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Found 104 results

  1. Mrboots2u

    Rancilio silva

    Firstly great site and new here ,wished i had seen this before making my first machine purchase .After reading lots of info on here ,have decide to try and get my hands on a Rancilio silvia, purchasing new is out of my range at the moment . Would be delirious if anyone had one to sell in the near future for a reasonable price . Thanks in advance martin
  2. New user looking for a product to backflush a Silvia with. Is this cleaner suitable? and any advise on the frequency: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Puly-Caff-Machine-Cleaner-900/dp/B0033FYR0I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1514627012&sr=8-2&keywords=coffee+machine+cleaning
  3. Muska

    Rancilio Silvia

    Looking for the above, preferably a V3. Having a PID would be a bonus, as would some accessories like a bottomless portafilter. If you're looking to sell please get in touch
  4. For sale is my 8 month old Rancilio Silvia. It is in fantastic condition and barely used. It has been maintained regularly and always been kept clean. The machine was bought from Bella Barista, a well known coffee machine supplier in the UK and includes warranty from them which expires 22/01/2019. • Comes with rubber backflush disk for cleaning and double filter basket. • DOES NOT COME WITH ORIGINAL BOX but will be packed super securely and sent via UPS tracked service. Metal cup warmer has a stain that I can't seem to remove (see photo). It may come off with some sort of cleaner but you can't see it when cups are on there. Will include 1KG bag of Rave coffee beans. 
 Please click here if your interested (Link will navigate you to eBay listing page)
  5. I'm a complete coffee newbie so please be nice After lurking for the past week or so I've managed to convinced the wife that we need a new coffee machine, her only stipulation was that it has to be either silver or chrome to match the new kitchen, result. Currently we have a dolce gusto pod machine which is better than instant coffee but not great. We mainly drink cappuccino and latte but we also like to grab an espresso every now and again. I've had a good look at the Gaggia Classic, Rancilio Silvia, and Sage Duo Temp Pro but am still no closer to deciding what machine to get. That said, I'm enjoying my journey into the world of coffee. Our budget for an espresso machine and grinder is around the £500 quid mark but for the right equipment I can go higher, and I don't mind getting second hand equipment. Any advice is most welcome
  6. The LED light in the brew switch has stopped working so I have been looking for a replacement. The only one I could find in the UK is from some seller on Amazon and it goes for £25 plus postage. I sorely resent paying that much for a part that should cost less than a fiver so I am wondering whether any of you has any suggestion. Obviously an original part at a lower price would be the ideal solution, however I'd be happy with a second hand part, or even an equivalent switch without the picture of the coffee cup on the front (I.e. One that is all black) or even attempt replacind the LED if anyone else has tried it and succeeded. Any suggestion is much appreciated.
  7. Newest of newbies here, seeking a little advice. Bought a second hand Rancilio Silvia (v2) a couple of months ago (on this forum) and been trying every since to get a consistent, decent double shot out of it, but with absolutely no success. I've temperature surfed, varied grind, varied dosage, even bought pre-ground, fresh coffee to eliminate the grinder as they issue. I could one on the fingers of one hand the number of really good shots that have come out, but repeating exactly the same dosing, grind (even from the same bag of pre-ground), tamp pressure and technique, portafilter, basket, etc. brings wildly different results. The main symptom seems to be "gushing". When using standard portafilter, it's always out of the left hand nozzle... Changed the gasket and shower screen a month ago. They were both pretty grotty, so I was optimistic...but I'm still getting still the same. 4-5 seconds of pressure building, 4-5 seconds of a decent looking shot appearing then it starts gushing until I have to swtich off after 18-20 seconds and am left with a "muddy" looking shot. A couple of pictures below of baskets after extraction, maybe that would give some kind person something to base any advice they wish to offer on (last one shows a 14g dosage, the other two around 15.5g). Thanks in advance LJ.
  8. Hi, I have just sold my Francis Francis X1 and looking to buy a Rancilio Silvia, is this a good choice? Is there anything I should look out for? thanks Richard
  9. According to their Christmas catalogue, John Lewis will be selling Rancilio Silvia's in 2014. Where did you buy your current Rancilio Silvia?
  10. I bought my Rancilio Silvia V3 a couple of months ago, but have to be honest I really havent been using it so am considering selling up. I really dont have the time to master the art of making good coffee unfortunately:( The machine has barely been used and was purchased new at the end of January this year for £438. This post is a means of gauging interest if i were to sell up. I am interested in seeing any offers people may make and also open to discuss collection if required (I am based in Bath)
  11. Hi Guy's, Just looking for some advice on how to fine tune a little quicker. I've just received my 1st espresso machine (rancilio silvia), I'm using it along side a rocky grinder and a hasbean 58mm tamper. The beans i've been using to fine tune were roasted on the 22 of dec, so pretty fresh but not ideal. I have beans less than a week old but don't want to waste them on fine tuning extractions. I think i've got temperature surfing down after watching some you tube vids. I've got a 2 ounce (2 x shot glasses with measuring lines on them) extraction out in 27 seconds. My current issues are: There are some signs of coffee grinds in the bottom of my espresso cup, which I understand is an indication of an issue somewhere along the line. The crema is lightish with darker marble effect running through it. I think it may be a little thin, as it can break apart when walking with the cup from the machine to the couch. I don't know if i'm being overly fussy here. My thoughts on this are that maybe it's the age of the beans? I'm getting ~18g of coffee grounds into the double shot basket. Oh 1 other thing, the tamp fits nice and tight in the top of the basket, but won't go past the 1st lip, is that correct? Thanks for any help offered. Hopefully day 2 of owning the machine will lead to some more progress...
  12. Hi All, Sorry if this has been asked before but I would really appreciated your help & advice. I'm just about ready to order my Rancilio Silvia & Rocky Grinder from Hasbean and have been looking at some accessories I will need/want, and so far have listed the following; Knock Box 58mm Tamper Tamping Mat Cups Grouphead Cleaning Brush Urnex Cafiza or similar Descaler Water Filter/Softner for Water Tank Shot Glasses Naked Portafilter Blind Basket Steaming Pitcher Coffee Bean Storage Chocolate Dusting for my Cappuccinos What do you guys think to this and in addition where is a good place to buy all these from, from your experience? I found a couple of sites which seem ok, some of the accessories are Motta which I believe are supposed to be pretty good but I'm struggling with finding a decent water filter/softner? I will be using water straight from the tap and won't be using a Brita filter of similar. This is my first setup and wanted to get most of the basics first. Beans will be purchased from a local roaster. Thanks for any advice and support you can give. Cheers Ross
  13. Have you ever wondered why they named the Rancilio Silvia? This might make things a little clearer Meet Silvia Rancilio Photo by Mark Prince - Coffeegeek.com
  14. Hi All, looking to get my first grinder and machine, fairly modest budget but hopefully enough to get something I won't want to replace in 6 months. I have an aeropress, cafetiere and my flatmate has a cheap delonghi espresso machine, so my plan is to buy a grinder then use what I have and save for an espresso machine of my own. For a grinder I'm hoping to spend not much over £100 but could stretch if a really good ebay deal came around. My options seem to be (mostly second hand): Iberital MC2 Rancilio Rocky Gaggia MDF with the Rocky being a bit more premium than the other two (I think). I have heard of people getting second hand Mazzer super jolly's for around the £150-180 on ebay so if one of those came around I would probably go for it, but what do you think out of the three listed above? Any others I should be considering? In terms of a machine, in a few months I'd be looking at a second hand gaggia classic or rancilio silvia (although I'm leaning towards the classic as I've been hearing the silvia is tough on newbies like myself!). I look forwards to hearing your advice.
  15. Hi sorry I am sure its been discussed before but I didn't hit anything on a quick search. I have a gaggia dose which is broken atm. anyway I am wondering if there are better home machines for steaming milk. I was not particularly impressed this this machine I was never able to get a micro foam with it and I believe (with my machine) it was not possible. I had taken off the frother attachment and gone through the process as shown online without ever making micro foam. So can anyone recommend a better machine that is possible for micro foam. 1 problem I did have the the gaggia baby dose was the wand was so small without the attachment you couldn't get a good size frothing pitcher under it if especially when dipping tip lower down, as well as that there is very little space you could only get a small pitcher in there and then your milk goes all over the show, just not good really. Anyone know if these issues are there in the baby class? thanks dave
  16. As you may have read, I work at a coffee shop, so I'm fairly fluent with our commercial machine (Faema E98 president) and like to think I get fairly good results . I've been considering getting my own machine for a while, whats held me back has been mainly space. (as well as me wandering how I'm going to adjust from a HX to a single boiler) But that problem is now overcome, and with my birthday next month, it seems like a great time to get meself a prezzie I'm leaning towards the rancilio silvia. What I'm wondering is, where would be the best place to purchase one? Does it come with a decent (not a tacky wheel of plastic) tamper (if not, where can I get a good one, with the correct diameter etc.) Also, what are the steam wands on these like? Are they any where near a commercial machine, or do the require a little more playing around to get a good amount of spin? Thanks
  17. I've been trawling YouTube lately looking for a few how to (and how not to) videos for use in an upcoming project. Have you videoed yourself extracting a great shot, or your entire routine? I'd be interested in hosting videos here if you'd be happy to share them. Do you have any links to 'must see videos on YouTube' that you'd like to share?
  18. About a year ago I bought the IOS version of Mecoffees PID. Found the installation instruction a bit confusing but managed to get everything to work. (I followed all steps including timer function etc) Everything has worked fine for almost a year but now I’ve run into problems. From time to time I couldn’t get enough steaming pressure and when I looked at meBarista I could see strange differences in temperature. Ie the temperature readings would spell out 200C and seconds after it would say 140C and so on. I thought that the sensor might be broken and because of that ordered a new one. Trying to to change the sensor I got the temperature problem also during brew temperature so to speak. So at the moment I’m not able to make coffee - AND THAT IS A PROBLEM Ofcause I have contacted Mecoffee but they haven’t got the fastest costumer support. Maybe Ive reconnected the wrong way, maybe it’s something else. Many suggestions? see the pictures. Sincerely Rune
  19. Found someone who will take this all off my hands. Lives local too so no postage hassle. Assume all in first class condition. From BB but now just out of warranty. Very little usage, all pristine condition and well maintained. Plus original boxes and instructions. Rancilio Silvia new euro version. (£280) Eureka Mignon my. 2 with new unused burr set, Chrome, (£180) Rancilio two drawer base. (£50.00) So £490 for the lot. Reasonable?
  20. Hey there! I bought a Rancilio Silvia like a month ago and since then I am trying every weekend to get proper coffee (but this is discussed in a separate thread ). However, last weekend I tried making foamed milk with the steam wand. The first step I always carry out when I turn the machine on, is extracting about 350ml of water through the steam wand (not steaming, just hot water) and a bit of water through the group head- just to exchange the water in the boiler. The first thing I noticed, when pulling water from the steam wand is that the water is splashing around, because there is no steady stream- I suspect that this is related to air in the hoses/tubes..? Another, more serious thing: In the evening after cleaning the machine, as I always do, I unscrewed the tip of the steam wand- I noticed a lot of rust there. Shouldn't this be stainless steel?? Please see the attached photo. I already notified Caffe Italia, not only to tell them about this issue but also about the issue, that I share with several other users: The plastic smell of the machine... But they didn't answer so far... Should I exchange the steam wand? I would prefer not to do that :/ Thanks!
  21. This is a great opportunity for someone to purchase a Silvia with provenance! One owned by the mighty @Daren and subsequently by @Slee. It's in good condition and works spot on. It comes with a single, double and blind basket and a spare cafelat group seal. It was regularly backflushed and descaled and looked after by both of the previous owners. The stainless is in great condition as can be seen in the pics, it has small signs of rust in the base, which is fairly simple to treat. £180 collected is preferred, but can be delivered at cost
  22. Bought this last week without really checking dimensions, also i cant top up the reservoir without having to move the machine because of the counter space. so back to reading up specs before buying another machine! £200 posted
  23. Hi,I need some help please, I have wired a PID for a Gaggia Classicthanks to invaluable diagrams and posts on this forum. Tocut a long story short I now have a Rancilio Silvia V4. I have lookedeverywhere on this, and other forums, but can't seem to find the lastbits I need. Iwould like to add brew and steam, as I did on the Classic. ThePID controller I used on the the Classic is the same one I intend touse on the Silvia. It'sa Mypin TA4 SNR,http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TA4-Digital-Temperature-Controller-Thermostate-Heat-Control-Alarm-Relay-/271883204935? althoughthe diagram on the PID states pins 1-12, it only comes with pins1-10, I'm also using 2 SSR's 1x SSR 40 DA http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemVersion&item=261743721183&view=all&tid=1629948898016 and1 SSR 40 AA http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261741439028?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Pt100Thermocouple http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemVersion&item=201316939787&view=all&tid=1230574154010 *PIDterminal no.1, 14 awg (CLASSIC) piggybacks off MIDDLE PIN of PowerSwitch* (need advice for Silvia) PIDterminal no. 2, 24 awg (CLASSIC) via fuse holder piggybacks with,Brown wire from mains power cable coming through the back of themachine PIDterminal no.3, 24 awg goes to SSR 40 DA terminal no.4 PIDterminal no.4, 24 awg goes to SSR 40 DA terminal no. 3 *PIDterminal no.5, 24 awg (CLASSIC) goes to BOTTOM PIN on/off powerswitch* (need advice for Silvia) PIDterminal no. 6, 24 awg goes to SSR 40 AA terminal no.4 PIDterminal no. 7 (Pt100 thermocouple 3 wires) any one of the 2 redwires PIDterminal no. 8, white wire from 3 wire thermocouple PIDterminal no.9, jumper wire linking pid terminals 8-9 PIDterminal no.10, the other red wire from the 3 wire thermocouple SSR40 DA terminal no.1, 14 awg jumper wire linked to *SSR40 AA terminal no.1, then another 14 awg piggybacks to (CLASSIC) brewswitch BOTTOM PIN* (need advice for Silvia) SSR40 DA terminal no.2, 14 awg (jumped) linked together with *SSR40 AA terminal no.2, then another 14 awg piggybacks to (CLASSIC)steam switch TOP PIN* (need advice for Silvia) *SSR40 AA terminal no. 3, 14 awg (CLASSIC) to steam switch MIDDLE PIN* (need advice for Silvia) alsoif using a metal box for the controller, don't forget to earth thebox. allthe above I found on Coffeefurums.co.uk, which i'm most grateful for,my problem with the Silvia is when it comes to connecting to theswitches, those that are familiar with the Silvia know that theswitch lay out is slightly different to the classic, 3 switches onthe Silvia have the same following configuration which is slightlydifferent to the Gaggia Classic. topleft/top/right, bottom left/ bottom right, I need some help withwhich position the connections go to on the switches concerned. *=help with wire position on switch. manythanks for your time and trouble
  24. Hey, Wondering if anyone uses the Rancilio base set of drawers (with the knock box) might have some feedback on it. I'm considering it as a neat solution to store bits and pieces and hide the knock box, but have heard some reports of noise/vibration through the base. Has anybody come across this issue? Cheers, hez
  25. Hi All, I'm looking to purchase a Silvia and have just been informed by the retailer that there is a new one that would be supplied, so called the "Silvia E". Apparently it has a couple of changes to meet new EU regulations, so it now goes into standby mode automatically after 30 mins with no extraction and also comes with insulation on the boiler. These changes don't bother me (in fact the insulation will probably help with the heat stability), but I just wanted to check in here to see if anyone has heard anything similar and that it is legit? I've also contacted Rancilio directly so will post their response when I hear back. Cheers, hez
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