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  1. Brewista scales espresso mode mess?? Espresso wise, what is it that some Brewista users are doing that results in the scales getting a soaking which often, by all accounts, is terminal?? Firstly can I say that I’ve had my Brewista scales since launch and thus far they have been absolutely trouble free. Ok, I only make 3 to 4 espressos per day but even so the original batteries still going strong. I use Auto mode 2 so the current routine is..... With scales on counter……..switch on, auto tare the PF, weigh the dose, switch off Transfer scales to drip tray then…. switch on,
  2. I have been using my Rancilio Silvia for the past 5 years or so with little or no problem. Recently it has started to make a lot of noise, which appears to be as result of one of the reservoir water pipes bubbling in the tank immediately after the thermostat switches off. Around the same time It became nearly impossible to pour a shot with a reasonable amount of crema. The shots are OKish flavourwise but a little on the watery side. My first thought was to descale the machine as it had been a while since I had last done it. This made no difference. I then read about similar problems where some
  3. Hi, I bought a gaggia classic from this forum a few weeks ago and it was working fine until a week ago when half way through an extraction the machine made a loud noise and the pump became a lot quieter. The pump remained quiet the next time I used it but it was still working and I could extract coffee through the group and the steam wand was working fine. So i decided to descale the machine and following this the pump was a little bit louder but it wasn't back to how it was. Having scoured this forum there are a number of users who have had the same problem, so I followed the advic
  4. Hi all I have a Cherub bought secondhand, used everyday and reasonably regularly cleaned and descaled. Water used is filtered. Recently it has started to cut out with a beeping, usually in the mornings when warming up. The pump runs for a while filling the boiler I guess and then after some time cuts out leaving a quiet beeping from the machine. Switching off and then on after a few seconds seems to clear this and then usually on the second or third reboot it seems ok. It can however also do this after pulling water from the hot water valve for tea, and often cuts out
  5. Can someone help me out to this https://youtu.be/y_0Grm9H9Mg
  6. I have just rebuild my la pavoni by replacing the seals but when I turn it on with water in I get this loud wirling noise coming from boiler I have a video but dunno how to upload
  7. Hey guys, I recently got a Barista Express during the Christmas Period and I've ran into an issue, water doesn't come out of the group head at a normal rate anymore. When I remove the portafilter and run water through it the water barely even grips through. This started happening yesterday. Today I decided to clean everything, I removed the shower screen thingy and cleaned everything with the hopes that this will make a difference, it didn't. Water runs through the hot water spout and steam arm completely normally but not through the group head. I haven't de-scaled and I haven't used one
  8. I have a Sage Barista Express, (Iv'e had multiple,) and after approx 6 months the Brew/Steam/Water selector stops working / jams , and Steam / water will exit the brewed regardless of position. Iv'e had multiple Sage Engineers (Coffee classic ) out, and luckilly lakeland have also been good in exchanging the faulty machines. I clean the machine weekly with cleaning tablets / descaler. Is this an issue that anyone else has experienced ? is it a problem with the design of the valve / switch. ? This is the 5th time now, and I've confidence in the machine. I'm guessing the Du
  9. Hello all I am new to this forum and hope some insightful and knowledgeable people can shed some light on the current situation I am in. I have a Francino Classic 1 grp. Initially water would surge through the pressure safety valve not the steam valve. I stripped all of it down and soaked all the parts in citric acid. On reassembly I now get hot water and steam from the wands. But no water from the group head. To stop the water coming out of the pressure valve I turn the water off from the mains,once the water gauge shows the tank to be full. So in affect I am acting
  10. hi guys, my baby dose had stopped working and im out of ideas, when i try to make a coffee the pump doesnt make its usual rumble, and it doesnt pull water through. the pump does still make a quiet noise like its trying but not actually pumping. ive descaled fully before this problem, also i stripped the machine last night, took the pump apart all seemed ok no signs of blockage. when i put it back together it worked fine however woke up this mornin and back to square one any ideas? also what i cant get my head around is i have 2 baby doses , and they both now have the exact same problem,
  11. I've had my Mignon MK II for about 6 months and been pretty happy with apart from the occasional motor whir with no grind which was normally fixed by dialling courser and then back to the right setting. Recently however I just can't get a fine enough grind for espresso and to go any finer on the dial would create serious chirping and the machine almost shaking... Clearly I shouldn't be going this far (even though it may indeed provide the finest I need) so wondered what might be the issue? Ive taken both the top and bottom burrs off and cleaned everywhere but once back it gave the s
  12. Hi, Ive ran into an issue with my classic. Long story short....I was checking pump mount as it was really loud. turned the pump slightly and tried it on, didnt realise the vibrating shook the earth wire and it touched onto the steam thermostat (thermostat on top of the boiler) and tripped the fuse. I presumed I blew the thermostat so ordered a replacement, fitted it tonight and the boiler didnt seem to shut off, just kept heating. I was looking at the wiring diagram attached and from my understanding, the steam thermostat would only be used if the steam switch was operated.
  13. As title suggests, my Gaggia Classic produces watery coffee with no crema. It's been thoroughly cleaned and de-scaled and I can't work out what's wrong. Has this happened to any one else, and does any one know why?! Thanks Emma
  14. Hi. I'm having some issues adjusting the pressure on my gaggia classic. I bought a pressure guage from ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/161207194396?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I have attached this, followed a step by step guide from this forum, and the pressure guage just seems to go off the scale. Ive screwed the OPV right out and even then the pressure still wants to jump off the scale. anyone any ideas on why this may be? Thanks.
  15. Hi, Over the last week my gaggia classic appears to have developed a problem, possibly pump related . When I run the water through the grouphead with the backflush plate or basket with coffee, after a couple of seconds the pump goes quiet and get reduced flow. There appears to be quite a bit of water on top of the coffee when I remove the portafilter which previously didn't happen. If I run water through the group head with nothing attached there is no issue and the pump works fine with consistent flow of water. What might be the problem? Also should water only come out one hol
  16. Hi guys Strange one?? I have a Iberital MC 2 'Noir' auto-grinder, which all of a sudden appears to be grinding so fine that the coffee almost comes out as powder, my puk flattens a lot thinner, and my poor takes forever? ??? What's more, it doesn't seem to adjust. I used it this morning, as I do on a daily basis, and no problems. It's also only ever had minor tweaks, as I've been using the same bean and grind for the last year or so.......... Does anyone have any ideas what so ever !?!? Cheers all Bri..
  17. I have had the De'longhi ECAM22.110.B for 5 years now and in the main it worked perfectly without a hitch until recently. The issue boils (ha!) down to this: I press the coffe making button. Machine grinds beans, deposits them in infuser. Machine heats water properly. Some grinding noises occur (I can't see inside while in operation) BUT water does not reach coffee. Dry grounds are properly expelled, heated water also expelled. The two do not meet. Now, if I knew what processes were going on inside, I could pinpoint the culprit and fix it. Until now, whenever this problem has occur
  18. Is anyone else having trouble editing posts once their posted? I almost always get a blank screen when I go back to a post to edit it. Is it me, or is the Internet breaking? Thanks.
  19. I’m having an issue with my mahlkonig branded vario grinding slowly and often stalling completely leaving me to be toggling the stop start button repeatedly. So far i have been able to get my 33g of coffee out twice a day (just!) but it seems to be getting worse. It seems like the motor just doesn’t have the torque to grind properly all of a sudden. Ive cleaned it all out and checked the belt and gears and everything seems fine. Weirdly it runs perfectly after cleaning old grounds out of the inside of the case around the belt and motor for a day and then starts playing up again. Im
  20. Not been able to for a few weeks, anyone else got this? Any ideas to fix it? Thanks
  21. I have used the grinder for a year and it was great until my shots slowly started getting faster and I can't dial it fine enough anymore before the chirping starts. I have been buying coffee beans from the same shop and the beans are freshly roasted so that's not part of the problem. I don't drink a lot of coffee either so I don't think it's the burrs wearing out. Been cleaning it every month or so by opening up the top and removing the bottom burr carrier to suck up the old grounds. Any idea what the issue might be and how to fix it? Warranty is expired.
  22. Hi All, don’t know if anyone else has had this but my portafilter has started to gradually rotate itself, as if to undo it, mid pour. It’s not causing a problem yet but I feel if it does ever come out with, what should be, 9 bar of pressure behind it, it would cause a lot of damage to anything under it and make for a long clean up. Any ideas to what might cause this? the machine isn’t very old after sage replaced it from a separate issue in January. I am fairly certain that they sent a brand new machine out so I would be supported if it is just ‘wear and tear’ that has caused it
  23. Hi all, I’m having problems with my Sage barista touch. I normally grind for ~18 secs and it gives me enough in the portafilter to tamp and pull a nice shot (grind size 8-10). But turned the machine on this morning and 18 secs is only filling the portafilter up to half the amount... did an extensive clean of the grinder this evening, same problem is still happening. Do you know what’s changed? Is it something to do with the grinder cog un-syncing with the actual grinder? Many thanks!
  24. Hi coffee Friends. I have my hands on an old ECM Giotto that won't refill the boiler. I've emptied the boiler and now I need the machine to fill it back up, but when I turn on the machine nothing happens. The LED lights up and indicates that the machine has been turned on but the pump doesn't do anything. I've tried many things: 1: unplugging the cable from the water level probe - didn't have any effect 2: changing the gicar (black control box) to a new one - didn't have any effect 3: changing the vibration pump to a new one - didn't have any effect Does anybody have any ide
  25. A few weeks ago I started getting the following problem: Get some new beans in. Find the grind is too fine. Adjust the grind. Get the same result. Keep adjusting the grind to find that there is no change in the output, even after stepping up several times. Remove hopper and grind out remaining beans in the chamber. Put hopper back on and pull a shot to find that it's now way too coarse. This happened about 3 times so decided to remove the top burr and clean out the chamber, only to find that the problem hasn't been fixed. I'm p**sing beans away like crazy and it
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