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Thread: Retailers in the South East - to get hands on with the machines?

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    Default Retailers in the South East - to get hands on with the machines?

    I was wondering if there was any retailers in the south east or London that I could go and visit to see the coffee machines in the flesh? Bella Barista might be a drive too far from Brighton! Any recommendations would be greatly received.



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    The only advice I will give, it's like buying a car....don't just turn up without having done your research, knowing the sort of thing and machine/s you really want. Enough reviews on BB to get you started on that route and the knowledge on here of course. Same goes for the grinder, which needs to be a good pairing with the machine.

    The most expensive way to buy a machine/grinder is to upgrade 18 months later. Try and get what you will be happy with 1st time.
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