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  1. Looks like a mazzer to me, though I defer to those more knowledgable. Went for £166. http://r.ebay.com/iv3UCS
  2. We are back in stock of Mazzer Super Jolly with Timer 1.2 kg Hopper ONLY £389.99 + VAT FREE DELIVERY WORTH £9.99 FOR FORUM MEMBER JUST ASK FOR CODE. http://www.coffeeomega.co.uk/Coffee%20Grinders/mazzer-coffee-grinders/Mazzer%20Super%20Jolly%20with%20Timer All the best
  3. Here is my Mazzer Super Jolly for sale. It had new genuine Mazzer burrs fitted just after christmas and since then it has had ~5kg of beans through it. The motor runs very well and mechanically it is in great condition. The doser has sweeps fairly cleanly and it will be supplyed with both an original collar pin and a coffeechap There are some chips to the paintwork however there are no dents in the bodywork so it would be fairly straightforward to repaint/powdercoat if the buyer wanted to. Im selling it due to an upgrade to a Royal. Can be collected form Burton-on-Trent (preferred) or postage could be arranged. £200 ono
  4. I currently have a Mazzer Super Jolly which I believe is about 3 years old that I picked up secondhand. I'm just looking at another one for a friend that has the power cable coming out of the side instead of underneath. The casing looks a slightly different design. Are there any other big differences that I'm missing? Are the burrs the same on each of them? I read somewhere that the power cable in the side meant it was pre 2004, is this correct? Other than checking for play in the bearings do these grinders tend to last well?
  5. Saw this on Gumtree in Battersea, London - anyone? http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/mazzer-super-jolly-coffee-grinder/1034288064#photo-content He told me by text "Hi, I assume that the grinder is about 5 years old, the tray and output lid are missing, the machine works and in good overall condition" Couldn't comment any further than that... Buyer beware...
  6. I have a really nice SJ here for sale. Its a 2000 model but it hasn't been used for the last two years or so. I have had it apart, fully cleaned out the burr chamber, under the burr carrier, cleaned the burrs themselves fully which are in very decent condition and have plenty of life left in them. The grind path is spotless. I've had the chamber off and stripped it apart, totally de-dunked it thoroughly inside and out and between the metal chamber and the plastic membrane, and then I've done the sweep clean mod to both the lower and upper vanes for you also. The motor runs nice and smoothly, and the switches are all in good order with no signs of cracks or previous repairs. The bodywork isn't in perfect condition as one might expect but by the same token its actually in better condition than a lot of Mazzers I've seen half its age. It comes with the original Mazzer hopper which I have also thoroughly cleaned. I'm asking £225 for it please, collected from North London or by carrier at additional cost.
  7. I got this hopper with my grinder, but it's too big for my kitchen. Looking ideally to swap for a smaller hopper, and will put a bit of money towards it if needs be. The hopper I have to trade is brand new (almost), I put it in the top of my grinder and realised it was too big. But the plastic is mint condition (see photographs). I'll accept £22 + postage, or I will trade for a smaller one, as discussed above!
  8. As you may already be aware (I've been quite noisy about it), I managed to pick up a 6 month old, barely used Mazzer Super Jolly off eBay. I collected it last night, dialled in today and I've been blown away by the quality of it. I've already got shots consistently better than with my Iberital MC2, which is impressive considering I've only been using it for a few hours. Obviously, it's big. Without the hopper, it's the same size as the Gaggia Classic and a lot heavier. I was considering an upgrade to a new Eureka Mignon but, space allowing, I would thoroughly recommend this setup!
  9. Modded Mazzer SJ - £250 - Collection only from London/Barking due to weight. Payment via Paypal gift/friends & family. Bought in Sept last year and fixed up. It's an ex-commercial one from 2007, motor runs fine, no play in the bearings. Cleaned up, added a new green lamp from BB and popped some new OEM Mazzer burrs in as you can see in the pics, had a max of 3kg through since they were replaced. See mod thread here. Works well single dosing or grinding what you need with a hopper of beans. Not going to get around to respraying it as I have other DIY projects on the go, chips in the front but cosmetically still "OK" enough for kitchen use as is. Mods/included in the sale: Octopus funnel and OEM Mazzer SJ back plate Oak lids/lens hood from Jimbo Stained and oiled but could easily be sanded/refinished etc. Steel dosing shaker/cup - fits a 58mm portafilter Replacement adjustment knobs New unused Mazzer mini plastic hopper Free tube of kniffing putty and can of primer if you can use them
  10. I recently replaced the burrs on my Mazzer SJ with some brand-new stock burrs from Coffehit. (I bought the SJ secondhand a couple of years ago and the old burrs were what were in the machine when I got it.) For the first few days, the new burrs seemed great. Making my morning cappuccino on my Gaggia Classic, I was getting a nice slow extraction (around 20 second) and the taste was a definite improvement on the old burrs. But this morning it gushed through way too quickly - in about 5-10 seconds. I tightened the burrs as close as possible to 'chirping point' for a second grind and got exactly the same thing. Now I'm thinking I did something wrong when I changed the burrs. I was very careful putting them in. I cleaned out the chamber thoroughly and made sure the new burrs were nice and tight. The only thing I can think of is that when I was putting them in, I kept the spindle from rotating by gripping the central bolt with a spanner. Could that have caused anything to become loose? Any tips from SJ experts would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Today I took delivery of my new Mazzer Super Jolly and it's big. Quite a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be. I think it will take a while to get used to it. I have not attached the hopper as I'm trying to come to terms with what I've done and seriously doubting whether I should have gone for the Mazzer Mini instead!! I know the grinding is better but heck! I will see how I get on. The theory is this grinder should last me a lifetime.
  12. Rising Power, you will be pleased to read this. I am looking into the Super Jolly in a very serious way. Will it matter whether I get a manual timer or do I need to go all out for an electric one? Manual should be sufficient, yes?
  13. Purchased from Coffee Hit two weeks ago for £480. The hopper (1.2kg size) is still in the plastic wrapping and has not been used. The grinds tray still has the laser wrapping on it so no stratches. The main body of the grinder perfect in condition. I just cannot get on with it - that's all. I admit it is a great grinder but not for me. No modifications have been carried out apart from removing the shiny guard which is the first thing you see when you open the hopper. This is screwed in place and will be replaced. I have original box and packaging. I need to cut my losses and order a replacement grinder. Therefore the Super Jolly is for sale. £400 and I will pay also pay postage costs. PM if you are interested. Thanks
  14. As you all know, I purchased a Mazzer Super Jolly from Coffee Hit 2 weeks ago. I'm not loving it, for various reasons. I know you all think I'm mad but I've decided it has got to go. So its up for a swap and I will consider all options put to me. I had a Vario before and I've looked at the Vario W which I have ruled out as I don't want to transfer the grinds from the bucket into the portafilter - I want to grind directly in the portafilter. So my preferred grinders are: Mazzer Mini E Vario I have not even taken the laser film off the grind tray so someone will get a virtually brand new grinder.
  15. Spaziale 2 group S5 as having used a 2 group for 4 years I couldn't cope with a 1 group. Mazzer Super Jolly is ok but not much use for commercial setup as about half as fast as the Mahlkonig K30 I'd been using in the shop.
  16. My grinder woes are at an end, I've managed to twist my bosses arm and he has agreed to sell me the grinder here for 200 quid paid in installments, the best part, its a mazzer super jolly so I know its a good un, today was a good day indeed
  17. Well no one done a good job talking me out of a Legend on a previous post so I treated myself. Last Machine [ATTACH=CONFIG]1210[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1211[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1212[/ATTACH]
  18. Here you go: Mazzer Super Jolly and Alex Duetto ii. Paul.
  19. Hi guys, only posted once here before but I’ve been lurking for a while. I rushed in and bought a cheap DeLonghi espresso machine but I’ve been bitten by the bug and am now looking for a good grinder which will do me forever (hopefully). I’ve came across a used Mazzer Super Jolly Automatic in some local adds and I’m just looking for some tips on what to look out for with a used grinder. Would the Automatic be practical for home use? If I put in just enough beans to do one espresso will the grinder stop once the hopper is empty? The guy was looking £350 for it which I think is very unrealistic, so I offered him £180 for it. He wanted to let the advert run for a while longer to see if he gets any other offers so he said he would ring me back towards the end of the week to arrange a deal unless someone buys it at asking price. I’m prepared to go up a little to about £200 if needs be, do you think this would be a good enough deal? If I do go to look at it is there anything I need to look out for other than just seeing it running? The guy said that it is in perfect cosmetic condition and that it runs perfect as well. Fingers crossed that I’ll get it. Thanks for the help, Phil
  20. Morning, After lurking on here for ages I thought it was about time I actually registered - so here goes! I'm an ethusiastic coffee consumer / home would-be-barista, I'd rather die of thirst than drink instant coffee... I've had a Gaggia Classic at home for some years now (probably about 8 or 10), and with daily use (OK, multiple daily uses normally) it's going strong still with fairly regular maintenance and a couple of common mods: Silvia steam wand, pressure reduction and naked PF (though to be honest, as it can make a mess I tend to use the standard PF much of the time!) However - and here's the confession - I have, for all of that time, been using illy pre-ground. It's been good, and I enjoy the results - mainly as I manage to get through about a tin a week so it stays relatively fresh and gives reasonably good results. I've been sourcing my illy from Costco (about half the price of Sainsbury) but recently they seem to have stopped stocking it and my personal stock is running low.... So - yesterday I took the plunge and purchased a used Mazzer Super Jolly! I was adamant that I wasn't going to buy "any" grinder, I wanted a Mazzer... but being unemployed right now (made redundant in April) this was a major purchasing decision. Anyway, job done and I should have it next week - can't wait. So the quest for good beans starts now..... hence I'm reading up on here again. Anyway - enough about me, I've waffled on far too much... Anyone tried any beans from Costco? (OK, shoot me... ;-) ) Shades
  21. Hi All, This is my coffee corner! Machine is a Kitchen Aid Artisan with seperate boilers. It is made in the Gaggia factory. Mine is a good few years old. Don' think they are made by Gaggia anymore and they are a lower quality. Grinder is an Innova Burr grinder. I use a reg barber 58mm flat tamper. (not shown as it's at work)! I havn't used the machine for months but I use the grinder all the time for the french press and Moka pots. The machines at work are Faema presidents. We run two along with 3 Mazzer Super Jolly's. Ours are long drop though for the take away cups. I'll take some photo's when I'm back at work. Lee P.S. We're are in the middlw of doing up the kitchen so sorry about the walls and dust!
  22. This is all the rage with the kids these days, only using one hand to make an espresso so your other hand is free to film This isn't exactly representative of my normal technique but at least you might get some idea. Apologies if people don't enjoy the musical stylings of Daft Punk...I certainly do! [video=youtube_share;Q41VihHeKQU]http://youtu.be/Q41VihHeKQU]
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