A few months ago, decent espresso users with a talent for CAD made a replacement stand for the Bluetooth scale we sell, enabling the scale to fit under the drip tray.

This has a number of benefits:
– the scale is no longer in the way when you are making an espresso shot
– you don't have to worry about getting water on the scale
– you gain about an extra 2 1/2 cm (1") of cup height clearance by not having the scale on the tray
– you don't have to look at the "not very pretty" Atomax Skale as it is now mostly hidden :-)
– you can plug the scale into USB power and the cable doesn't get in the way. No more (re)pairing with the Bluetooth scale each morning, since you powered it off to save the batteries.

I've been working with a friend of Scott Rao named Dan Elis, who owns a small 3D printing business near Scott. Dan has redesigned the scale stand that my customers created so that it is much more economical to produce. It significantly less plastic now. It should also be much less susceptible to warping from heat.

Currently, I've been asking people who want to weigh-under-the-drip tray to download the free CAD file and arrange to have it 3D printed locally to them.

I am making arrangements with Dan to have him print 20 of these, so that I can simply sell them to people who want to do this.

Of course, people who want to do this themselves are welcome to use the free CAD model. As Dan has put a bunch of CAD work into his version, he'd like to charge a little bit for his.

More news soon…

– John