To be sure the solenoid is blocked and not faulty press the coffee switch and see if you can hear the internal click that shows the solenoid is active
If you cannot hear it the solenoid needs replacing.

The steps to remove the solenoid relate to a number of Gaggia machines
The solenoid may be in a different position on other models

Please Note:
Following these steps may invalidate your warranty and neither Coffee Forums UK or the article author gaggiamanualservice cannot accept responsibility for any problems or faults by you following these instructions

  • Firstly make sure the machine is turned off and cold
  • Remove the 2 screws holding the funnel and lid then lift off and disconnect the earth wire
  • You will see the boiler, the solenoid is on the left hand side
  • Pull the steam knob off and using a 17mm spanner untighten the steam arm
  • Using a 12mm spanner undo the pipe connection to the boiler. It can be done without removing the boiler terminals but I would recommend marking the four top ones 1 to 4 with black marker just in case
  • The boiler unit is now free to lift out.
  • Use 4mm allen key to remove the 4 allen bolts holding the brew head and lift out.
  • Remove the 2 wires from the solenoid and using the 4 mm allen key remove the 2 bolts holding it on.
  • Remove the top bolt from the valve and lift the coil (black box) off.
  • Now you need to remove the tower, a vice is recommended but it can be done with mole grips as I do.
  • Remove the 2 seals to avoid damage, these can be re used.
  • Then grip the base and using spanner, can be 17 to 24 mm depending on type of solenoid then remove.
  • The centre hole is one that will be blocked use a paper clip or something similar to clear the blockage or soak over night in descaler if badly blocked, run under tap into the right hand inlet and make sure that water comes out the centre hole.
  • Then replace by following the reverse process.