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Thread: Upgrading espresso machine

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    Thanks for all the advice. Much appreciated. I don't think I have a great palate for discerning between espresso brewed with slight variances but having had the Gaggia Classic for 12+ years, I'd like to be able to grow with the next machine.

    I've missed out on the HX now but from @coffeechap's advice, I think a DB is the way to go and sounds like the quick mill is prob the best option at this stage.

    Thanks all.
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    A 2 group dual boiler La Marzocco Linea has, surprise surprise, two boilers
    The peculiarity of espresso beverage is the simultaneous presence of three dispersed phases coexisting within a matrix, namely a concentrated solution of salts, acids, sugars, caffeine and many other hydrophilic substances. These phases are: an emulsion of oil droplets, a suspension of solid particles and an effervescence of gas bubbles, which evolves into a foam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dfk41 View Post
    But that is one boiler per group head....a 2 group dual boiler would have 4 surely? Point I am making is the db is really a home machine. I have had plenty and never used the pid function. I like the simplicity of the HX and with the right machine, the cooling flush is next to nowt anyway
    No not at all San Remo has independent brew boilers and a steam boiler. La marzoccis have a brew boiler that feeds both or three groups and a steam boiler, it means you can adjust temperature at the groups to suite the roast level of the coffee you are drinking
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    Quote Originally Posted by coffeechap View Post

    Any of those three will get you on the right pathway, learning he flushing routine of an hx is fairly simple however the control you have over temperature is much better on a DB. Having low steam pressure on a DB is nonsense, either of those dB machines have really good steaming capability. Be careful of advice from folk with very limited knowledge of machines as you may make the wrong decision for your needs.

    I often take my missus away fir day trips and weekends, however she is is astute enough to not let me include coffee into the equation, as that would be plain madness!
    Usual crap - i said less not low. How much variation on either type depends on the machine. Also steam power. A man of your technical ability should be aware of that but you prefer to make snide pointed pointless comments instead. Most web aware people probably do realise why.

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