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Found 62 results

  1. With my milk! About twice I've got milk perfect, but then I can never do it again, even if I do exactly the same thing. Ive got temp tags, a thermometer and a 20 oz jug and I've just also bought an espro toroid 20 oz jug to see if that helped but I still can't get it right. The main problem is I don't get any proper microfoam until the very last few ml of milk at the end of the jug, by which time the cup is full and there isn't enough milk foam to even attempt latte art, I just end up with a dribble of white foam on top. With the toroid, I tried just sticking the wand in the middle about half way down.. That didn't work, so I tried the usual way with the tip just above the surface for a while and then in the centre, that didn't work.. I tried the usual tip above the surface for the whole process and that didn't work... I'm using whole milk and the rancilio wand, and I know I can do it, as I have before, just why can't I do it consistently?
  2. Ordered some Guatemalan decaf from Redber this morning and when I said I drink milky coffee I got 'you'll want a dark roast, definitely not medium'. So I ordered a dark and a medium dark roast to see if I could tell the difference. Maybe I should have ordered a medium to see if this is myth or accepted truth. I'm fairly new to my coffee obsession, and I'd like to here a variety of views on this. Why not medium roasts with milk, or indeed something lighter?
  3. Hello need to sell quite a few items due to upgrading and need space for new gear Hario gooseneck kettle - £30 Chemex 6 cup with papers - £30 Rattleware latte art jug £15 Motta tulip yellow £5 Motta 500ml £10 Ims comp basket £7 handmade dirossi tamper 58.45 £45 (slight dint, cosmetic)
  4. Hi, I have just bought a Delonghi scultura ECZ351 coffee machine, up to now it’s not been going too bad with limited knowledge of using these machines, i had a tassimo prior. I have 2 different coffees for it at the moment which is starbucks house blend and Illy coffee medium ground. A couple of basic questions i have is: If i want to make the coffee stronger would i be best changing the filter holder to the 2 cup one that you can add 2 scoops of coffee into, as i cannot see any other way to change the strength or flow of coffee, i have tried pressing down harder on the tamper but doesn't seem to be making it any stronger, i think i read it should if you make tamper it more? Or am i missing something and you do that another way? Also, when using the milk wand, how do i know how much milk i will need each time with different size glasses or do i just guess at that with experience, at the moment i have been using around 150ml of milk, although i have been using a milk thermometer and it’s been reaching the temperature before i feel its frothed enough but then don’t want to go past the recommended temperature on the thermometer cause i don’t want to burn the milk. From what i have read i just keep the end a few millimetres into the milk don’t i, not fully submerge the milk wand? Regards James
  5. I have been watching some videos on You Tube and reading other people's websites to get some tips. A few people say to keep the milk jug in the fridge so its very cold - should I be doing this? Also, I do seem to over-estimate the milk when I am foaming and more often than not, I end up throwing milk away - I have read somewhere that I can put the foamed milk & jug back in the fridge and it will reduce back to "normal" milk ready for the next time I use it - does anyone else do this?
  6. Hi all, I'm quite new here so please be gentle with me. Ok so if you have a look at my previous 1 post you will be able to see i have a mobile unit. So what are the feelings on milk then people. I personally use long life semi just because of refrigeration. I cant really take enough fresh milk to festivals without a fridge unit and tbh a coffee unit doesnt make enough profit to justify that kind of expenditure. Also if the gig is a wash out i can use it on the next one. It also seems to stretch well. I bought some cravendale cap milk just to give it a go and its pretty smooth and good for latte art but too expensive. I absolutely reckon that real milk is better but no one has ever complained or ever returned a coffee in my 4 years. And hundreds of people have commented on how good my coffee is. However i must say some beans do not sit well with it. once i get my coffee round sorted and get a proper idea of numbers i may be able to change to real milk. Back to refridgeration issues again though. i have a finite ammount of power availiable !!
  7. I reckon hot chocolate is a great drink, when made with steamed and frothed milk. However, when I need to make one for my son, I'm at home - and I can't be bothered to crank up the espresso machine for one drink. I don’t like heating the milk in a saucepan, and although I’ve always been told that microwaving milk ‘isn’t right’, it seems my only option... but it doesn't work well. A mug-full at 60 seconds isn’t hot enough, and 90 seconds forms a skin. How do I best heat one mug-full of milk, and achieve a decent texture, for hot chocolate at home? Any ideas? -IanB
  8. Hi, I've been trying to steam milk with the steam wand on my machine but can never get a good result. I've read lots of posts and watched videos on how to steam it properly and although I understand the principles of stretching and steaming the milk I am still unable to get it right. The main issue I have is that as soon as I pour out the milk it starts to make a fizzing type noise and the foam bubbles start to burst, within five minutes I am left with no froth/foam at all and a normal looking milky coffee. I have tried using skimmed and whole milk but neither seems to make a difference at holding the bubbles. I also make sure that the milk is cold before using it as advised. I have been putting the wand about 1cm into the milk to start with to stretch it, and it seems to make the correct noise as shown in videos, I then move the wand down to warm up the rest of the milk. I have also tried the water/washing up liquid technique to practice but I am still not able to steam the milk correctly. Any tips or advice on how to prevent this happening and obtain a good quality microform each time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Lizzie
  9. I was wondering what the ratio of milk to espresso was in a flat white, I weighed mine and it was approx 90g of milk to 30g espresso. so on my reckoning a 3to1 ratio . I thought this was quite high , I may have to take another measurement later tonight . is this the ratio that the rest of you are using .? Oh happy new year folks
  10. Don't know what the Grauniad is playing at - this seems to be a serious, sensible article about milk. Oddly no mention of the milk that Costa use. A more glaring omission, though, is that it would have been a perfect opportunity to mention the Gitesi Project so I'll be cancelling my subscription. http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/shortcuts/2015/nov/16/milk-coffee-taste-flavour-baristas
  11. Burnzy


    Hey guys. just a quick one, think i have my milk right, but when i come to do my latte art at the end, it tends to just be froth sitting on top?? Am i over stretching? Or is it in the pour? It looks like wet paint when ive done it... anyway any pointers on this would be appreciated. hope ya all well.
  12. On my caffeo barista TS, the cappuccino function has stopped working since a couple of days ago. When I select the function it spews hot vapor instead of the milk for the cappuccino. I’ve cleaned the tube, we’ve dismantled the front to make sure nothing was clogging it up, and nothing, it’s all clean. And even after trying multiple times in a row, it’s just repeats the same thing. We think maybe the pump isn’t working and isn’t bringing the milk into the machine Has anyone had this issue ? If so any solutions ?
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