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  1. You can’t move round here for people raving about the Londinium. But I’m interested in what people don’t like about it. I think I might need one, in as much as I’d like to try a lever, and I’d appreciate being able to get users opinions, as I don’t think there are many options.
  2. Original genuine Londinium double spout portafilter that I bough together with my LR, November 2017. I no longer split shots into singles, so only NPF is in use. DS PF is in perfect shape. Supplied with standard 16g LR basket. 50 GBP + shipping cost.
  3. Note to mods. Im not sure where to post this or if it is even allowed, would you please move it/delete it as appropriate. Fitting Londinium's own rubber piston seals can be a right pain. It is possible to fit them without a special tool with a bit of improvisation, but the seals are expensive and can be damaged by sharp edges on the piston grooves and a certain amount of dexterity is required. As people may not want to buy a tool to use only once in a while I am offering this tool for hire to established forum members for £6 a time. The tool will fit the Londinium L1 an
  4. The R120 bought on this forum is now up and running. A new Mythos One CP made its debut as well. Initially had an EK43 single dosing with preweighed tins, which was replaced with the R120. The E10 works with the Vesuvius, the R120 the L1. For better workflow, got the Mythos with the R120 now just bag grinding and Decaf. Also used to cup my roasts as it better represents the flavours. The EK produces some crazy good tasting shots but you'd need another EK to replicate it. Impressed with the fluffiness of the Mythos grind plus the accuracy of the dosing - I use it with a full hopper. Not ha
  5. My Londinium R has an issue with the anti-vac valve not sealing. Reiss has advised to remove it to see what the issue is. He has said to loosen by hitting the 17mm spanner with a hammer. I have given it a go as hard as I dare with no joy. Reiss has said to hit it harder. I don’t suppose their are any experienced forum folk in the Oxford area who would be able to give me a hand? I just got this lovely machine and I don’t want to break it!
  6. Just thought I’d share some info here. We can add the bumph about the piston here too @Snakehips I am about to get my piston out and will take some pics on the way
  7. I feel like I should start off by saying this is not a review. Rather just my thoughts on the machine and what I think the pros and cons are. And a little bit about my journey to this point. **I realised after writing this that I do go on quite a bit, apologies in advance A little background. I started off with a Morphy Richards machine which I found on sale for £50 brand new. It served me really well for a couple of years and when the group head gasket needed replacing I figured it would probably be best to replace the machine. From there I moved on to a gaggia classic and a bodum
  8. If anyone is in the market for an L1, I am the second owner of one that was built 12/15 and that I have run on Volvic. Seals were replaced about 6 months ago. It runs off its water tank (not plumbed in). I'm looking for £1400 which will include 2 bottomless portafilters and a Londinium tamper. I have the original box and manual and I would prefer collection but will courier at your risk and your expense if you are unable to collect. I am located near Reading (jct 10 M4)
  9. I've been watching the development of the Decent espresso machine with interest. Looking at the graphs of flow and pressure it occured to me that on an LR if you require a shot of about 34g the lever will only be about half way through its travel, meaning that the pressure at the end of the shot is still about 9 bar, instead of trailing off as can be arranged on the Decent or the Vesuvius or indeed and old L1.
  10. Hi all. I've been after a Londinium now since they first appeared but I've never really been able to justify the expense, so it's always been on the back burner. It's got to the point now however, where I need to either start to save or forget about it and stick with what I have long term. My question is, are owners out there happy with the reliability and general fit and finish of these machines? I ask because I own a Fracino Classico and after three years of very light use it's broken down three times. It's been a real Birmingham Friday afternoon lemon so far and whilst I'
  11. Hi everyone So as some of you may have seen I've been on the lookout for a londinium R. Unfortunately none have come up yet so I've been psyching myself up to buy a new one. Now there have been a few L1 machines for sale on here for around £1400-1500 and I was wondering am I going to spending over £1000 more for a marginally better taste? Or this difference going to be night and day? I've read multiple threads on the differences, hardware wise, between the old L1 and the new LR but I was hoping some owners who have owned both could chime in with their experience in the cup
  12. I recently bought an original L1 on the forum. Unfortunately moving it from place to place resulted in the OPV valve giving up and restricting water getting to the boiler. Reiss supplied a new trombone pipe which solved the issue although not before I had removed the boiler, heat exchange pipe and carried out a full descale, bending two pipes in the process. Considering I'm not the original owner, Reiss's help in supplying replacement pipes and getting running again was absolutely amazing. Decided to do some temperature testing to see what pstat setting I want and what effect it has. Had
  13. Just bought a plumbed original L1 on this forum to add to my Vesuvius and Ponte Vecchio Lusso and am in the process of getting to the best basket / dose combination. On my Vesuvius, I dose 18g in an 18g VST basket. When I do the nickel test (or 5p) the dose leaves the correct impression at between 17.5g and 18g with the beans I am using -perfect. However, when I do the same test on the L1, in the 18g VST I only get 15.5g before it leaves an impression whilst in the 20g VST I get 17g. This is with both the Londinium IMS 35 screen and the KVW screen I have on the Vesuvius when used on both.
  14. I’ve studied this machine for some time before pulling the trigger recently and watched many videos. Things got off to a great start but this morning I struggled to get enough water through the group. The pump seems to be operating normally and the preinfusion seems normal. After releasing the lever, the flow slows very quickly and I can barely get a 30g shot. I’m not choking it, the grind is good. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. I bought a Rocket R58 with the intention of plumbing it in to enable line pressure preinfusion but getting water to the location is looking very difficult. With normal E61 preinfusion it is creating good shots but the tiny drip tray annoys me and I have read lots of good stuff on here about the quality of the espresso from Londinium machines so I am starting to wonder whether I took the right option. I really want to get a machine that will cure my upgrade itch for good. I just have have a few questions about the machine. I use an 18g VST basket and go for 36g out in around 30-35 s
  16. What is the consensus on the best basket to use if you wanted to dose 8-10g in a Londinium (or is it heresy to deviate from the suggested 16g?)
  17. I need to raise some funds for my other expensive hobby (technical diving if anyone is interested! And I am also increasingly drinking brewed coffee, so my Londinium setup is on the way and I am going to get a Behmor instead. Londinium 1 - the original and best version. This one is plumbed and so operates completely silently. I will supply all fittings including flexible drinking water tubing, inline shutoffs, nearly new inline water filter and fitting to feed it from a standard washing machine feed, couldn't be easier. The machine has been well looked after and had new sea
  18. For sale is my Bezzera Strega lever espresso machine. Excellent condition with the odd very faint scuff mark to the chrome if you look hard, perfect working order. Bought new from Bella Barista in August 2015. I have only ever used Everpure filtration system treated water with the machine. Supplied with Bezzera naked and double portafilters, and associated baskets (not pictured). I think I also have all the paperwork (somewhere) that came with the machine. This is the reservoir version For those who might not realise, the Strega isn’t like any other lever machine. The
  19. Londinium started to offer new shower screen, based on classic IMS E6135 but with additional holes, making the center dead spot much smaller. https://londiniumespresso.com/store/accessories/ims-35um-shower-screen This is similar design to Cafelat, however Cafelat is using the E61 200 IM version, also with additional holes in the center. https://www.cafelatstore.com/collections/frontpage/products/ims-screen I just ordered one from Londinium to give it a try.
  20. cambosheff

    Londinium R

    After having to replace my car I'm looking to replenish the coffers, so the LR is for sale. In excellent order (only marks are drip tray normal ones) and has some warranty remaining (end of May if I recall). New seals just fitted (silicone, not rubber). Boxed with 1 Bottomless Portafilter, 1 tube of Loxeal and an 18g (I think) basket. £1,995 (also listed elsewhere).
  21. Time for another little raffle, this time we have a compak e5 on demand grinder with a beautiful glass hopper. Etched Londinium hopper The grinder and hopper have been supplied by Reiss at Londinium and is the Matt black version. Usual stuff applies just cut and paste the list and add your name, payment details will be sent out once all entries have been filled and @Glenn will explain the draw method and timescales fir payment. Winner is responsible for postage costs. This is a great chance to get a super compact grinder for the cast of an entry, 60 entries availab
  22. Niall

    Londinium r

    OK, so I managed to get my hands on a Londinium R! Received it today and managed to get it set up. Few small niggles, keep getting a low water alarm even though the tank is full. The pressure on the machine is getting up to 1 bar. The manual says it is set in the factory to 1.3 bar. Should I change this or leave as is? Not sure if it makes a big difference? Thanks for any advice.
  23. d'Ancap branded on the bottom. Don't think they make these any more - vintage collector's edition £12 posted
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