Yesterday I enabled a new experimental feature in the Decent tablet software, showing you the change in flow rate. In other words, the Delta or the first derivative of the flow rate. At the moment, you need to be technical enough to edit the config text file, to enable this feature.

A new line, thin and blue, will now appear on the bottom of your chart.

If a channel opens up in your puck, and gets repaired, you should see this as a spike on this thin blue line.

This is a feature I had about two years ago in the software, but I disabled it because our flow measurements became too slow and smooth as part of Algorithmic changes, to notice fast changes in flow.

However, since Ray has revisited and completely reconceived how we measure flow, I believe the measurements are now fast and responsive enough to track flow changes meaningfully.

Note that this line does not appear:
- when flow changes are negative, such as when you transition from preinfusion to infusion and the puck is compressed.
- During preinfusion at all, since the puck is absorbing all water, flow changes would be meaningless.
- That's why in the chart above the line only starts at around 15 seconds.
- If this turns out to be a useful feature, I can certainly enable as a checkbox for people, so you don't have to be technical to turn it on.