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Thread: EK43 Gorilla Gear Burrs

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    You could also buy one of these (or similar):

    and do the same. Yes it's a cheapo import DTI, but the one offered above (or at least shown on the photo) is a horrid Mitutoyo knock-off as well. If the mag base doesn't want to hold to the end of the shaft just buy this:

    [or similar]

    and attach to the end of the shaft to increase the diameter so the base can stick.

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    It does seem a lot of money for home use. I can understand someone who sells EK43s having one to set up and maintain them. Sharing/hiring is a good idea so long as people treat it very carefully as I know if I bought one and lent it out and it came back with the slightest damage it would annoy me. I like the idea of fashioning something similar as @dsc suggests. It's not something I have time to concentrate on right now so if someone beats me too it and successfully sources all the parts and gets it working well then I'd be very interested to hear about it.
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