher in the newer Mignon models that looks quite similar to this:

    Actually, here is how it looks like inside the Eureka Mignon Silenzio (the clump crusher is the two zig-zag pieces of metal at the chute), pretty self-explanatory as to how it works. When the ground coffee gets expelled from the burrs, it hits the clump crusher, becoming more dispersed in the process.

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