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Turns out the food triangle is upside down. Traditionally people would have eaten a lot more healthy fat and a lot less carbohydrate (processed crap). Diabetes, obesity, cancer and heart disease are not things that naturally happen to people as they get older. As part of a high fat, LOW CARBOHYDRATE diet, I see no problem with a dollop of butter and MCT/coconut oil. Those are healthy fats (ideally butter should be grass-fed).

There is a tiny minority of people with a genetic defect which means that they are not able to well-metabolise high amounts of fat, but that's an anomaly.

Healthy fats include animal fats, full-fat dairy (grass-fed), avocados, coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil, omega-3s (seafood, certain nuts and seeds and decent grass-fed beef). Due to the way vegetable oils are chemically extracted, they should be avoided at all cost. Before about 1910 nobody had heard of vegetable oil! There is growing evidence that vegetable oils cause various cancers along with a myriad of other problems.

It must be stressed that it's no good having high fat and high carbohydrate, that's probably worse than high carb - low fat. i.e. Don't go down a bulletproof coffee with 4 sugars, a slice of white toast and a bowl of cereal!

I've been on a high fat, low carb (I would estimate between 40 and 100g carbohydrate a day, I've not been very strict) diet for about a month, have eaten as much as I want, and have lost 2-3 kilos. Also I've not suffered energy lows in the afternoon/evening as I often would. If you can keep your carb intake below around 50g per day you'll go ketogenic and lose even more weight (losing virtually zero muscle).

In short, take the advice that "professionals" have been giving us for around the last 6 decades and do the opposite!


So true. I cut out carbs for 10 weeks, I lost a KG a week I wasn't hungry either like I normally am. You can eat so much more if you cut out carbs. I believe the current consensus is 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass (take away the weight of fat" then have the same amount of fats (From nuts, butter, coconut oil fish) then that should leave you with a little bit of RDA calories left, fill those with a measly amount of carbs. However, that is for a very active individual, its a lot of fat in my head so may be wrong.

To me, fats are healthier than carbs. Carbs spike blood sugar fats taste good. Carbs spike insulin/glycogon levels causing your liver to join the glucose together creating glycogen when levels get too high of glycogen they are converted into fats by joining them together. While your body is doing this it can't do the reverse so if you spike your blood sugar then go exercise you will effectively be running on empty as your liver will not be able to break the fat down into Glycogen and send it around your body until glycogon/Insulin levels drop. That's my understanding anyway, happy to be proven wrong about it and be educated more on the matter!

All these health shakes make me laugh, they have the same amount of sugar in as a can of coke but are "healthy" as it's from a fruit....the fact that is been masticated out by a machine apparently doesn't come into the marketing spiel. Last time I checked you wouldn't go and eat half as many fruits as you get in a smoothie. Does my head in all the pyramid schemes selling them.

Caffeine is also great is lowers the amount of perceived exertion meaning at the gym it feels like you are doing less than you are, the pre-workout drinks you can get have 200-300MG of caffeine in them as well as other things.

On BPC I always had a feeling that the drinks claiming extra caffeine were literally ground coffee with caffeine added in as a supplement to them, I wonder if this would work with beans. sort of a reverse decaffeinating process put them in liquid with super high caffeine and the beans will take some of that in and up their content. I definitely don't feel like having one as 54g of fat at once sounds like a not so great idea, little and often yes but the speed at what i drink a coffee at it would not be a good idea.