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the metal stand glues to the back of the tablet, and the other end is ferrous, and there is a rubber-coated magnet that sits on the DE1. On the inside of the DE1 there is an iron plate stuck where this magnet will sit, which keeps it in place.

To adjust the angle of the tablet, you glue to a different point on the tablet. Once it's glued, it's not adjustable except by removing it.

You can lift the entire tablet, and magnet, off the DE1, so that it wipes clean.

Here's a photo from the tablet on my desk, with labels.


<cranky> Can I request that we not have a discussion of "why did you choose this stand?" as this was discussed ad nauseum over a year ago, and is a decision that has been made, with 1000 stands now in stock. Another reason the stand is not glued on ahead of time, is so that those who don't like our choice can buy their own stand.</cranky>
Thanks John, now I got it. My interest was in how this is done, not to start a discussion about the standīs design. This is fine for me!