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  1. So, I've now been keeping an eye on the SJs on eBay. I can't understand why there is such an incredible gap between the prices of these, they seem to vary from £180 to 300 - can anyone explain why? Are there different versions? Because they generally seem in comparable condition, so is it just people getting overexcited in auctions?
  2. Today I took delivery of my new Mazzer Super Jolly and it's big. Quite a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be. I think it will take a while to get used to it. I have not attached the hopper as I'm trying to come to terms with what I've done and seriously doubting whether I should have gone for the Mazzer Mini instead!! I know the grinding is better but heck! I will see how I get on. The theory is this grinder should last me a lifetime.
  3. Rising Power, you will be pleased to read this. I am looking into the Super Jolly in a very serious way. Will it matter whether I get a manual timer or do I need to go all out for an electric one? Manual should be sufficient, yes?
  4. Well no one done a good job talking me out of a Legend on a previous post so I treated myself. Last Machine [ATTACH=CONFIG]1210[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1211[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]1212[/ATTACH]
  5. Here you go: Mazzer Super Jolly and Alex Duetto ii. Paul.
  6. Spaziale 2 group S5 as having used a 2 group for 4 years I couldn't cope with a 1 group. Mazzer Super Jolly is ok but not much use for commercial setup as about half as fast as the Mahlkonig K30 I'd been using in the shop.
  7. Hi guys, only posted once here before but I’ve been lurking for a while. I rushed in and bought a cheap DeLonghi espresso machine but I’ve been bitten by the bug and am now looking for a good grinder which will do me forever (hopefully). I’ve came across a used Mazzer Super Jolly Automatic in some local adds and I’m just looking for some tips on what to look out for with a used grinder. Would the Automatic be practical for home use? If I put in just enough beans to do one espresso will the grinder stop once the hopper is empty? The guy was looking £350 for it which I think is very unrea
  8. My grinder woes are at an end, I've managed to twist my bosses arm and he has agreed to sell me the grinder here for 200 quid paid in installments, the best part, its a mazzer super jolly so I know its a good un, today was a good day indeed
  9. Morning, After lurking on here for ages I thought it was about time I actually registered - so here goes! I'm an ethusiastic coffee consumer / home would-be-barista, I'd rather die of thirst than drink instant coffee... I've had a Gaggia Classic at home for some years now (probably about 8 or 10), and with daily use (OK, multiple daily uses normally) it's going strong still with fairly regular maintenance and a couple of common mods: Silvia steam wand, pressure reduction and naked PF (though to be honest, as it can make a mess I tend to use the standard PF much of the time!)
  10. Hi All, This is my coffee corner! Machine is a Kitchen Aid Artisan with seperate boilers. It is made in the Gaggia factory. Mine is a good few years old. Don' think they are made by Gaggia anymore and they are a lower quality. Grinder is an Innova Burr grinder. I use a reg barber 58mm flat tamper. (not shown as it's at work)! I havn't used the machine for months but I use the grinder all the time for the french press and Moka pots. The machines at work are Faema presidents. We run two along with 3 Mazzer Super Jolly's. Ours are long drop though for the take away cup
  11. I recently replaced the burrs on my Mazzer SJ with some brand-new stock burrs from Coffehit. (I bought the SJ secondhand a couple of years ago and the old burrs were what were in the machine when I got it.) For the first few days, the new burrs seemed great. Making my morning cappuccino on my Gaggia Classic, I was getting a nice slow extraction (around 20 second) and the taste was a definite improvement on the old burrs. But this morning it gushed through way too quickly - in about 5-10 seconds. I tightened the burrs as close as possible to 'chirping point' for a second grind and got exac
  12. For sale I have my Mazzer Super Jolly that I restored in December last year. I have a thread I created that goes into more detail but i will list everything i have done to the grinder below. sanded, applied primer and painted in satin black replaced the knackered power cable for a new one (like for like of course) replaced the burrs for official mazzer burrs (maximum maybe 2-3kg of beans through them since december) stripped down, applied clean sweep mod with heat shrink (still working perfectly well) replaced the doser spring though i never replaced the doser counter at the
  13. Hi all, It has been suggested that one of my grinders gets a new home. Includes the huge hopper, the metal tray, the collar gauge and the small lens hood. I have been single dosing with this grinder, so a few flaps of the dosing paddle turns it on and the switch turns it off. It also has the sweep clean mod and had new burrs at the end of 2015. I have probably only put through about a kg of beans through each month since then. As you can see it got bashed about a bit cosmetically before it got to me, and I have never spent time improving its looks but functionally
  14. I'm selling a good condition Mazzer Super Jolly timer, that has been modded for single dosing with clean sweep mod and flaps/switches removed from the doser (anything removed will be supplied also). It's supplied with the regular Super Jolly hopper as shown in the photos, as well as a lens hood rubber micro hopper. As you can see from the photos below its a 2006 model with a few small chips, mainly to the front, but otherwise in great condition with burrs that are in good shape, and it spins very nicely. Available for collection from Swindon, Wikts, or I can post at cost (£8 bas
  15. Just seeing if anyone is interested in swapping my modded Super Jolly for a Mazzer Mini E or any equivalent on Demand grinder. I like the SJ bit takes up quite a bit of space so looking for something comparable but smaller. Ideally it would need to be a local swap as the SJ is a heavy beast. Any questions, feel free to ask.
  16. Hi, Looking to swap my Mazzer SJ for a Mignon or Mazzer mini E (doserless). The grinder is in great condition serviced every year by the previous owner. I'll update with pics when I can, if people are interested. I'm in Medway, but can travel a little of needed. Thanks.
  17. I bought this from MrShades, probably about 4 to 5 months a go. It came with the comfortable "home use" mods - clean sweep, tiny hopper. I have also added the cock tail dome cap for inside of the doser which helps a lot! Its had very light use, even lighter since selling my espresso machine! I'm selling this as I am converting to brewed coffee at home for now and a hand grinder will cover my needs. It does come with the original hopper and box so I would be willing to ship this if needed, or it can be picked up from Stoke-on-Trent. £180 + postage if it needs to be shipped. Cheers
  18. Mazzer Super Jolly Aut for sale. £170 collected (NORTHERN IRELAND) or £200 insured delivery in the UK. Due to an upgrade i'm selling my SJ. I bought this grinder last year and have modded the doser with a funnel and have to say works pretty well and don't notice any clumping. Was considering the fudge funnel mod but didn't get round to it and this worked fine for me. The grinder is working perfectly and is in excellent condition. I purchased this off a fella who had the catering contract for a golf course and decided to start selling espresso etc. Well he bought all the gear and n
  19. Mazzer Super Jolly Timer model New in box (box opened for inspection prior to purchase) £375 - collected from Stanmore Could be sent by courier at own cost
  20. I've got a 2007 Super Jolly Timer that is ex commercial, and has the usual few paint chips but is otherwise in great condition. It comes with VERY good, very sharp burrs that are hardly used - a rubber micro hopper, a normal SJ hopper and a stainless grounds tray. It spins beautifully and has been cleaned to within an inch of its life. Doser has been modded with the card clean sweep, and as its a timer it already has any annoying flaps and things removed. Also has usual doser mods for single dosing (metal cover and spring removed - but will be supplied). Ideally this will
  21. Due to imminent upgrade my venerable Super Jolly is up for sale. Serial number indicates it is 2004. Read on... Originally purchased from @funinacup (Michael) so keeping it in the forum family. Michael replaced the doser bottom mechanism assembly. Doser mechanism action feels like new. At some point, like many SJs it seems, it took a knock to the doser, denting the metal and cracking the plastic window. Credit to Michael he managed to return this to the correct shape and polish it up. Extremely unnoticeable unless you go looking for it and I have replaced the doser window with
  22. I have got the following items for sale due to me moving house I will not have the space (I have an ECM Mechanika which is replacing the classic in my new kitchen).... Mahlkonig Vario grinder which was bought from user aphelion on here back in May last year. The grinder is now 18 months old and has had no more than 10kg through it (5kg when I bought it). It will come with both the portafilter holder and ground coffee collector (can't think of any other name for it!). Mazzer super jolly - Bought on ebay a few months ago with a view to strip it and repaint but I have now decided to bu
  23. I have a really nice SJ here for sale. Its a 2000 model but it hasn't been used for the last two years or so. I have had it apart, fully cleaned out the burr chamber, under the burr carrier, cleaned the burrs themselves fully which are in very decent condition and have plenty of life left in them. The grind path is spotless. I've had the chamber off and stripped it apart, totally de-dunked it thoroughly inside and out and between the metal chamber and the plastic membrane, and then I've done the sweep clean mod to both the lower and upper vanes for you also. The motor runs
  24. I got this hopper with my grinder, but it's too big for my kitchen. Looking ideally to swap for a smaller hopper, and will put a bit of money towards it if needs be. The hopper I have to trade is brand new (almost), I put it in the top of my grinder and realised it was too big. But the plastic is mint condition (see photographs). I'll accept £22 + postage, or I will trade for a smaller one, as discussed above!
  25. Selling my Mazzer Super Jolly. The grinder is under 1yr old (Bought New May/Jun 2014) and has only been used in my home, making an average of 2 espresso's a day during that time. The grinder is generally immaculate - (though when photographing I have found two tiny marks about 2mm wide on the body - could not focus on them with my phone - so just for 100% clarity). It is unmodified. Many modifications are available and range from the simple to the far fetched (as many of you will know). This is completely standard. The Mazzer Super Jolly is it's price class leader f
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